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October 5, 2022
Izzy Update from Jo's Country Junction

Izzy is a great dog.  I’m so happy with her.  Kalissa is teasing me that I am going to be a foster fail the first time out.  HA!  Who knows, I might be. She is great in the kennel and has slept in there overnight without a single sound from her.  I put her in […]

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October 4, 2022
I Did a Thing… from Jo's Country Junction

I did a thing. If you’ve been reading the blog over the last 9 months or so, you know that I’ve been thinking about getting another dog.  Three times I was moments away from hitting the yes button and didn’t. I got all sorts of advice from people saying if I didn’t, I wasn’t ready…others […]

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September 20, 2022
Thursday's Three Free, Rare Moth, Tasty Meal, EPP Pyramids, Loving Labradors from Canadian Needle Nana

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago in August when the fall Asters just began to bloom. If it is the Yellow Wooly Bear Moth, I would be delighted as I have seen a couple of the pretty yellow caterpillars around the property like this one I photographed in 2019.
 I watched the moth forever, fascinated with its furry like long legs and overall ghostly appearance.

Wendy at  Pieceful Thoughtsthis post shared a link to a slow cooker sausage and shrimp boil recipe that sounded delicious. I made my own version and this is the leftovers...shrimp ...

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August 26, 2022
Bird Behaviour, Crochet Granny Stripe, Karnak Wall Hanging Sewing, Watching Love Me from Canadian Needle Nana

Our week is off to a good start here at the wooden house. Weather wise, it has turned humid again with rain and thunderstorms. But that hasn't stopped me from  sitting down by the pond with my camera early mornings- so far I have captured nothing. But using the quiet time, Ned with me, to have my inside voice repeat how fortunate I am and grateful too for my days here on this wonderful land. 

Closer to the house I did capture something a little unusual. I saw movement in the flower bed one day and it turned out ...

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August 22, 2022
Dog Days of August, Geometry in Quilting, Lori Holt's "Stitch" from Canadian Needle Nana

 Enjoying the free buffet are these three Chipping Sparrows. I've begun including small seeds with the sunflower and that has attracted more sparrows this summer.

The three dogs are enjoying their summer days together. The vernal pond is back to nearly its full level and of course, being Labradors, they love the water. They enjoy watching and trying to chase the odd frog but luckily have never caught one. 

This was the indoor/now outdoor Geraniums at their glory. I was so happy with this colourful display.  Geraniums never disappoint!
Here is a block of the Wheel Within A ...

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August 15, 2022
Three Free Patterns, Orange in the Garden and in Reds, Pigeon's Rare Visit from Canadian Needle Nana

Day lilies are all in bloom. So many striking colours it's hard to choose one to show you. But this orange is so bright it's like a blinding orange is what I'm calling it. Reminiscent of the poppies I shared last month. 
Here is a visitor we had for one day last week. Have never seen a Rock Dove (Pigeon) here before. It was of interest to see he was sporting bands on both legs and they were different. Wouldn't it be interesting to know this fellow's history!
Ned enjoyed keeping a close eye on ...

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August 13, 2022
Het Klossie Challenge, Panama Pyramids, Labrador Love, Flight of Fancy Fabrics from Canadian Needle Nana

 Even in what I think is the fulsome of summer, a little nagging thing has happened. Hubby pointed out that the light is fading a tiny tab bit earlier each day. As much as the continual heat waves and humidity are unwanted, the thought of the summer fading is not a good one.  

So just have to enjoy the growth while we can. Below is a neglected part of the garden behind the house. With so much in the front areas to maintain, this bit gets left out often.  The blue flowering bush hides the ac unit and I'm ...

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August 6, 2022
Redworked Birds- Flight of Fancy, Basket Case Finish, Quartet in Autumn, Petey Posing from Canadian Needle Nana

 I'd mentioned that I had to go out shopping.  That morning I stood in our closet completely stumped as to what to wear. I have a goodly amount of clothes so why it is such a chore sometimes to pick out a top and bottom is kind of ludicrous. I left and went to a window to look at the sky which told me nothing because I already knew it was very hot outside with the sun splitting the rocks, as we used to say at home. I decided to wear linen which is a difficult material but breezy ...

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July 23, 2022
Nature's Blossoms, Kaffe Tablerunner, 83rd Birthday, Family, from Canadian Needle Nana

 First of all thanks for the words of encouragement for what I talked about last post. I heard from so many of you with similar and even more surprising stories regarding episodes of forgetfulness. Leaving the house can be an adventure for some of us!!! A few of you are concerned and some not at all. Kudos to you who have had the gumption to take the test. I guess misery does love company because those stories did make me feel better. And on an encouraging note, dementia research is huge right now so who knows what they will find ...

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July 17, 2022
Basket Case Embroidery, Panama Pyramids in Pinks, Garden Blooms, The Chucklings- Episode 2 from Canadian Needle Nana

A bouquet from the farm garden

 Summer is moving right along. I've gotten a good swim in most days so far and it is doing my body good. A lot of the achiness has left me and I'm sleeping better at night. I think that being in the water is therapeutic in many ways.  I swim with more energy when I listen to music. Since I don't have a fancy phone, I have my music downloaded on a device called a Synyn MP3 player that I wear attached to a small floppy hat. I got all the ...

