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September 16, 2021
EQ Dozen + Quilting 19, 20 from Virtual Quilter

Love those Celtic knots!

Love the second design!

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July 24, 2021
EQ Album 64, 65 from Virtual Quilter

This is one of my very early project files I started when I became the Virtual Quilter. It uses blocks from the Electric Quilt library, mostly without any modifications in many of the designs, though there are some.

I still like the second one after all these years.

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June 28, 2021
Back to Basics 25, 26 from Virtual Quilter

Not my colours, not my style, but I love it!

Still not y colours, more my style, but still love the first one more than this.

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May 9, 2021
EQ 9x9s 83, 84 from Virtual Quilter

Very interesting design.

All the blocks are basic Nine Patch designs in a straight setting.

This project file is a long way from running out … I added three more designs when I picked these for today’s offering.

(Make that four, and if I play just a little while longer it will have 300 designs.)

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February 23, 2021
EQ and Me 38, 39, 40 from Virtual Quilter

Pale but pretty.

The quilt blocks in this project file are from the Electric Quilt Block Library, with a few modifications by me. Modifying library blocks is a great way of learning to use the block drawing tools, but it can be addictive … but also a lot of fun!

One thing I have learned after setting up lots of project files with some less than perfect fabric combinations is that I start with a collection of blocks, but play with the fabric choices before settling on the combination which will make some really appealing designs before designing 50 plus quilts ...

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February 15, 2021
EQ Mods 27, 28 from Virtual Quilter

Interesting, pretty colours.

This series of designs uses blocks from the Electric Quilt block library, but with modifications, including mixing shapes from different designs to make new designs.

Love the second one.

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February 7, 2021
EQ Dozen + Quilting 17, 18 from Virtual Quilter

Love it!!

This one too!

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February 5, 2021
EQ Dozen Again 13, 14 from Virtual Quilter

A great way to explore a few of the possibilities of designing is to select a few blocks, add a small collection of fabrics, and start rearranging blocks to see what happens when the blocks are mixed up and rearranged.

I think it is about time for me to select a new set of assorted blocks, this time from the blocks I have designed, and see what happens when I mix them up and rearrange them like I have done with these blocks.

But first I need to play in the dirt for a while, repotting some cuttings.

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January 12, 2021
EQ Album OP 44, 45 from Virtual Quilter


Love this … but love it as a large mat in a very old fashioned room rather than a quilt!

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November 16, 2020
EQ and Me OP 23, 24 from Virtual Quilter

I like it!

Interesting and I like the second design, but like the first one more.

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November 12, 2020
EQ Album + 45, 46 from Virtual Quilter

I rather like the first one, and the cat seems to like it too.

I like the second one too, but it looks like the cat is not interested.

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October 31, 2020
EQ Mods OP 14, 15, 16 from Virtual Quilter

Today’s designs look rather old fashioned, but they also look warm and comfortable.

The blocks are from the Electric Quilt block library, but with some modifications.

I am sometimes surprised that I have spent so much time making quilts that I like the look of to put on a bed, and then we spend most of the time in the bedroom in the dark with eyes closed. However, I love seeing a crumpled quilt on a bed which has kept somebody warm and comfortable overnight, and enjoy making the bed a lot more if there is a real quilt ...

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September 23, 2020
EQ Album 63, 64 from Virtual Quilter

Love the muted contrasts.

This one is nice, but I much prefer the first one.

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September 22, 2020
EQ Mods 25, 26 from Virtual Quilter

Pretty and dainty.

Like it!

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September 21, 2020
EQ Mexican Rose Quilt 21, 22 from Virtual Quilter

Very neat … I like it.

By the way, the EQ prefix in the title indicates that this project file started with a block from the Electric Quilt Block Library. Modifying blocks from the library is a great way to practice using the block drawing tools in Electric Quilt.

I like the second one too.

Sadly this is the last design in this project file, and it is now retired, though it may reappear one day with new colours, and maybe some more variations of the Mexican Rose block.

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September 20, 2020
Baker’s Dozen 31, 32 from Virtual Quilter

I like it!

It is not very often I use a lighter fabric in the border than the dominant fabric of the blocks in the centre.

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August 13, 2020
EQ and Me OP 21, 22 from Virtual Quilter

I like it!

I like this one more!

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July 18, 2020
EQ Mexican Rose Quilt 18, 19, 20 from Virtual Quilter

Interesting concept in the placing of blocks around the edge.

Also interesting is that I placed them where I already had quilting motifs. I left the motifs as they were, but would I still quilt an outline of the applique? I think I would.

Sometimes I think that I waste far too much time designing virtual quilts, and not enough time working on real ones, but I keep finding interesting things that lead me to try new concepts, and by doing it here on Electric Quilt I don’t damage any fabric finding out if the idea is worth transferring ...

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June 15, 2020
EQ Album + 44, 45, 46 from Virtual Quilter


The cat finds it interesting, I think the centre should have been lighter … about the colour of the cat.

New colours, but I do like the lighter centre in this one!

Looks like the cat got is a bit miffed about the new colourway and left the site!

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May 30, 2020
Ann’s Album OP 19, 20 from Virtual Quilter


Another nice one.

Another nice gardening day coming up, and I hope I don’t find blocks of concrete a couple of inches below ground level today! Much easier to play in dirt planting irises, and I am sure the plants will grow much better!

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