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September 12, 2019
Glamor Shots from The Snarky Quilter

Recently I had a professional photographer work his magic on a few of my quilts that I may enter in national shows. The difference is amazing.

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September 6, 2019
Courage Under Fire quilt for Pete from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

When someone a quilter knows is diagnosed with a serious illness, that quilter gets to work immediately to make a quilt to comfort them over the coming days, weeks, months and hopefully years.  That's exactly what I did for my husband's friend, fellow firefighter and coworker Pete when we heard the news early this year of his cancer diagnoses.  This is:

Courage Under Fire

This is the "before" quilting picture.  I created this entire quilt with leftover fire department fabric scraps from Jammer's To The Rescue quilt along with Kona Zen Gray for the sashing.
On the ...

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September 5, 2019
Not What I Had Expected from The Snarky Quilter

Sometimes a project starts with one plan and ends up in a very different place. I’m there throughout the creation process, but the results really can be baffling. Case in point, my latest finish. I take casual photos of scenes, … Continue reading

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August 22, 2019
No Sew Quilts from The Snarky Quilter

After I was shown a segment of The Quilt Show where Lisa Walton demoed fusible quilt blocks made from scraps, I revisited my bags of fused leftover scraps and went to work. Luckily, I have several teflon sheets so I … Continue reading

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August 15, 2019
XXX from The Snarky Quilter

I never thought I’d type that title, but it fits my latest finish. As I mentioned a while back, this summer I took Elizabeth Barton’s online course “Mod Meets Improv.” My final piece for that class was a modern inflected … Continue reading

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July 25, 2019
In The Public Eye from The Snarky Quilter

Recently, two of my quilts have been in local juried art shows, and a third has been in a regional show. Of course it’s an ego boost to have my work selected for public display, even in local shows. However, … Continue reading

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April 11, 2019
I Use Cute Fabric from The Snarky Quilter

My seemingly bottomless trove of cut squares was useful for creating a baby coverlet for our newest impending family member. Since I didn’t know the baby’s sex when I started, I opted for the always safe yellow and green for … Continue reading

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April 4, 2019
A Touch of Frost from The Snarky Quilter

No, the weather in northeast Ohio isn’t that bad, though we did have snow last Sunday. I’m referring to Robert Frost, the poet. I named my latest piece after a line of his from Stopping by Woods on a Snowy … Continue reading

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March 21, 2019
The Square Deal Falls Apart from The Snarky Quilter

I think the term square deal gained popularity thanks to Teddy Roosevelt who said, ” When I say that I am for the square deal, I mean not merely that I stand for fair play under the present rules of … Continue reading

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March 3, 2019
Some Pigs from The Snarky Quilter

I wanted to share some of the Year of the Pig creations made by members of my art group. Our individual styles shine through clearly. Cindy’s work shows off her eclectic large fabric collection in her hole in the barn … Continue reading

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February 22, 2019
More mini totes for January birthdays from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

January brought 2 more birthdays for girls in my troop.  Here are their mini totes.
 First up was a mini tote for a girl who's favorite colors are bright Orange and Purple.  I don't have much Orange fabric in my stash so I was happy to find this piece to fit the bill.  The handle fabric guided the choice of the Purple print for the front pocket.
 There's no doubt that this one is bright and colorful!
 I even extended the brightness to the lining with a rainbow print.  She loved it!
 The 2nd mini tote for ...

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February 21, 2019
Two Come Home, Another Goes Out from The Snarky Quilter

Forgive me if I treat my quilts as my children. I like to send them out into the world, to be viewed (and enjoyed I hope) by others. Last week “In The Clouds” came back to me after three years … Continue reading

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February 19, 2019
December's birthday mini totes for my troop girls from Crayon Box Quilt Studio

I haven't been very good lately about writing blog posts as the Girl Scout cookie season is underway but I'll try to catch up on what's been going on lately in my studio.

I'm continuing to make the mini totes for the girls in my troop as their birthday gifts.  These are the ones that were gifted for December birthdays.
The first one happened to be for my own daughter.  She is a cat-fanatic so the cat fabric was the perfect choice. 
I had intended to use the cat fabric for the outside and the pink ...

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February 7, 2019
Deep(ly Flawed) Purple from The Snarky Quilter

In case you think quilt creation for me is all beer and skittles, I want to take you behind the curtain and share my latest humbling quilting experience. I haven’t done such a bad job in years. I’m embarrassed to … Continue reading

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January 17, 2019
The Old Becomes New from The Snarky Quilter

I have continued to revisit old work that I wasn’t satisfied with, and revised two pieces, “Z Is For Zoom” and “7 Years of Bad Luck.” Z was just too plain before, so I painted broad white stripes over the … Continue reading

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January 10, 2019
A Fun Start To The Year from The Snarky Quilter

The excuse of a fresh new year spurred me to leapfrog over waiting projects to begin something new and fun. Of course it was conceived in 2018, but it was officially born this week. I’m talking about my “Disco Woks,” … Continue reading

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December 29, 2018
My Work In 2018 from The Snarky Quilter

If the proof is in the pudding, then my quilt pudding reflects my love of color. In 2018 improv continued to be my default way to start a piece, though three pieces – Rococo, Sunset on Main, and Ohio-Erie Canal … Continue reading

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December 20, 2018
Crunch Time from The Snarky Quilter

All my procrastinations are coming due and I am resembling the proverbial headless chicken. I have only myself to blame, of course, as these are self-imposed tasks. First, a bit of background. I am not a holiday kind of person. … Continue reading

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December 5, 2018
Cornering My Scraps from The Snarky Quilter

As I have noted before, I have a thriving scrap fabric collection. Some are even already sewn together. I like to pet these pre-made quilt beginnings in hopes of inspiration. Some time in October I decided to sew a group … Continue reading

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November 23, 2018
Sticking The Finish from The Snarky Quilter

I love having boring but necessary finish work to fall back on when I get stuck on new stuff. My deep purple project (no, you haven’t seen it) needs wall time, so I turned to binding two projects. Neither is … Continue reading

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