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September 16, 2019
The Undermining of “Craft” from Where Art & Life Meet

“Crafts” have occupied a large part of my life. I was fifteen years old when I knitted my first sweater.  My mother taught me to knit when I was so young my fingers had trouble wrapping the yarn around them.  I didn’t realize it then, but being left-handed certainly must have made it more difficult… Continue reading The Undermining of “Craft”

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September 9, 2019
Left-Handed in a Right-Handed World from Where Art & Life Meet

I am left-handed. While only about 10% of the population is left-handed, there are a great many who work in the arts. I don’t know that a greater percentage of artists are left handed than in the regular population, but I do know that we lefties have had to come up with a great many… Continue reading Left-Handed in a Right-Handed World

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September 2, 2019
Superior Quilts from Road Home Quilting

historic Magma Hotel vintage bar
We made a field trip to Superior for an annual end of summer festival - Prickly Pear Days. 
We found some unique quilt art. But not all of them are actual quilts. See what I mean?

Apologies for the blur - I'm learning new phone/camera settings.
The black and white border is bugle beads in-the-ditch. And the binding is variegated crewel yarn whip-stitch. I like how the quote stitching crosses the background and first border.
There was a series of these mug-rugsized  arts, each with the hound's-tooth check background path. 
Did I mention my ...

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June 20, 2019
Mariner’s Whirl from Quilt Obsession

Where have I been? I’ve been around but had nothing quilt-related to write about or photograph. Thankfully, something finally jolted me out of the creative doldrums!

Mariner's Whirl IMG_2908wtmk

It’s called Mariner’s Whirl, which is a Jinny Beyer design (Beyer 382-12) for which three sizes of Inklingo collections (12″, 16″ and 20″) were released. That was what really got me back to working on projects but – surprising myself completely, I chose the 20″ collection to make first. I have ideas about making something with the 12″ size as well, but I wanted to play with the largest size.

And it ...

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Pin It Weekly #282 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

With over five thousand followers, I have plenty to choose from. Here are a few of the more recent ones. 
Florence Unwin has several interesting boards, but the one titled "dress" I must share! 

Teapot dressJust something easy for those warmer days. All you have to do is throw it on and roll out (hair flip). The Collins Dress is a medium weight linen mini dress with cap sleeves, side pockets and pleated seaming along the bust. The fit is loose and comfortable, keyhole back with hook/eye closure.  Made from surplus linen blend.

Vintage Lace Shift Dressgorgeous summer dress

I can't resist a board of fidget quilts, so I had to share this one from Terri Freyermuth. Don't these have you wanting to make a few for the nearest nursing home? I'm truly impressed!
Chicken fidget blanket quilt

6 fidget pillow cushions

Sensory Activity Cushion/ Pillow - Ideal For People With Dementia/ Alzheimers - time for tea This handmade cushion has been designed to help soothe and relax people with dementia. It provides lots of different textures and age appropriate attachments to explore, providing

Dementia Care Busy Hand Blanket Occupational therapy Fidget Mat Activity Sensory Fiddle Insanity Alz

Rachel Gossett-Mateu has a sweet board "dating my husband" that I just couldn't resist. Here's why:
prayProtect Your Marriage from an Emotional Affair | *not a bad link*

Website devoted to date night ideas categorized by type...aka romantic, fun, outdoor, indoor, cheap, etc.

   "Home is where my husband is."   #lovequotes #love #iloveyou #iloveyouquotes Follow us on Pinterest:

Ann Horton has a "Fibre Art" board that you will ...

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May 22, 2019
Pin It Weekly #278 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Last week's Pin It was so popular that I thought I'd continue it. We met a few followers, so that's what we'll do again this week. 
Melinda Wingard Knox has many boards but her "home projects" board really caught my eye. Here are a few ideas that I had to follow.

DIY Concrete Fountain Instruction - DIY Fountain Landscaping Ideas & Projects #landscapingdiyWine Barrel with Flowers - Put Solar Lights in planters. Can't believe I never thought of this.

20+ Simple And Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas (Low Maintenance) Add value to your home with best front yard landscape. Explore simple and small front yard landscaping ideas with rocks, low maintenance, on a budget.", "pinner": {"username": "VintageHomeDecorIdeas", "first_name": "Wood Home |..

