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March 9, 2021
Upstairs, Downstairs Part 3 from Art In Search

      I found the process of putting together Upstairs, Downstairs rather inspiring. I bought another bundle of 2 identical jelly rolls on Etsy and started to examine how to put them together. There were only a few oranges in these batiks, so instead of organizing the darkest strips as the diagonals, I used the oranges to be the long diagonals.
     After consultation with The Left Handed Quilter of course. I would have never have figured this out on my own. Sometime, maybe I will find jelly rolls that are easier to sort.

Did not work with darks at top, mixed in ...

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March 7, 2021
Upstairs, Downstairs part 1 from Art In Search

      I was inspired by the quilts that The Left-Handed Quilter has made from 2 identical jelly rolls. She explains the process well, but I could not grasp it so I thought I would try to make one. Somethings you just have do hands on to get it.
     I found 2 great priced Boundless jelly rolls on Etsy and started separating them into groups of 5 with a dark in each group, two indentical strips in each group. There are eight groups of 5. Then I sewed the strips into strip sets in the order I planned trying to go from ...

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Upstairs, Downstairs Part 2 from Art In Search

      With all the strips sewn into blocks, I laid the blocks on the wall and tweaked the diagonal rows a number of times. Due to the excellent explanation by  A Left Handed Quilter,  I was able to get something that I like well enough. I took it down by columns that I will web sew at retreat later in the week.

I laid out the strips for each block on cardstock and stacked them for chain piecing.
Completed blocks on left. Tube sewn strips on tray.

Block layout stack ready for piecing

Completed blocks all clipped by columns for webbing.

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