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January 10, 2019
2019 ideas from Susan P Blog

I actually think this is the first time I write ‘2019’ anywhere, and it is already the 10th of January! Yes, it is here. It arrived quietly in our house where everyone went to bed around 10 ish. I was awake at midnight to send messages to my children spread all over the world, and to family in South Africa

The year started with us giving the lounge and computer room a good clean. We washed the carpets, washed windows, polished everything, the new curtains (which I bought early in 2018) went up. Rubbish into the rubbish bags. It looks ...

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July 18, 2018
Baby present from Susan P Blog

I find it difficult to make boy things and therefore it is always a challenge to put together a gift for a baby boy. Decided to make a nappy/diaper bag with lots of pockets and just add some diapers, knitted cardigan and booties (yes!!!!! I knitted those!) and a smocked romper.

Next time I will make the bag a bit bigger, but in general it is very practical. Hope the new mum loves it

Several years ago I bought a sewing magazine with a lovely smocked dress on the cover – I specifically bought the magazine because of the dress ...

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July 5, 2018
Sewing bag done and dusted! from Susan P Blog

I completed the blue sewing bag and I absolutely love it! There are deep pockets on the back of the bag and heaps more inside the bag. This bag will be used a lot

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July 3, 2018
Cat quilt done from Susan P Blog

The cat quilt is done, and it even comes with authentic cat hair! It is lovely and warm with the cuddly minky backing. I had to order the fabric for the backing online and, of course, did it without measuring the quilt first. It was a huge relief when it was just enough! I am planning to use the quilt as it is freezing cold here in New Zealand. We are definitely experiencing a very cold winter this year

Also had a lazy day in front of the embroidery machine today. Decided to make myself a needlework bag. The eight ...

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June 2, 2018
Smocking from Susan P Blog

Before totally moving into quilting mode I made a couple of dresses this week. One for a friend who gave me the fabric. And the other just because I felt like it. I have one more already pleated, ready to be smocked

For the blue dress I combined smocking, beads, buttons and the embroidery machine. Love how it turned out

Not totally in love with this one, but I think it came out ok. Hope my friend will be happy with it

Winter is here and poor Mollie is cold. She threw out fabric to make room for herself in ...

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May 5, 2018
Shoe bag from Susan P Blog

I have seen these pretty bags people have made on their embroidery machines and I have been itching to give it a try. I watched the YouTube video about a 100 times, read through the instructions over and over and read all comments and tips in the FB groups. But didn’t have the courage……

Three days ago my son invited me to go to Rome with him, as he was rostered to fly to Rome. He then suggested we visit London and a few other places before I fly to Canada to visit my daughter. My Canadian trip was ...

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April 23, 2018
Um, um and yep, nope, maybe……… from Susan P Blog

I embroidered a pair of booties to go with a little romper, for a pregnant friend. After lots of umming and yep and nope I decided I wasn’t 100% happy with those and embroidered a new set of booties this weekend

These are the first ones, but I decided it wasn’t done well enough to be gifted


Now I am happy and the set will be gifted to the pregnant mum this weekend. These are the new booties and they are perfect!


I have smocked for a very long time and still enjoy doing it. Wish I knew ...

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April 7, 2018
LOVE my embroidery machine!!!! from Susan P Blog

I wish I bought one years and years ago – you can make such beautiful stuff with it. This week I embroidered little booties to go with a smocked romper. Sooooooo pretty!


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March 16, 2018
Bag completed and I LOVE it! from Susan P Blog

After unpicking a few times and redoing the zip a couple of times, sewing the pockets upside down and lots of silly things…….my bag is complete! I cannot wait to travel somewhere so that I can use it



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March 15, 2018
Bags and stuff from Susan P Blog

The weather is changing here and it is becoming cooler. And of course I decided to have a cold early this year – not good when you have a puppy in the house. There is simply no time to feel sick </p>
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February 27, 2018
Lace Hydrangeas and floral fabric from Susan P Blog

A fabric designer asked me to make a smocked dress for a photoshoot, using fabric from her new designs. Since she asked me I have been planning and thinking and making the dress over and over…………I even embroidered small lace flower petals

And today the fabric arrived. It is beautiful; so delicate; so gorgeous …….. I am actually a bit speechless. She asked for a specific type of dress, but the fabric told me it wanted to be something else, luckily she agreed that I can use my judgement as long as it is flowy and beautiful


It has been ...