BEST Kitchen Backsplash i've ever seen! | Just love the picture galleries <3 #Kitchen #KitchenBacksplash #Backsplash #KitchenIdeas #KitchenIsland #KitchenDesign #KitchenMakeover #KitchenDecor #BacksplashIdeas

Ginger Denise Salinas has a board just for squishes! And here are some pins from her "slime" board. 
Unicorn Ice Cream ~ Butter Slime - Scented slime ~ Charm slime

Homemade slime is all the rage, so watch one of these how-to videos and learn how to make your own from unicorn slime to glitter slime.

scented watermelon Mini Crazy Poo squishy by Puni Maru

Ellie Halliley has a Disney board. If you're a Disney fan, this is the board for you!

If you call Disney "home", this sign is made just for you

Personalised Chalkboard Countdown hanging Plaque Sign Holiday Days until Disney

Disney Shadow Box Savings Bank adding money

Of course, we need one board about quilting. Here ...

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April 20, 2019
Blending Episode #101 from Hobbies Up To Here

Hey hobbyists and crafters! We’re back with a new episode sharing our thoughts of blending multiple crafts to complete a project. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below or on our Instagram! Mother’s Day is coming up soon and if you have a crafty momma in your life, check out our … Continue reading Blending Episode #101

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April 8, 2019
Spring Sale 35% off - One night only from I Sew Love It

SPRING SALE - one night only*
All fabrics, kits, pre-cuts, patterns and books,

will be 35% off regular prices.

Thursday, April 18th 6 - 9 pm.

* does not apply to online sales

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February 19, 2019
Dance of the Poinsettias Progress from Quilt Obsession

Can Can Front, February 18, 2019 IMG_2730wtmk

I’ve now added ten of the 10-point stars to my version of Can Can, now Dance of the Poinsettias. I’d finished the little pink units I showed in my post on Friday and had actually already added one before I remembered to take the progress picture.

Can Can Back, February 18, 2019 IMG_2728wtmk

The back after pressing.  I’m grading the seams right away which helps when pressing.

The next round requires ten  large 10-point stars. I need to make a total of 16 more large 10-point stars for the entire top and I may — I haven’t decided this yet — make all 16 before ...

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February 18, 2019
One On One... Again from From the Strawberry Patch...

Another weekend, another grandchild. This time it was the youngest; this newly-turned-six year old really keeps us on our toes! The activities included, but weren't limited to: homemade ice cream making with Paw Paw, practicing hand sewing skills with lacing cards, sewing skirts for her American Girl dolls, making a necklace hanging rack for her room and, of course, a tea party! The tea party

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One On One... Again from From the Strawberry Patch...

Another weekend, another grandchild. This time it was the youngest; this newly-turned-six year old really keeps us on our toes! The activities included, but weren't limited to: homemade ice cream making with Paw Paw, practicing hand sewing skills with lacing cards, sewing skirts for her American Girl dolls, making a necklace hanging rack for her room and, of course, a tea party! The tea party

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February 15, 2019
Hybrid Piecing from Quilt Obsession

Pink Unit IMG_2750wtmk

I need to make 10 of these for the next round of my Dance of the Poinsettias – which is now the name of my Can Can quilt, thanks to a comment left on my last post!

I really am enjoying making this top but I wanted to see if I could speed it up with some hybrid piecing. This little pink and white unit is perfect for that.

Machine pieced pink skinny diamonds IMG_2733wtmk

The centre two skinny pink diamonds are machine pieced.

Machine pieced white large diamonds IMG_2731wtmk

As are the pairs of two larger white diamonds that are on either side of the unit.

Pnk unit laid out for hand piecing IMG_2734wtmk

The piecing that’s left to ...

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February 12, 2019
Detour!! from Quilt Obsession

I had great plans to stay completely focused on Can Can/Poinsettia and was making progress. I really did.

But there was a new Inklingo collection for a block called Starry Path that was seemingly destined to throw me off course. There had been photos like these of it on the Inklingo Facebook page for a few days that were very intriguing, but I thought I could resist.

