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November 12, 2019
A Tropical Escape: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Tropical Escape fabric colours from Island Batik at Clever Chameleon

Another secret sewing – this time a pattern in the works

Secret sewing and changes afoot here at Clever Chameleon. Little plans, big dreams and small signs of what is coming and what is hopefully to come. More wonderful quilts on the Island Batik Summer 2019 fabrics blog hop. And our Tuesday Colour & Inspiration party, of course.

Happy Tuesday!

Change is a-comin’

Since I don’t have a lot I can show you this week, now seems as good as anytime to drop some news. The Chameleon is going bush for a year! And not just to the countryside. Remote bush ...

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November 5, 2019
Safe Harbour Seahorses: Island Batik Blog Hop from Clever Chameleon

Blue Sea colour board at Clever Chameleon

Finally! The Blue Sea quilt reveal is here!

And with it, your gateway to a month of eye candy and lots of chances to win luscious latest release batiks from Island Batik. Welcome to Colour & Inspiration Tuesday meets the “A Piece Of….” blog hop!

Island Batik blog hop logo

November is blog hop month for half the Island Batik Ambassadors (specifically, the half who did not hop in August). Our theme this time is “A Piece Of…..”, open to any interpretation we wish. The instructions given were to make a quilt, lap size or larger, showcasing as many fabrics as possible from our allocated collection ...

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October 29, 2019
Love with a Twist: Serene Seahorse from Clever Chameleon

Serene Seahorse colours at Clever Chameleon

Our penultimate balloon appliqué for Colour & Inspiration Tuesday is here!

I’ve been shunning the internet as much as possible this week to work exclusively on my secret sewing Storm at Sea quilt for next Tuesday. But today I will briefly climb down from my hobby horse that has become a bit of a workhorse to bring you a seahorse instead.

Today our very last standard Block for the Throw size Love with a Twist quilt along – Block 9B. If you are making the Twin quilt, there is still one more bonus block to fill out the design. Read on ...

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October 22, 2019
What’s all the stink about?! Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Voodoo stink lily colour board at Clever Chameleon

There’s no gilding this Lily!

I don’t, as a general rule, do Halloween. Except for this! This is a Dracunculus vulgaris, a Stink Lily. Also known as a Voodoo lily or Dragon Lily. It grows green and lush in winter from a fascinatingly hideous tuber thing, and has the most amazingly beautiful leaves and dappled stalks. And then it flowers in Spring with huge purple lilies in mid-late October. Just in time for a naturally stunning Halloween display of offensively stinky flowers before it dies back down to avoid the Australian summer.

Don’t let appearances fool you ...

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October 15, 2019
All at Sea: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

All at Sea colour board at Clever Chameleon

…. or perhaps, Teasing You Tuesday

A piece of blog hop with Island Batik

I’ve not a lot to show you today, but I’m teasing you anyway. Since I finished off the turkey, much of my quilting time has been dedicated to secret designing and sewing. This is because the ambassadors who did not do the Island Batik blog hop in August are scheduled on a hop in November. That includes me, and I am slated for early in the lineup. So it is head down, tail up, madly sewing for the Chameleon for the fore-sea-able future. Give or take a couple of balloon animal appliqué pattern ...

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October 1, 2019
Love with a Twist: Classy Crocodile from Clever Chameleon

What a Load of Croc colour board at Clever Chameleon

What a Load of Croc! Colour & Inspiration Tuesday

“Never Smile at a Crocodile, Oh, you can’t get friendly with a Crocodile….. “

What a load of croc! Classy Crocodile will be your friend any day. He even promises not to nibble at your edges. He has no idea why you would not want to be BFFs with him, so the least you can do is give him a grin!

September 31

Do you know what else is a load of crock?! October! Well, not October per se, but the fact that it’s here already. Not goooooood! Where’d September go anyway ...

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September 24, 2019
Geometric Kitty: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Geometric Kitty colour board from Clever Chameleon

Welcome to Colour & Squirrel Tuesday!

Last night I was sifting through my email inbox and came across a reminder that September is Make Modern Magazine’s birthday month, and that they are throwing a party. And we all know how the Chameleon loves a party, so I thought I should take an evening off the paperwork to join in the festivities.

The result? An orange patchwork cat mini quilt top, and a very small dent in my orange and brown fabric scraps. </p>
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September 17, 2019
Wishful Thinking: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Wishful thinking colour board at Clever Chameleon

I’ve been doing some Wishful Thinking…..

Child's Play icon with Island Batik

This month’s Island Batik Ambassador challenge has caused me lots and lots of thinking and sketching; drafting and redrafting. My task is to create a 45″ x 60″ or larger quilt for a child or a teen using the AccuQuilt Cleopatra’s Fan block die. They call this innocent-sounding little challenge “Child’s Play”.

Child’s Play?! “Rocket Science” is more like it! </p>
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September 10, 2019
Pulling my Hares Out: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Hares and Castle colour board at Clever Chameleon

Still Working on Things

Once Upon a Story row-along at Seams to be Sew

Another sneak peek today for the Once Upon a Story blog hop. Today I’m pulling my Hares out. Don’t worry, just my applique ones. And I am not reverse-stitching, just unveiling. </p>
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September 3, 2019
Hello Beautiful!!: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Hello Beautiful Ogre color board from Clever Chameleon

Hello Beautiful Ogre!