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July 11, 2022
Happening at the Kramer’s from Jo's Country Junction

I had a busy weekend…between some sewing in the sewing room which I told you about in Monday’s blog post and all I’m going to tell you about in this blog post we were hopping.

First off…Rosie graduated from Dog Obedience training class #1.  That was Thursday night.

Rosie is doing fabulous.  This was so good for her.  I am on the waiting list for the next set of classes.

Kalissa and I went to the Amish on Friday morning to get peaches.  They get a shipment each year and we always order them by the ...

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June 27, 2022
Three Free Patterns on a Thursday, More Panama Pyramids, A Prime Series to Watch from Canadian Needle Nana

I got the fridge cleaned out and one of the large corner bottom cabinets tidied too. Oh I hate those cupboards. Things get put in them and completely forgotten about. I have to get down on my knees to reach things at the back which is far from convenient. Anyway, I did decide to move some of the small appliances I use more often down there rather than having them way down the hall in a spare room. Big grocery shop is done and it feels good to have tinned goods restocked, things like broth, tuna, beans, etc. Also pickles ...

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June 25, 2022
Tornado Warnings, Eye Candy for Dogs, Dresden Blades, Woolly Purchase from Canadian Needle Nana

We had another tornado warning last week!

 The radar showed we were directly in its' path which was scary for a few hours. Unlike before, warnings were issued in a timely fashion so folks had time to pick their kids up at school and daughter and Robbie came right to our house. The idea was that our house is very solid with a good basement underground. It was an uneasy feeling watching the wind start to whip up. But at the last minute the storm path divided right around us, part moving south and part going north, remarkable to see ...

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TEMPTATION…a puppy?? from Jo's Country Junction

You all know I’ve been tempted to get a puppy.  Can you guess how hard it was for me when someone I knew had beagle puppies??  SUPER HARD!!

You might remember a month or so ago I had thought I would get a rescue beagle but then someone else got the dog.  Then I had a lead on a beagle puppy from a rescue group.  I debated and debated on getting the puppy.  In the end, I didn’t.

I made the decision to put more work and money into Rosie.  It was the right decision.  She is a ...

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June 8, 2022
Rosie’s Adventure with In-ground Fencing from Jo's Country Junction

Check out this little dog of mine…it’s Rosie.  She’s here showing off her new collar.  Do you notice the little box on the collar?

If you have inground fencing for your pet, you likely know that the collar means I got in-ground fencing for Rosie.

They came last week but I decided not to write about it then because I wanted to actually see how it will work before I told you all about it.

The company I had install it is…
Pet Containment Systems.

They are local to me and did a great job.  They came ...

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June 5, 2022
Mistake #3, Lilacs in Bloom, Tiramisu, Floral Motif Sampler from Canadian Needle Nana

 So happy to be writing a Thursday things we like post.  Here is something I adore...Ned is now about 20 in dog years, fully grown, but he still tries to get in my lap. He will balance himself in the strangest poses just to stay for a little bit and get a good rub. 

Love the flowers that are blooming just now here in my corner of the world. This is a lilac bouquet I had at the farm. Though in bloom, my lone lilac tree here does not produce such fine flowers as the three at the farm ...

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May 24, 2022
The Puppy Decision from Jo's Country Junction

You all might remember that I’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster trying to decide on adopting a dog…Brieda was the first option and what started my whole quest for a dog friend for my beagle, Rosie.

It turns out that another family had an approved adoption before I did and Brieda went to them.  I was totally okay with that.  I wanted Breida to be where ever it was best for her and I trusted that the family she went to would be good to her.

Then I got a lead on a little puppy ...

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April 11, 2022
Canadian Spring, A Gardener's Alphabet, Links, Free Patterns, Inspiring Quilts from Canadian Needle Nana

Crabapple Hill Designs A Garden's Alphabet BOM, pink crayon tinted and embroidered. Blocks all done; assembly required.

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March 27, 2022
Early Morning Antics from Quarter-Inch Capers

I’m pretty sure my neighbors are ready to kill me. The dogs found a possum and started a big ruckus early this morning. Like 5:00 am early. The picture I took at 5 didn’t turn out as it was too dark out; these were from  around 6:30.

I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but it was a huge possum. I tried to push him off the fence with a broom, but he had his claws dug in and wasn’t going anywhere. We had to crate the dogs to get them ...

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February 24, 2022
Grinding to a Halt from From the Strawberry Patch...

You might not think this looks very appetizing, but that's okay; Hannes does. At seventeen and a half years young our resident canine companion has become VERY picky about his eating. Sometimes he's interested; but, more often than not, he takes a sniff and slowly walks away.  It's hard, if not impossible, to find something that he likes; is healthy, and easy enough for him to chew on a daily

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