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April 15, 2019
April 15th "Dearest Boy" Update from Log Cabin Quilter

A quick update today on "Dearest Boy" progress.  I made a double tree block which is a substitute block for the double tree block pattern that the designer used.  I should have pinned the bottom corners of the block for the picture or maybe it is the angle of the camera shot.  The bottom edge looks more narrow than the top edge in the picture.  I don't claim to be a good photographer.

I will add a picture of the pattern cover so you can see what the tree block pattern was.  I began piecing the diamond shapes but ...

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March 30, 2019
Dearest Boy Update For March 30th from Log Cabin Quilter

The sunflower block was one I enjoyed making.  I chose not to make individual petals and instead made the sunflower points all in one piece.  Then I added the black and white dot center over that.  Much easier to do that way.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.


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February 15, 2019
Mid-February Dearest Boy Update and More from Log Cabin Quilter

February 15th and time for a "Dearest Boy" update.  A bird block this time.  And I see that I still need to do the eye.  I changed the bird design slightly for ease applique.

I finished an "Oak Leaf and Reel" quilt that has been waiting for quilting for a long time.  I used a Fons and Porter design that was in one of their books several years ago.  The design is fused and hand button hole stitched.

I started a new quilt project from a Lori Holt design called "Autumn Love"  I purchased a kit to do it as ...

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January 15, 2019
Pine Burr Block for Dearest Boy from Log Cabin Quilter

A not so easy block this time for "Dearest Boy".  The block size will be a finished 10 inch once I trim it.  I chose to hand piece the block and in the end, it did not lay completely flat even with steam pressing.  And the background edges curved in.  I had printed out an Electric Quilt version of the pattern which I ended up not using and went with the one in the pattern book.  I am wondering if I mistakenly traced the Electric Quilt pattrn for the outer background pieces instead of the one from the book.  Anyhow ...

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November 30, 2018
Dearest Boy, Mrs. Lincoln's Sampler and More from Log Cabin Quilter

November 30th and time for a Dearest Boy update.  The block this time proved to be a problem.  It is now obvious that the designer's template for the hexagon shape included seam allowance.  Three of us participants in the sew-along assumed that it did not and used one inch paper shapes.  The block was to have four hexagon flower shapes and, using the one inch papers, four will not fit.  Carole had not started her block so she knows now to use a smaller hexagon paper.  I set my block aside to make a decision on what to do ...

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November 15, 2018
Dearest Boy Update and A Finish from Log Cabin Quilter

November 15th update for my "Dearest Boy" quilt project.  A pieced star block this time.  It did not take much time to do.

I finished a quilt from Jan Patek's pattern "Hearts and Flowers".  This will be gifted later on.  I started the quilt in April of 2014. I had the pieced and applique blocks done for a good while before beginning the process of sewing them into rows.  I got about 3/4 of the way through that and had to stop for some reason I no longer remember.  It becomes easy to forget about going back to ...

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October 30, 2018
Dearest Boy Block Update And A New Quilt Finish from Log Cabin Quilter

The 30th has rolled around fast.  I stitched my block on Sunday evening.  I was about to forget about doing it.  This one is a tree block though I didn't see it as trees at first glance.

My "Old Voices New Impressions" quilt has the binding attached and I am calling it a finish.  The pattern is by Jeana Kimball.  The sunshine has caught a corner of the quilt in the picture but I think you can see the quilt just fine.  I loved every minute of stitching these blocks.

I used left over fabric for the backing plus ...

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October 15, 2018
Dearest Boy and Mary Witherwax Updates from Log Cabin Quilter

This time, the "Dearest Boy" pattern was a Darting Minnows block.  It took a couple tries to get the points right.  I used the Tri-Recs tool to do it.  Next block is an applique block.  Hurray!

I have not shown my focus fabric that I am selecting my colors from for the "Mary Witherwax" quilt design I am diligently working on.  It is a French General fabric which has pinks, reds, teals, purples,  green, and a bit of yellow.  The French General fabric lines seldom have any green prints.  At least not like in this border print.  I have added ...

