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May 29, 2021
Second Edition of the Cross-Hatch Quilt Top from Jan's Quilts

For this version, I mixed up the solid color squares, instead of keeping them in color order.  I really love how all the versions turned out.  If you want to make your own, the tutorial is here.  You can easily adjust the size of your quilt by changing the size of the squares and HSTs.  For this quilt, I used 5" squares and HSTs, instead of the 5.5" in the tutorial.


May your bobbins always be full,

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May 17, 2021
The Beginning of a Solids Cross-Hatch Quilt Top from Jan's Quilts

I really liked the Black and White Cross-Hatch Quilt Top; so I decided to make two more using solid color scraps.  I have plenty to those!  I spent some time sorting, then cutting enough 5" squares for the two new quilt tops.  Then I made the 80 HSTs I'll need for two tops.  I've become a believer in doing two at a time!

I am assembling each quilt top separately because I want them to look different.  I have the first 7 rows assembled, and the next 3 rows are already pinned together.  I just needed a little ...

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The Solid Cross-Hatch Quilt Top is Complete, the First Edition from Jan's Quilts

I'm really happy with this Solid color version of the Cross-Hatch Quilt Top, warts and all.  On the Black and White version, I planned imperfection; this time it just happened.  Guess I'm Amish at heart.

I have enough squares and HST ready for another quilt top, Guess I better get busy!

As you can see, it's Frisco approved.  I had the darndest time getting and keeping him off this quilt top!  This time I made the squares 5", instead of 5.5".  That made the quilt top smaller, 51" x 64", as opposed to 56" x 70 ...

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