Then the 6″ Starry Path collection was released and — well, it looked like such a fun block to sew and those fabulously skinny points were really calling to me. For a few ...

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January 20, 2019
Inventory Clearance Sale from I Sew Love It

This is just the beginning of the inventory clearance sale

All Pumpkin Party Flannels

50% off

prices listed on website will reflect the discount.

Limited Quantities, shop early for best selection.

Click the link below each photo to purchase.



MASF8321-K Pumpkin Party Flannel Designer: Bonnie Sullivan Ghosts and Bats



MASF8321-V Pumpkin Party Flannel Designer: Bonnie Sullivan Ghosts and Bats



Pumpkin Party Flannel Designer: Bonnie Sullivan Pumpkin Patch



MASF8323-J Pumpkin Party Flannel Designer: Bonnie Sullivan Candy Corn



Pumpkin Party flannel orange stripe



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January 7, 2019
Can Can/Poinsettia Assembly Line from Quilt Obsession

Can Can IMG_2631wtmk

Odd title, isn’t it? Once I had this much of the top together, I knew I was committed to making it. So it really did end up feeling rather like an assembly line for a while over the Christmas break as I printed everything I need to make my version of Willyne Hammerstein’s Can Can  quilt from Millefiori Quilts 3 and then got everything sorted into boxes. I’m thinking I may call my version of it Poinsettia as the red, pink and green with white make me think of poinsettias, although that could well be because Christmas ...

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December 31, 2018
Some Christmas cheer at Holiday Inn from A Prim and (not so) Proper Quilter

Christmas time either gets the best of me or allows me to shine. I never know each year what will happen.

I think this year I learned some more time management techniques due to (1) going back to school; (2) another son's wedding; and (3) juggling extra duties at work.

Early in November I had to give a speech as part of my communication class. I spent hours and hours prepping for and obsessing over that speech. It was a monumental amount of work for a 5-6 minute speech. I did not relax until that speech was over and ...

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December 22, 2018
Two Ringy Dingies from Quilt Obsession


IMG_2677 cathi gwr top edited 04wtmk

The very golden, Golden Wedding Ring Two Ringy Dingies top is done!! I made my goal of finishing it this week and didn’t want to wait to post this. Edited December 23, 2018 – thanks to the efforts of a very good friend who has amazing skills with photography apps, this picture is much better than the one I had originally used.   The colours in this photo aren’t even close to true – finding a place to photograph anything large is difficult in the winter and the lighting is less than perfect.  Oh, to have a design wall and a ...

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December 18, 2018
Ring, Ring!! from Quilt Obsession

There’s been a bit of a ring assembly line going on here for the past little while.

Golden Wedding Ring rings IMG_2647wtmk

All the full rings for Two Ringy Dingies are made.

Partial GWR Block IMG_2644wtmk

And lots of different partial rings.

And now it’s time for it to get it put together. In fact, since I took the pictures I’ve started sewing the Two Ringy Dingies top together and now my goal is to have it finished before the end of the week.

Wondering why I decided to drop everything and finish this? Because I knew I was about to go down a path with ...

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December 7, 2018
Christmas Projects – Santa Doorknob Bells from Brown Bird Designs Quilts


Guess what? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and Christmas decor is popping up everywhere. This weekend, while I was searching for some fun items to use in photos, I was totally sidetracked with a Michaels Christmas sale. A whopping 70% off all Christmas items, plus I had a 20% off my entire purchase. BAM. That’s how I roll! I love coupons. Wholeheartedly, I jumped into their marketing trap and came home with a few Christmas projects. I wanted to show you these shabby chic Doorknob Bells I got at Michaels. They are super cute the ...

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December 5, 2018
Can Can!! from Quilt Obsession

Can Can IMG_2631wtmk

After getting the centre star of Can Can done, I had to add the first ring of small stars and get it ready for the next ring of ten of the 10-point stars. The piece is already too large for the board I normally use to take photos so I’m going to have to figure out a different way to photograph this as it grows.

Can Can Back IMG_2633wtmk

The back after pressing. I’m grading the seams as I go.

10-point star IMG_2634wtmk

Then I just had to make one of the ten 10-point stars for the next round because I so enjoy making them ...

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