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August 7, 2018
Baking Interlude: Apple Cinnamon Scones, Because Food Is Love. Also a RTW Alteration Success, and Pineapple Progress! from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Fresh Apple Cinnamon Scones, Second Batch
Have you ever made a recipe with fantastic results, but then the next time you tried to make it was a disaster?  That's what happened to me over the weekend with this King Arthur Flour Baker's Catalog recipe for Apple Cinnamon Scones.  I've made these scones in the past and they were stellar, but when I tried to make them again this Saturday the batter was a goopy mess, they spread like muffin tops, and the bottoms burnt.  Disaster!  So after my family and I begrudgingly ate up all of the ...

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April 12, 2018
Fabric Collage Class Student Creations! from Quilted Joy

I had so much fun last month with my Fabric Collage the Laura Heine Way classes! These classes always fill up so quickly, probably because Laura Heine’s creations are just so cute! I thought I’d share some of the critters my students were working on. By the way, I shared most of these photos on Facebook and Instagram during and right after class. If you like these, go ahead and like and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for even more quilty goodness!

This round of classes, the birds were super popular! Here’s Doodle-Doo the Rooster¬†and ...

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