Once Upon a Story row-along at Seams to be Sew

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this guy has a face that surely only a mother could love. But he has a good heart, and this much maligned but very amenable Ogre is our feature today because….. this is a sneak peak of a quilt panel I am working on for the Once Upon a Story row-along, organised by Marian of Seams to be Sew. And this row-along starts today! Read on to find out more about it.

You will want absolutely to find out more… there are free patterns and raffle prizes at ...

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August 27, 2019
Electric Blues: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Shine On Blues color board at Clever Chameleon

The best laid plans are nought without electricity…..

I’m not where I wanted to be on this project today. But even I know that neither mice nor men can make a HQ Sweet Sixteen run during a blackout, so our Inspiration Tuesday is to celebrate what I have got. Which is the electricity back on in time to make dinner, lights back on before dark, a charging laptop and most of my Island Batik challenge done for August. Overall, it’s all good.

I had been aiming to get my Star Light, Star Bright challenge quilt done by today ...

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August 20, 2019
Victorian Lace: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Victorian lace quilting design with crazy patchwork colour board at Clever Chameleon

Tackling a UFO from the Victorian Era!

Not really. </p>
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August 13, 2019
Pinwheels and Pretties: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Pinwheels and Pretties colour board from Clever Chameleon

Pinwheels Mystery Quilt Progress

Over a year ago I started a quilt that will actually, one day, be for me! I started it at a Pick-A-Case mystery retreat with Judy in Bordertown. Which I attended at the invitation and insistence of my at-the-time-unmet internet blogger friend, Joy (of Days Filled with Joy blogging fame).

But once I was home from that retreat, the quilt dropped like a stone in the priority queue and stalled. I’m sure many of you will be familiar with the troubles associated with finishing a project for oneself over all the other important and urgent ...

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August 6, 2019
Drunkard’s Path: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Northcott fabric colour board at Clever Chameleon

Before we head down the Drunkard’s Path, let’s talk colours

Once upon a Story with Seams to be Sew

Today’s colours are brought to you by Northcott. These are the fabrics for one of my upcoming projects, and all but the brown Shadow Play (by Maywood Studio) are silky cotton fabrics by Deborah Edwards, Northcott Studio. The red, dark green, blue and purple Bold Beautiful Basics have been supplied to me specifically for the project, which is a quilt block for Marian’s Once Upon A Story Row Along at Seams to be Sew. This hop is coming up soon in September.

I love the feel ...

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July 30, 2019
A stack o’ Christmas Ideas: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Merry Christmas colour board at Clever Chameleon

Done, done and done! Lots of small finishes in this Round-Up of a Tuesday

I have been knocking off lots of little half-done sewing projects lately. A clearing of the queue, both physically and mentally.

Most of these finishes haven’t made it to the blog, although if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some flash past you in your feed. So now it’s time to clear the decks. I get a stack of things of my chest, outta my head and into my journal-blog record. You get a post full of small projects that you ...

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July 23, 2019
Graphic Gems: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Graphic Gems color scheme at Clever Chameleon

I’ve got a new box full of gems! Bright fabric graphic gems!

Do you like these colours? I hope you like these colours, because I love these colours. These are the colours of one of Island Batik’s freshest fabric lines, Graphic Gems – a collection I will happily be working with in the coming months. What’s more, it’s just a taste of what I found in my most recent Island Batik Ambassador delivery.

Island Batik Ambassador shipment

All the Island Batik Ambassadors have been in a frenzy the last week or so, as new supplies have travelled the globe and landed ...

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July 16, 2019
Always Choose Tropical: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Always Choose Tropical colour scheme by Clever Chameleon

Always Choose Tropical

I am slowly working through a huge backlog of blog-relevant news and quilty happenings! I can’t believe July has been such a huge month, it certainly wasn’t forecast that way. Or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention! Anyway, we’re halfway in, and I still need to post two Love with a Twist patterns (aiming for one on Friday), an unboxing post for Island Batik (next week), and a number of other smaller things I’m messing around with.

But before all that, I really want to give you the lowdown on the Chameleon ...

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July 9, 2019
Artsy Fartsy Self-Portrait: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Clever Chameleon Threads color board at Clever Chameleon

Another 15 seconds of Fame for the Chameleon

Last Tuesday I was battling to find Artsy Fartsy inspiration for July. I was tired from neighbourly construction noise, end of term-itis, and from madly preparing quilts for showing. Tiredness is definitely not good for creativity. Thank you to all the lovely people who reached out with sentiments of empathy.

The good news is that the kids are now on hols, the quilt show was a resounding success and the demolishing is finished. I can cope with construction noise on just one side of our house! But before any of these resolutions ...

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July 2, 2019
Artsy Fartsy: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Artsy Fartsy Christmas color scheme at Clever Chameleon

Making a Start on my July project for Island Batik

Artsy Fartsy Challenge

This one’s a tough one. We’ve been asked to “use any fabric art/non-traditional quilting/sewing/thread painting technique using 3 Aurifil thread weights” for our July Island Batik Ambassador project. Any size, any technique, as long as the result is Artsy Fartsy. And I am just not feeling it like I usually do. Which is odd, because I have created plenty of non-traditional artsy fartsy quilt pieces in the past. And I am a big, big, big thread connoisseur. I love them all – rayons and metallics and ...

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June 25, 2019
The Colour of Music: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Colour of music colour scheme at Clever Chameleon

Today I finished my Island Batik Ambassador project for June </p>
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