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September 25, 2020
Two Beauty Products, Wisdom, Foxy Visit, Triangle Quilt Decisions from Canadian Needle Nana

 These three things below were birthday gifts and I thought I'd share them with you. I've mentioned Eckhart Tolle before and how much I love his writing. Saying that though, it is kind of involved in a way and you need to keep your wits about you if you are to take anything away. But I do enjoy his talk about the need to banish negative thoughts and as he puts it, making sure the present now is your friend not your enemy. 

I think I'm addicted to lip balms so anything to do with keeping lips ...

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September 16, 2020
Fitness To Do, Apple Muffins, We Still Miss Someone, Fire Starter from Canadian Needle Nana

 I do carry with me all the time the feeling that this time is invaluable, precious even and therefore I must make the most of it. Perhaps at night watching our bit of t.v. is when I can shrug off the "every moment must be productive" feeling. I grew up with a father who often said "to labour is to live" and it must have sunk in deep with me. 

 I have a long list of things to get started/continued/done this week.  Here are a few of them.

 Continuing the research into the topic of fitness for ...

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September 8, 2020
Nature New to Me, Autumn Flowers, Christmas Creeping In from Canadian Needle Nana

Though the air was quite warm almost moist feeling, the look of the landscape yesterday morning was dark and gloomy. Definitely a fall look to things though not a feel. I spotted the first of the wild asters, an autumn flower. So still lots of growing things to enjoy for a while longer. Like this orange/rust blanket flower type (not sure which it is as I've lost the packet, grrr) in the garden, another hardy perennial that is spreading well.

Here is a new to me bug which I enjoyed seeing up close. And he seemed to like ...

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August 11, 2020
Perfect Ontario Summer and August Day, 2020 from Canadian Needle Nana

 Sometimes I get down on myself because I'm not as productive as I used to be and still have in my head that I should be. For instance, there's the matter of my photos. With Windows 10 I can create albums which would be such a terrific asset when trying to find just the right photo to insert in this here blog. I started doing it, was excited about it and then the will to keep doing it drifted off across an ocean somewhere. But the idea of it still nags at me. I really must get that ...

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July 26, 2020
Awful Night, Farm Sampler Box, Birds and Blocks and Hubby Has a Birthday! from Canadian Needle Nana

Recently I had the most awful of nights.

 Murphy woke me around 3 am with a very sharp bark and simultaneously it seems I heard too what she did.  A very loud but soft thud.  I got the flash light and looked all through the rooms to see if something had fallen off a shelf or toppled over. Just like the t.v. detectives do (have you ever noticed they never turn on overhead lights; just use their itty bitty flashlights to search). Not a thing out of place.  I've watched enough movies to know not to go down ...

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June 23, 2020
Walking with Rosie from Jo's Country Junction

I thought I’d take you with on a morning walk with Rosie and share with you the ramblings in my head as I walked.  I’m a walker.  I love walking and have walked on and off so much over my lifetime.  I used to walk for physical exercise but now my main walking goal is more for my mind than my body.  Walking just gives me time to process.  I can’t ever remember a time that I  felt bad after just getting in from walking.

Rosie loves walking.  We walk about 3 miles when we go out ...

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May 17, 2020
My Aurifil Thread Prize, Treats, Basket of Diamonds, Contentment from Canadian Needle Nana

Spring continues to play hide and seek with us.  Ottawa has now recorded lowest temperatures on record for a few of the days this week and snowflakes keep dancing outside my windows (but not landing thankfully). Now they say Saturday will be normal for here. It seems a little like a carrot on a stick so I am not, as the saying goes- preparing my joys.
We continue to spend our days in a certain amount of busyness. The two of us are basically happy hermits who for the most part, find enough to do in our near surroundings without ...

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May 11, 2020
Spring Most Welcomed By the Wooden House Happy Campers from Canadian Needle Nana

From the journal of talented Alexandra Schmid.  An illustration I think our watercolour painting friends, LeeAnna and Mary, might like. And sadly, mess is the word. For all our technology and advancements, a virus is going to leave quite a mark on mankind.  But we are doing our best to make the best of it all and I love that.

A few other things I love...
We are enjoying watching The Village on Brit Box and I think I've had tears in my eyes once every episode. Warning: It is grittier than most of these shows tend to be ...

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April 23, 2020
Adventures With Rosie: Edition #1 from Jo's Country Junction

I’ve wrote a lot about Rosie in the past.  I’ve not given her her own regular blog series though…but today, I think she earned a right to her own blog series.

Rosie has been improving all the time.  There is still plenty room to grow but she doesn’t drive me crazy all the time and with covid and the quite house, I’d be pretty lonely without her…but she still takes up a lot of my time.

Yesterday I was at the compute writing blog posts and she was being a little too much.  She ...

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April 16, 2020
Spirit Song On the Frame, ALMOST Ready to Quilt... Of Partial Floats, Frame Design and Texas Hold 'Em Brackets from Cheeky Cognoscenti

Spirit Song Quilt On the Frame, Top Fully Floated
Good morning, Happy Thursday, Happy Easter, and Happy Passover!  The Spring holidays have been different for sure this year, haven't they?  I got this far with loading my Spirit Song quilt on Easter Sunday before sitting down to dinner with my family, but then I had to switch gears and figure out how to sew a face mask for my son to wear to work at the grocery store for his 6 AM shift on Easter Monday.  I've been working on making more masks for the rest of my ...

