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May 15, 2020
Corona virus ornament from Meena Schaldenbrand

The 4.5 inch ornament was designed in computer software, cut out of canvas with an electronic cutter and painted red. Hand embroidery. Machine quilting. Text printed on fabric. 

Ornament Hanger: Vertical blind cord
Canvas, Lame, cotton, mask ties, button eyes.
Created for the Spots challenge, PQ2020-Q4 Spots
May 2020

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April 28, 2020
Hunkered Down from Indigo Threads

As are most folks these days, my family and I are hunkered down, trying to "flatten the curve" and avoid catching the novel coronavirus COVID-19.  I haven't been out of the house since March 11th, so I am on Day 16 of self-isolation.  We are all of us in the "high risk" category, so we're being pretty careful.  The Kid and The Potter have both gone out, but only for essentials, like groceries, taking the mail to the post office drop box, walking the dog and that sort of thing.  And, except for last weekend when we had ...

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January 29, 2020
Drawstring Baskets from Quilting Stories

Drawstring basket

Drawstring basket

Drawstring basket

Since some time I wish to sew drawstring baskets for my grandchildren. After searching on Pinterest and on various blogs, I was lucky to find a really great tutorial on this blog : Threading My Way. I must say that I never found such a perfect tutorial, so well explained that you cannot make any mistake. I followed step by step the explanations and had not the least problem. I sewed the orange basket first, and was so satisfied with the result that next day I did a blue one. Tomorrow a pink one! Thank you Pam for Australia!

I chose ...

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January 20, 2020
Back In The Saddle, I Hope from Indigo Threads

Hey Ho!  I will try to do this blogging thing again.  I fell off the "blog/horse" last year and have been having trouble getting back to it again.  Mostly because I really wasn't doing much that was blog-worthy.  At least I felt that way.  So, a new year, a new decade and hopefully I'll be a more successful blogger.

My broken ankle has healed up beautifully.  I'm able to do pretty much whatever I want now.  I am more careful about how I do things now though!

"Positive Vibes"
60" x 80"

I did finish my ...

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