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September 30, 2018
Dearest Boy Update and More Mary Witherwax Blocks from Log Cabin Quilter

The 30th of September rolled around fast.  I took some time late this last week to make the compass block.  It is done in applique instead of being pieced.

Julie, Cathy, and Carole are also working on the blocks.  Click on their name to pay a visit to their blog.  This block can be found in Electric Quilt's Blockbase program.  That is how I got my layout for the pieces rather than sort of guessing with the two pattern pieces given in the pattern booklet.

I managed to get several blocks made for the Mary Witherwax quilt.  If you ...

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August 15, 2018
Rose Block for Dearest Boy from Log Cabin Quilter

A quick post for today.  I am sharing the Rose block that is next in line for the Dearest Boy" album quilt.  There is a story that goes with the rose block.  It is to represent "Sister Rose".  I won't spoil the story for you.  You will have to read it in the pattern set.

Carole, Cathy, and Julie should have their blocks posted also.  Click on their name to ride the magic carpet to their blog.


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July 30, 2018
Dearest Boy Butteflies from Log Cabin Quilter

The 30th and time for a "Dearest Boy" update.  This time it is the butterflies block.

It was a bit challenging for me to get the butterflies and antennae correctly placed so that they would fit within the ten inch block space.  I cut the block backgrounds larger in case of shrinkage during the stitching process so the extra you see is not really all extra background.

Julie, Cathy, and Carole should also have a block posted on their blog today.  Click on their names for the link to their blogs.


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July 20, 2018
Dearest Boy Update from Log Cabin Quilter

The 15th rolled around fast for me this month.  Time for another "Dearest Boy" update.  This time it is the Christmas tree block.  The tree has a star on top and pears as decoration.  The stories that go with each block are delightful.  You will enjoy them if you decide to purchase the pattern.

Two more quilters are joining in making the quilt blocks.  One is Doreen from "Aunt 'Reen's Place".  I don't know that she will be posting with our little group.  Just that she will be starting the blocks when things slow down for her.  The ...

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June 30, 2018
Dearest Boy Update from Log Cabin Quilter

Two blocks this time as one is a pieced block and not as time consuming as the applique designs.

Luscious ripe cherries!

Birds In the Air
Cathy and Julie should have their blocks posted on their blogs also.  Just click on their names to ride the magic carpet to their blog.

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend.  I will be stitching.

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June 15, 2018
Prince's Feather from Log Cabin Quilter

A new block for the "Dearest Boy" quilt.  The block name is "Prince's Feather".  An interesting design.  Sort of like a Princess Feather but not as curvy feathers.

Cathy and Julie should have their blocks posted today also.  Just click on their name and the link should take you to their blog.

I picked up four quilts today that had been machine quilted.  I see a lot of binding sewing in my future.


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May 30, 2018
The Goose and A Medallion Center from Log Cabin Quilter

A much easier applique bock this time for "Dearest Boy".  A goose.  The block has some touches of embroidery to outline the wink and define the bow.

The pattern designer, Jean Cerbone,  is again able to sell the pattern set for "Dearest Boy".  It is available through Etsy here.  The price is $36.00 which, compared to some album style quilt patterns, is very reasonable.

Visit Cathy and Julie to see their blocks.

I saw a nine patch quilt with a medallion center that struck my fancy.  I decided to give my own version a whirl.  I chose a block ...

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May 1, 2018
Early American Life.....Blocks Done from Log Cabin Quilter

Cathy and I got busy and finished the rest of our blocks for Early American Life.




 Love Birds

Cathy added her sashings as she went.  I still have that to do.  I have been working on a doll quilt for a swap through the Facebook Prim group.  It is an interesting challenge which I will explain more about at a later date.

Now for another new sew-along.  This time it will be Cathy, Julie, and myself participating.  We will be working on a new pattern set called "Dearest Boy".  The pattern set was available on Etsy ...

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