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November 1, 2023
proxima quilt – wip from Zarkadia Quilts

In the heart of my quilting haven, where threads and fabrics entwine to create stories stitched in color, a new patchwork adventure unfolds. Join me, in a new project that started in 2022, and is about to end. The marriage of english paper piecing and applique has always been a successfull one, and if you add some scrapiness than it is a match made in heaven!

At the heart of this project are the 6-point stars, each handcrafted using the English paper piecing technique and a favorite scrap fabric. As the stars are pieced together, they are applied onto a ...

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August 31, 2023
Little more progress from Espritpatch

 We are back from pour holidays in Canada and the normal rush of work/kids/house is un full speed again... 

Our trip in Canada was really nice, and although I was going to make it to a quilting shop or even a craft store, none of that happened! We visited Toronto and the Niagara Falls and then moved on to Québec for a little tour. Lots of lovely sights and a great encounter with whales and black bears!

Holidays has also meant hand sewing as you might have seen in my previous posts and with that I managed 2 ...

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August 24, 2023
An Exhibition and Hexie Love on Free Motion Mavericks from Quilting & Learning

Welcome to week 443 of the Free Motion Mavericks linking party. I'm still not spending much time in my studio, but it's because I have a companion who would rather spend time outside or in the living room than in my studio

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August 21, 2023
EPP UFO from Espritpatch

 A long long long forgotten project that I have unearthed recently, kind of randomly... I started the Mischief project when I received the kit from Karen in 2017 but it hardly progressed despite being ready to be picked up any time and on the go. It has been so long ago since I did anything with it that it had dropped all my UFO list a while ago. 

I found some pieces ready to be assembled into blocks

And also some pieces assembled

I picked up all the blue that I found already prepared to progress on this blocks, sometimes ...

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July 17, 2023
Another linky post... from Dreamworthy Quilts

15 Minutes Report:

To Do Tuesday Report

Last week:

Enjoy time with two of my grand sons for their birthday trip.  I have 5 of them, but the others already had their outing with grandma.  We camped without electricity which meant I was limited to hand work.  ✔

I took my hexies for the mystery. 

The hexies are done!

After I returned home from the camp out, I got all but three of them glue basted and ready for applique' 

One quarter of the quilt has all of the applique' turned under and glue basted to the background.  I love it ...

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June 17, 2023
Getting Hexie with It from Becca's Crazy Projects

Sometimes I have a few minutes to work on a hexie flower. That's it, that's the entire post. Someday I will finish this project. Someday. 

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May 1, 2023
Free Patterns, EPP Scrappy Plus Quilt, Turkeys, First Flowers from Canadian Needle Nana

The first and only flowers in the garden to open so far are these miniature Daffodils. They popped up in an area full of low growing shrub used for hedges - I don't know the name but may be Juniper. But I think the thick shrub kept them protected somehow during the adverse spring weather. 
The turkeys have been walking through lately and I was quite taken with this male travelling with four females. Wow to all those feathers!
He is surprisingly colourful with blue around his eyes and an interesting red as well. I'll say again I'm ...

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April 10, 2023
Free Patterns, EPP Quilt , Joining A QAL from Canadian Needle Nana

I'm late posting because we just had a horrible Ice Storm that knocked out power. More about that next time.

My doggy daycare has been going well. Daughter reports her dogs are tired and put themselves to bed early these days which means they are getting their exercise here. These aren't their real beds...I know one sleeps with Robbie and one with the adults every night. LOL

Daughter has been seeing a physiotherapist and finding his advice on exercises working out well. She is finally feeling some improvement from that horrible adductor tear injury, thankfully.

 LeeAnna at ...

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April 3, 2023
Free Patterns, Seed Packet Quilt Talk, Slow Stitching Updates from Canadian Needle Nana

Do you shop at the Bulk Barn or similar such store? 

 I went in there recently and was overwhelmed by the array of products. I had no idea they offered so many surprising items like teas, dog biscuits, vitamins, plus a full gluten free product section. I usually buy sunflower seeds for the birds there because there are no broken/empty shells in what they offer and when I saw some unique dog treats, bought those too. I find dog bones have become very expensive here.

Here is my capture of a White Breasted Nuthatch, one of the many that ...

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March 31, 2023
Back to the Pinwheels on Off the Wall Friday from Creations - Quilts, Art, Whatever by Nina-Marie Sayre


So does everyone have that one big project that just seems to go on and on with no real end in sight?  My English paper pieced pinwheels is that project.  It's been going on for ...oh I don't know... 13 years now??  I know I started it in a weak moment.  I had finished the 4,200-piece tumbling blocks quilt and thought "Gee I haven't EPP in a while".  What happened if I did an improv EPP using just one shape but played with value.  At that point I never saw an art quilt improvisationally English paper ...

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March 27, 2023
EPP Plus Quilt, Embroidery, Pizza, New Quilter Video, Barred Owl is Back from Canadian Needle Nana

This is what is left of my geranium plant that was so beautiful last fall when I brought it inside. It is alive but spring can't come fast enough to revitalize this one. Truthfully, being on the floor, I kind of neglected it a little and am lucky that geraniums are a hardy plant. 

