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September 8, 2019
Kingfisher Stitch-Along quilt top finished from Quilting & Learning

Kingfisher Stitch-Along quilt top 

It's done! About a year late, but it's done....well at least the quilt top is done

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September 2, 2019
Hexies on Free Motion Mavericks from Quilting & Learning

Welcome to Free Motion Mavericks (Week 244)

Enjoying some relaxing time outside
I'm on a resting holiday. That means sleeping a lot (up to 12 hours a day!), reading, quilting, and a little bit of gardening and blogging. So far I've managed to keep it relatively quiet except for my felting miss-adventure (see Related posts below).

I'm working on piecing one UFO and I did finish my Kingfisher Stitch-Along quilt top. I'll write a post before the end of the week since that was my July and August OMG.

Since I haven't done any free ...

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August 31, 2019
Under the Needle: August from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

Another Under the Needle post with little to report, but substantial progress has been made on one of my EPP projects. It's grown from 10 stars to 42. The stars are about 5" in diameter. I still love making these little stars so stitching continues. The end. Turning my hopes toward September.

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August 20, 2019
The Seedling Quilts Book – Elderberry from Blossom Heart Quilts

About two years ago, my dear friend Jodi and I were chatting about writing our quilting books while our kids were mucking around outside in the garden, wondering how we were going to get it all done with families and businesses to take care of too. And now here we are, with our books are about to be released at the same time – mine being Mini Masterpieces, and her’s being The Seedling Quilts!

EPP quilt book

The Seedling Quilts is packed full with 11 English paper pieced (EPP) panels and quilts, all beautifully photographed in the Australian bush. I love a book ...

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August 14, 2019
the seedling quilts book from Charm About You

The Seedling Quilts book, english paper pieces

I want to make every quilt in this book. The Seedling Quilts book is one to be savoured. I was thrilled to be asked by Jodi of Tales of Cloth to join the book tour as she has been an inspiration to me since we became blogging friends. I have always admired her sewing style, the way she combines fabrics and I LOVE her writing (so much I have actually embroidered a poem she wrote). She is endearing, interesting and very talented. 

It's no surprise then that this book is full of all that - gorgeous quilts, excellent advice, tidbits ...

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August 11, 2019
TIME FLIES from That's Sew Kerry

12 Months On

I can't believe it's been over a year since I last wrote a blog post! I was walking around Festival of Quilts a little over a week ago thinking it's been a good few months since I've blogged and I quite miss it, only to log on and realize it's actually been more than a year  - how time flies!

So much has happened since my last post it'll take all day to catch you up but in brief we got the dream house and said room is filled to bursting with ...

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August 6, 2019
Almost ready to quilt at Free Motion Mavericks from Quilting & Learning

Welcome to Free Motion Mavericks link up (Week 240). Click here if you're looking for Throwback Thursday (TBT).

Finishing up my Kingfisher Stitch-Along quilt top

The Kingfisher Stitch-Along started in May 2018 and officially finished in July 2018. However, I do see a few other stragglers on Instagram - we are encouraging each other

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August 1, 2019
Hexie Extravaganza from Quilting & Learning

It's that time of the year again!

One hundred hexies for 100 days! (#100hexies100days2019)

Week 1 is about me
This year, Sew Foxy Mama (@sewfoxymama) started the fun one month earlier. I'm glad since this is the perfect summer project - low key and with hexies

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July 17, 2019
a day (off) in the life... from Charm About You

This is one of those random posts about good stuff and things I like. A little bit of what's been going on and sharing a day off + day out I had with my husband recently.

Still busy and still teaching! This beautiful vintage Jones, zig zag machine was brought to class and while we did have a bit of trouble because of the position of the needle and feed for a 1/4" seam, it did power through some piecing. A lovely machine, just look at that wooden base unit.

Also a fine vintage, my Nan turned 101 last ...

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Finish Along "I will finish these" 2019, 3rd qtr from Midget Gem Quilts

Oh my, two weeks since I last blogged. And what have we been up to? A weeks visit from our English grandson, a whirlwind in our presence. Just coming two, he is full of that never ending energy, climbing, swinging from door handles, crawling under over and through. I had forgotten just how full on a two year old is. And then we had more excitement, we have a granddaughter now in USA. That's the thing about love, you think the grandson has all your love, and he has, and then all of a sudden the love expands to ...

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June 22, 2019
Pincushion Tutorial from In the Boondocks

Hexagon Flower Pincushion 
Fabric - Heather Ross Trixie

Back of pincushion- Heather Ross Strawberries 

I keep them in a little tin!

Sue Daley Millners Needles 
Size 11

Walnut shells

Small scissors and a needle threader!

Aurifil 80 weight thread

A hexagon flower sewn by hand using Aurifil 80 weight thread a piece of backing fabric! 
(2) pieces of Pellon SF101 cut to size!

