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October 15, 2021
Land That I Love Finale! from Humble Quilts

The finished quilt as shown will be approx 18x26.5
Many of you were concerned about the busy prints and fabrics. I chose blue (like the antique) which does calm it down a bit.   (do you find my error humble design element? I only noticed after it was entirely completed.

Choose your fabric and cut:
(2) 6 1/2" squares
The following are a tad oversized to give you some wiggle room for trimming after getting your top together. 
(2) 5 1/2" squares then cut once on the diagonal to make 4 triangles. These will be your 4 corners ...

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October 8, 2021
Land That I Love Part 4 from Humble Quilts

 Happy Friday!

Today we are going to cut (6) 2 3/8 squares, then cut them on the diagonal for 12 triangles. I used lights/mediums and darks.

Then we will cut (6) 3 7/8 squares, then cut them on the diagonal for 12 larger triangles. Most of mine are mediums/darks. 

This is my favorite ruler for cutting my small scraps into usable pieces, especially in a small quilt and I want most of my HST to be different. 

You should have (12) 2" squares remaining that you didn't use in your little blocks we made last ...

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September 24, 2021
Land That I Love Part 2 from Humble Quilts

For part 2 you will need to cut 36 2" squares. If you want your quilt fairly calm use mostly lights. Feel free to use lights, mediums or darks if you want to go crazy scappy!

That was simple! yay!

I hope you watch the video. I share how I store some HST and squares. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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September 8, 2021
Little Humble Quilts All Through the House from Humble Quilts

It was 90 degrees on Sunday when I was preparing to put up some fall quilts. 
So, I stuck with the little ones for now!
Thee is nothign specifically autumn about these, but they remind me of fall colors, so they get to take a turn at decorating the house.

Off the Beaton Path was made originally for a swap, but I worked on it while my dad was sick and I titled it as a reminder of the fun camping trips we took- Off the Beaton Path, so ended up keeping this and making another.  I very rarely every ...

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September 6, 2021
Do you EQ? from Humble Quilts

I'm not very good at Electric Quilt program but use it a little, mostly for my quiltalongs. I like to see how it may look as an actual quilt and then I can change colors etc to make it closer to the original or closer to what I had in mind. 

I just found recently Electric Quilt has a really terrific YouTube channel. I think I will be referring to it fairly often when I need a little extra help. Find it HERE

Here's a few quilts I've used EQ for

Almost Amish. You can find this ...

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August 18, 2021
Quilting and A Glamping from Humble Quilts

Ever heard of Glamping? Its a mix of camping and glamour. Inside our large tent was a bed and a lot of amenities for those who may not like to camp. It was a lovely gift from our employees. 
I'd like to point out on the empty chair is the 2021 Humble Quilts quiltalong that I am hand quilting! 

On our way to our weekend of glamping we hiked to Green Lakes in the Three Sisters Wilderness. 
This is South Sisters which is a popular mountain to summit. (I've done it twice) 

Looking the other direction is Broken ...

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July 16, 2021
Just a Little Peek from Humble Quilts

Although I've been covering for an employee on vacation I got a few minutes in my sewing room this past week. Here's a pile of scraps from our fall quiltalong. Maybe called Yankee Doodle, but maybe not. I don't want to disparage my British friends.  :)

A few highlights from last weekend's backpacking trip.

Koosah Falls

Sahalie falls

A great place to stretch out and rest my body. 

A cold river to soak our feet and enjoy the outdoors. 
(one of my favorite photos)


Have an amazing weekend!

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September 11, 2020
Quiltalongs and Fires from Humble Quilts

I'll start with the heroes of my state. 
Approx 900,000 acres have burned in Oregon the past few days. Small fires got massive really fast and overtook complete towns. My heart is so heavy right now because of the destruction. 
It seems when disasters happen people jump into action to help each other. It doesn't matter if you are left, right, white, black, rich or poor. You need help? Yep! Let's do it!
A facebook group has grown to 50K where people are hauling animals and people out of harm's way. what do you need ...

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