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April 5, 2020
Quarantine Days are Strange But Busy, EPP, Poetry Too from Canadian Needle Nana

Sunshine warming our shoulders lately so April has been kind to us. March went out like a lamb; it had come in like a lion so, for once, the old saying stood up.  Look at all the leaves revealed now down that trail.

We had our grocery order delivered by SIL. Hubby watched the video on how to handle it so we got him to drop it at the bottom of the front walkway. We used rubber gloves and removed it all from the bags, put it in my own bags, then wiped it all with a bleach solution and ...

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March 23, 2020
Pandemic Haircut, Blue Strings Blocks, Baskets (Again) from Canadian Needle Nana

I gave myself a haircut this morning...shorter than I've done in a while. I'm calling it my Pandemic hairdo. It looks like I could go on the run any curling irons necessary. If you would like to see it, tell me in the comments.  Speaking of which, I am always so happy to hear from you; it makes my day.

Hey, you never told me there was math involved with setting blocks on point! This has taken me a while to figure out the placement, one that I can manage that is. I've settled ...

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February 29, 2020
Weathering A Storm, TLC and Stitching, Murhpy Posing from Canadian Needle Nana

Here I am at older daughter's house.

  It is small and cozy- I call it a doll's house especially compared to the wooden house. She continues to collect interesting things that add to her comfort and enjoyment.
The views out her back yard are pretty too. I'm glad I refilled the bird feeder before the weather changed drastically. One little red squirrel beat these two to it.  Now it is under snow.
 I haven't gotten out and about as much as I had planned on.
 Grandson and I are weathering a snowstorm together, one with ice ...

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February 24, 2020
Heart Shaped Cake and Pizza, After Quilts, Mourning Dove from Canadian Needle Nana

It is now past midwinter and our snow is piling on snow. 

A rabbit has been using the little ornamental fir bush at the front as a home this winter; have never seen him just the tracks.
But February days are flying by just like July's.
For Valentine's night we got to babysit littler grandson so his parents could go out to dinner. It was a nine course dinner where each course wouldn't fill your tooth, as my grandparents would say about scanty food on a plate. (They came home quite filled, however. :))
  But Daughter had made ...

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February 17, 2020
High Five These Midwinter Thankful Things from Canadian Needle Nana

On that blustery snowy day, I had this in the oven. Old fashioned Seven Layer Dinner. This was a very common dish in homes in the sixties when casseroles became more popular. At home it used to be called Ship Wreck and you can read about why here at the Saltjunk site. Is this something you would have grown up with too?

It is so fitting to have comfort food on a bad weather day. A first for me making this for Hubby and he loved it.  I'd forgotten how much it is a vegetarian meal if you wish ...

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February 7, 2020
A Rosie Report from Jo's Country Junction

I got Rosie on December 23rd.  I was in the mid-grief and got her before I really took time to think it through.  I know…a bad decision.  But, I had rationalized it out.  I thought I would have extra days off through that time to spend with her.  I figured housetraining would be a challenge…the extra time, I thought, gave me a chance to address house training.

I’ll be honest.  I was in heaven the first few day.  The puppy love was in full force.  I missed Ruby terribly but was happy with Rosie…but that that ...

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February 1, 2020
Making Progress on the Remodel: Renovation Update from I Have A Notion

Keeping Up Does this give you an idea of why I haven’t been posting? We are still in the midst of the remodel, we lived with this mess for 5 days. We discovered in the kitchen, dining and 1/2 bath, that the linoleum and luan area had been stapled and glue Too read more go to

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January 26, 2020
January UFO Update from Ramblings of a Fabric Obsessor

I've had a couple of sew days this month at my house and have gotten to work a bit on my January UFO Talkin' Turkey. I am almost done with the last round on the 30 blocks. Then, I will need to make sashing and assemble the blocks and do the borders. Piece of cake! All of the units are done. It is just a matter of sewing and pressing and sewing some more! Last week, I pressed the units. Last

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January 25, 2020
Scandinavian Redwork, Christmas Coins, Home Comforts from Canadian Needle Nana

Snow blowing (Hubby)  and shoveling (Me) were chores recently as we felt the effects of a Colorado low move through that brought us about 25 cm of snow. What I got to work with was not nearly as much fun as his giant toy...

Birds steady at the feeders these far chickadees, nuthatches, goldfinches and small woodpeckers and briefly, one cardinal. Blue jays occasionally join the group. This little woodpecker whisked away a seed to eat in peace and quiet (or stash) in the birch tree. Downy or Hairy???
SIL gave me the rack below for Christmas and ...

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January 4, 2020
Soul Sweet Words, Futuristic Year, My Limited Goal Making from Canadian Needle Nana

If only everyone on Twitter and some of my Facebook stitching groups too(!!) would heed these words...
                                            Image result for Pleasant words are a honeycomb
The property has become slippery with freezing rain, a daytime thaw and overnight freezing pattern. A layer of snow that fell in between has turned the world icy white.
 I've had to resort to the elliptical trainer for a little workout.  I am determined to keep my legs moving one way or another and this will continue to be a goal for the new year (as long as I am able).  Exercise and Jocelyn~ a curious thing...some days I feel like ...

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