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March 3, 2019
Raspberry Swirl and Trinket SAL from Sew Preeti Quilts

It is said that every end is a new beginning. Well, I have both a finish and a start to share with you. Plus a bit of bragging :-)

1. Raspberry Swirl
2. Trinket SAL
3. Meet Cute is on QI

First the finish.  Meet Raspberry Swirl.

Raspberry Swirl

Raspberry Swirl is the finished quilt resulting from my workshop with Debby Kratovil.
First quadrant

Two done, Two to go

Completed center

This was my first workshop and first time working with my Dresden ruler.  I am sure the ruler was feeling bereft and was thrilled to come out and play :-)  I ...

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January 13, 2019
Friends Forever from Sew Preeti Quilts

It has been 10+ days since I returned from my whirlwind trip to
India. I am now 95% caught up with sleep, 85% caught up with laundry, and about 75% done with unpacking.

Mural on a wall in a community center in India

And before I fondly remember my best of 2018 (I am 100% late to that party), and share my goals for 2019, there is something else I want to share with you. Warning - It is a long read.

It was March of 2001. The day I received an appointment letter as a Java programmer was also the ...

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