It seems like I've watched Jacques Pepin, the French chef, all my life. Decades ago while living in Labrador, I would catch his show on PBS on Saturday afternoons, and loved it. I follow his ChefJacquesPepin Facebook page and recently Jacques shared how to ...

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March 21, 2023
Three Free Patterns, More EPP Pluses, Embroidered Snowy Scene, Muffins, A Show to Watch from Canadian Needle Nana

 My Jasmine Magnolia is bravely blooming a little. Photographed against a screen and that backyard bank of snow.

I'm a bit proud to have kept this one alive and kicking. And thanks Mary Anne, Magpie's Mumblings, for that tip about banana skin water being excellent for houseplants too. We eat a lot of bananas so I will definitely be adding it to the mixtures rather than straight to composting.

LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color's prompt this week was about favourite spring flowers. Think it will be a while before I'm seeing any flowers here. This ...

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March 18, 2023
Knitted Coasters, EPP Projects, To Do This Week. Woody of Woodpeckers from Canadian Needle Nana


I may have mentioned before that I knit scrappy wool into table toppers and use them underneath my plant pots. I've learned that wooden tables need protecting from the damp or scrapes that happen (even when sitting on saucers) when used for the plants. Smaller squares knit from prettier wool are good for a coffee coaster too. 

To Do This Week...I'm looking after Daughter's dogs, very lovable Abbey and Petey, this week. She is recovering from an exercise injury which seems like such an unfair thing to happen. Ned is in his glee. 

I woke up ...

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March 13, 2023
Free Patterns, Lone Star Medallion Progress, Cutest Thief from Canadian Needle Nana

Doesn't he look so innocent! 
Meanwhile, he is a thief, albeit a cute one. He is quite adept at robbing bird seed from whatever style feeder I use, even those labelled "squirrel proof". Luckily, I don't mind. All creatures deserve a little something to get them through our cold winters. This time of year, the furthest from anything growing, there's not much left of nature's food. 
This below made me smile; "my" squirrels still run away when I appear but the moment my back is turned, they are instantly like magic at the feeders again. 
I ...

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March 12, 2023
Snowmen, Panama Pyramids, EPP Plus Quilt Pattern Link, Indoor Gardening from Canadian Needle Nana

We did get lots of snow on Saturday.  

Hubby always gets busy plowing as soon as the wind and snow stops.
And Sunday, just like that, the sun shone and things began to melt. It shows that we really are moving towards spring. The snow was just right for snowman making, an elderly one that needed a stick to help him apparently. Robbie is 9 now; time is definitely moving faster for me. Just look how the snow is reflecting that gorgeous shade of blue.
My indoor garden is doing well considering how little sunlight we get in the house ...

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March 4, 2023
Carrot Cake Cheesecake, Projects Updates, A Show to Watch from Canadian Needle Nana

 Picture me that cloudy end of February morning gathering sticks on land that most of the year is a foot under water. A cardinal was singing its song in the background. This is usually the only time of year I can walk through there and the pickings are good. I  could see where some animal had clawed bark off quite a few of the trees. Porcupine perhaps. Ned trotted from tree to tree with me then patiently sat and waited while I filled the bag. So full I had a hard slog getting him and it back to the house ...

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February 27, 2023
Free Patterns, Lone Star Medallion, Edna's The Little Chairs from Canadian Needle Nana

 Snowing outside with another snowfall warning in place but cozy inside.  I had a special coffee this morning from the Nespresso machine, a Melozio, with cinnamon and frothed milk. I'm not at all one for fancy coffees but once in a while it is a treat. I bought a loaf of sourdough bread which toasts well and I like marmalade too. 

I've just begun listening to this book, The Little Red Chairs by Edna O'Brien; I do enjoy her writing and use of phrases, etc. It is sounding a little familiar to me. I wonder if I ...

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February 21, 2023
Project QUILTING 14.4 – A Novel Project from Quilting & Learning

Yes, I'm back - I can't believe it either, but how could I resist a challenge about books and novels? It just had to happen

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February 13, 2023
Lone Star Medallion, Cake Love, Napper or Not? from Canadian Needle Nana

 Recent -42C wind chill temperatures and here I am bundled up for my outdoor walks.  Don't you think I look chic? 

Will Hammell for Puck Magazine

I've yet to see Snow Buntings on my property. And imagine a world with "muffs" and where the word "chic" would apply to my day to day clothing. Oh dear, it's been quite a long time since I last "dressed up" even a little. 
Is weather worsening I wonder. Regularly we are being urged to prepare for power outages and have supplies ready.  I don't remember this being a usual ...

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February 5, 2023
Free Patterns, Colour Talk, Embroidery Stitch Along from Canadian Needle Nana

We are deep in winter,  a time here for the fleece wear and flannel and staying cosy by the fire. Not a problem for us retirees. I just got out my winter coffee table runner that I sewed a couple of years ago.  Kathy Schmitz Snowbound fabric and EPP hexagons.
It's been through the wash a couple of times and has a nice crinkly feel to it. I mentioned at the time that I certainly would be stitching hexagons again and someone recommended this little tool below.  So I bought one on Amazon but haven't used it yet ...

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