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May 23, 2017
People Are Finally Talking About It from Eric the Quilter

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Finally, after several days, people have begun to speak out. I am thankful people are finally talking about the issue. We have to take a stand against bullying, and the only way to do so is acknowledge that this attack on people was bullying. The group of people who wrote these hateful and hurtful comments are now trying to say they are the victims and outing them as bullies, in itself, was bullying… Gaslighting much?

The only way to deal with bullies, is to stand up and say something! Silence is not the answer! I’ve seen quite a few ...

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May 19, 2017
Attacking Children… Shame On Them! from Eric the Quilter


Seriously, attacking someone’s child. Name calling. That is where we are at. It’s disgusting. These people actually attacked someone’s child, who is a minor, with name calling. This woman posted a video about how hurt she was that these people targeted her, and then they continue to target her and her bring her son into it. This is vile. These people are bullies and should be labeled as such. Don’t believe these people would sink that low, check it out.On top of that, now they are on the mole hunt. Those ones are mainly funny ...

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