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February 16, 2018
Making The Mesh For Distortion – A Prayer For Zachary from Eric the Quilter


I’m totally cheating with my embroidery machine! It does the best applique! And for this project, it’s perfect. It’s almost comedic to look in my sewing room right now. It’s covered in ribbon, fabric scraps, thread, and starch based glue. I just buy Elmer’s by the gallon. They sell it at Walmart for like 10 dollars, and goodness knows I’m using it by the gallon. ‘A Prayer For Zachary’ did have to take a back seat this week with the blizzard we had, and I got a throat infection. It’s like this avian ...

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February 8, 2018
Freestanding lace from Susan P Blog

I had an idea – which meant that I didn’t fall asleep until 2:30 am – because I kept on planning it all out, over and over. Feeling tired this morning, with a huge headache because of lack of sleep. But immediately parked myself in front of the embroidery machine and embroidered a lace butterfly. This one is tiny, only 5cm from the tip of one wing to the other

This was the first time I have tried Freestanding Lace on the embroidery machine, but I am sure it is not going to be the last. Lesson learnt with the ...

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January 29, 2018
Tote Bag from Susan P Blog

Finished the tote bag for a friend today. Added lots of pockets inside, as well as behind the embroidered part on the outside. I think I need one too


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January 27, 2018
Sidetracked again! from Susan P Blog

After making some key fobs and pencil toppers for the market stall, I once again got sidetracked and embroidered blocks to make a tote bag for a friend. I used the embroidery machine to embroider 12 ‘Fashion Girls’ which will go around the bag to form  big pocket. The great thing is that these are embroidered with 3 layers – 2 fabric and 1 batting. I just had to sew it together. It looks so neat and tidy


Why haven’t I bought a machine years and years ago?

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January 25, 2018
Keyfobs and pencil toppers from Susan P Blog

I have been itching to use the embroidery machine for more than just embroider a couple of dish towels and decided to make some key fobs and pencil toppers for the market stall

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January 6, 2018
Today was the day from Susan P Blog

We drove to Christchurch yesterday to pick up my ‘new’ embroidery machine. I bought it second hand from a lovely lady, who also gave me a quick lesson. She gave me lots of extra goodies with the machine, including nearly 100 spools of thread

I resisted trying it out when we arrived home and sat down and read the operation manual which came with it. Today I had to sort the sewing room to find a good, permanent spot for the machine. We moved a study table from upstairs and placed it close to my sewing machine and overlocker – that ...

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January 2, 2018
Yippee yeah!!!! Something new for 2018 from Susan P Blog

I bought myself a secondhand Brother PE770 embroidery machine! Can’t believe I’ve done it – it was not part of my 2018 plan at all. Yes, I have been looking at embroidery machines but decided against it as they are so expensive. Then this one just happened at a really good price, with heaps of extra stuff thrown in as part of the deal. And the reviews are good. And the previous owner is amazing and will give me a few lessons. And she has a good reason to sell, not because she hates the machine.


A friend and ...

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July 11, 2017
Brother PE770 embroidery project for beginners- Cord Keeper from Crafty Gemini

brother-pe770 tutorial by crafty gemini{Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate links for products I use and love. Thanks for your support.}

I’m back! I’m determined to get back to blogging. I can hardly believe it’s almost been a year since my last blog post. AHHH! My apologies.
Unfortunately, making videos, designing projects and fabric collections, traveling and homeschooling two young kids gets in the way of writing blog posts. But, here I am. Planning to write short and sweet blog posts that will make it more manageable & sustainable for me to maintain.

So, I’m back with a new machine embroidery ...

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