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July 11, 2019
Q3 2019 Finish Along Hopes and Dreams from 120 Blocks

Since I only had one finish last quarter, this list should be pretty easy to make. I think I will rearrange the items though. Gypsy Wife Quilt – This needs to be quilted and bound so it should be a … Continue reading

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May 19, 2019
The State of the Sewing Room Now from 120 Blocks

Now that the Gypsy Wife top is completed, let’s take stock of what is going on in my sewing room. First, I now have two tops to baste and quilt, the Gypsy Wife and last spring’s Cotton Cuts Puzzle Mystery … Continue reading

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April 11, 2019
Q2 Finish-A-Long Hopes and Dreams from 120 Blocks

My list for the first quarter was sooooo long and I only finished two quick items. Here’s that list: Layer Cake Explosion 2011 Designer Mystery BOM Getting to Know Hue The Jinny Beyer BOM from Craftsy – I finished the … Continue reading

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March 18, 2019
Apparently a Bit More Sewing Than Blogging from 120 Blocks

I’m still a bit of a blogging failure, but at least I’ve done some sewing this time. A bit. I’m still trying to catch up with the BOMs and Gypsy Wife weekly blocks. And, of course all those are moving … Continue reading

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February 28, 2019
Long Time, No See from 120 Blocks

Apparently I never post if I’m not getting anything done! I’m so sorry about that, but this place has been a zoo for several months now. Major home repairs and remodeling have sapped energy and creativity from me. Let’s add … Continue reading

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January 14, 2019
Things I Shouldn’t Even Consider Doing from 120 Blocks

I’m so far behind on my BOMs that I should spend the next several days working on those to get caught up. After all, each month of Sew in Love is eight blocks. And I have three or four of … Continue reading

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January 1, 2019
2019 Quilty Resolutions from 120 Blocks

I feel so far behind in 2018 already! Aaaargh! Usually I have this post written and scheduled to go up by 9 am on the January 1, but this year is apparently a bit behind schedule. Sigh. Here goes! Last … Continue reading

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November 3, 2018
Catching Up – Sorry It’s Been So Long! from 120 Blocks

It’s about time I take a minute to catch up with what I’ve been working on over the last few weeks. First, I finished the Enchanted Garden Block 5. Next up were the eight blocks that make up Month Three … Continue reading

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October 8, 2018
Thoughts Way Too Deep for a Monday from 120 Blocks

Maybe not really, but I don’t usually post really deep thoughts here, so I thought I’d warn you. Yes, there will be a little bit about progress and pictures later in the post, but not much has been happening around … Continue reading

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