Iron the Pellon 
to each back of fabric!
It will strengthen 
the front side of each side!

Draw a circle on the backside 
of your flower!
I used a measuring cup, 
to draw a circle!

Put fabrics ...

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May 6, 2019
stash report May 5, 2019 from Making A Lather

I have been sorting through my studio and finding many - what was I thinking -bags and bins. I don't know why I dropped the ball on some of them. I must have felt deadlines, and delayed decisions in favor of accomplishing what I felt needed done. Something about Spring fever makes it very soothing to slowly sort and cull the important from the mess. I wonder if it's much like our Mother's mothers felt when they would open the cabins doors and windows and shake the winter from their homes. I have found fabric that I didn ...

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May 2, 2019
One Monthly Goal - May 2019 from Samelia's Mum

I'm joining Elm Street Quilts this month,
CONTINUED (Keep Reading) »

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April 24, 2019
Confessions of a Wanna Be EPPer.. from Pat Sloan's Blog


When my friend Sheri  Cifaldi-Morrill of Whole Circle Studio came up with this amazing English Paper Piecing alphabet papers. She has a blog tour running and asked a variety of people with a variety of skill levels to join her by making a letter.  

Pat Sloan EEP letter P confession

True Confession:  I do English Paper Piecing (EPP) but not much. So I'm on the 'wanna be' end of the spectrum of makers on Sheri's tour.

But I'm always up for a challenge that will teach me something new. I've got the blow by blow to making super fun alphabet for you ...

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March 31, 2019
Discovering Project Quilting - Chocolate Cravings from Quilting & Learning

Do you know about Project Quilting? I just found out about it through Sherry of Powered by Quilting's post. It's 8:30 pm here and the project needs to be finished and posted by noon Central Time. According to the little countdown clock, I have 16 hours to create a project that is related to "Craving Chocolate".

Project Quilting - Craving Chocolate

As I'm writing this, I'm frantically thinking of what I could finish for this challenge. I don't know if you remember but in the Instagram event, 100 hexies in 100 days, there was a ...

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March 28, 2019
A Special Quilt... from ~ CowgirlQuilter ~

 Roughly 6 weeks ago or so my SIL, Kellie found a panel on Ebay I believe that she fell in love with.  My brother is a huge Civil War buff and she wanted to piece a quilt for their upcoming 19th anniversary. 
 She mostly does English Paper Piecing but is really good at piecing on the machine too but she just doesn't have enough confidence in herself.  I've quilted her machine pieced quilts before and they are good and square.  :)  Sooooo....she told me what she had in mind for the quilt that she wanted to make for ...

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March 27, 2019
A Heather Ross Quilt: Cherish My Darling from Blossom Heart Quilts

Today is my daughter’s 8th birthday, and I could’ve sworn she was already at least 10 years old… She is such one clever, cheeky, strong, creative, sassy, little independent young woman, and she never fails to make us laugh! One of her presents today, at a long last, is a quilt for her bed.

A quilt mixing EPP with patchwork using Heather Ross fabric by

Warning: this post is long, and contains a lot of photos… perhaps grab a hot drink while I tell you the tale of this quilt!

For about 18-24 months, I’ve been working on her first big quilt. It started as an EPP project ...

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March 24, 2019
Battle of the Stars and Connections from Eagle's Wings Quilts

Things have been very slow here in the hand stitching realms. I’ve been doing a lot of knitting.. mindless and repetitive and relaxing. Just what my overwhelmed mind needed this past month. I have made a bit of progress on Battle of the Stars. I went to a hand sewing get together with three friends on Thursday afternoon and got quite a bit accomplished. Unfortunately I left the pieces for the last two units behind, so I can’t finish off this centre. I think I’ll use that as an excuse to go and work on Connections. I ...

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March 17, 2019
stash report March 17, 2019 from Making A Lather

My Christmas cactus is blooming. With the weird winter we have had, I am not surprised it is confused. What does surprise me is that the blooms look almost pink, and they are supposed to be red. hmmm

Craftsy sent a coupon to me for an additional amount off, and I found 2 fat quarter bundles I thought were great.

Stash report

Fabric Used this Week 1 yard cozies
Fabric Used year to Date: 73.5 yards

Fabric Added this Week: 9.5 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 95.5 yards
net fabric: 22 yards bought more than used ...

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March 8, 2019
Auditioning for a New Project from Quilting through Rose-colored Trifocals!

March begins and since I finished that huge quilt last week, I feel comfortable starting a new project which has been on my "bucket" list since the first moment I saw it on Instagram -- Marge Sampson-George's Mrs. Peach.  I've had the paper templates for this EPP project since August -- such self-control to wait for six months!?!
(HERE'S a link to my Pinterest board to see some examples.)

Do you follow any Australian quiltmakers via Instagram or Pinterest?
I find their use of print and color so different from my own and I've studied these photos intensively ...

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