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October 15, 2018
The Fabric Made Me Do It – Again! from Heart Desire Creations

Keep Calm Squirrel[1]Remember my rant about reducing my WIPs? Huh – guess I lied! How weak am I when I begin to look through my fabrics. Maybe I can justify this one, though – it’s a leader ender to have on hand at upcoming retreats.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! This also puts me as a member in good standing in the Squirrel Club!

I was going through my scrap bin of Kaffe fabrics which was filled to the brim with beautiful, colorful prints. I saw a quilt online recently that’s done with all half square triangles ...

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October 12, 2018
Great Batik Hospice Quilt from Heart Desire Creations

The community of quilters is just so awesome! Jo Kramer, of Jo’s Country Junction, receives amazing mailings from her readers which include fabric, blocks, patterns and quilt tops. She recently shared some of her bounty with me, knowing these quilts go to a great cause – Hospice. It was a thrill to receive not only this beautiful quilt top, but the backing and prepared binding too! The colors are so rich. We’ve had a lot of rain, so the pic was taken indoors and really does not do the colors justice.

IMG_0745 (Large)

It was such a quick finish – one of ...

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October 7, 2018
Paper Piecing Fun from Heart Desire Creations

An Island Batik Adventure

Needle, Paper, Scissors (Large)Paper Piecing – I have done quite a bit of it, enjoy it, but was not up for a big project for the Island Batik October project.  My answer? A pin cushion! The pattern: Turning Points by Hunter’s Design Studio. I chose to do the mug rug size rather than the actual pin cushion size. That was just a little too teenie for me!


thumbnail_241792DB-2F7A-4605-AF47-5A1A5507395D[1] (Large)

A deep green was chosen for the base and picking out pretty colors for the little flying geese was fun! See them colorfully flying in a circle?!

thumbnail_487E0CDE-C619-4F5A-B115-57827D8244F5[1] (Large)

I would sew a couple ...

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October 5, 2018
Pin It Weekly #256 from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Happy Weekly! Here are a few quilts that I recently pinned.

CROSSROADS - Diane Melms

First up, everything by Diane Melms--she may be my favorite new quilter. Here are five of her fantastic pieces.
Diane Melms CROSSROADS Click on any image to view as a slide show.

Chroma Stacks - Diane Melms
Diane Melms quilt. The opposite of minimal, but I love this one too!

Structures - Diane Melms

Next, I've been watching Perspective in Landscape Drawing by Patrick Conners, one of the lessons on Craftsy's Bluprint platform. (No affiliation.) And the result is that I really want to begin a landscape quilt. 

Art Landscape Quilt Patterns | 206 on the lake

"Birches" - sewn fabric collage by Merle Axelerad;  "Each of these textile art pieces are created by sewing thousands of fabric pieces together collage style to create the final fabric collage. Unlike traditional collage, Merle Axelrad uses no adhesives in creating her landscapes."Art Quilt by Kathy Schattleitner (Grand Junction, CO) Incredible!!!

Passages quilt, 37.5” x 32”,  ©2016 by Ruth B. McDowell. Machine Pieced, Machine Quilted, Cotton Fabrics, Cotton Batting

 Of course, I can't start yet another project! I have too many irons in the fire now, but I can enjoy the landscape works that I do run across with new knowledge of ...

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October 4, 2018
Falling into Fall from Heart Desire Creations

My goal for 2018 has been to reduce my Works in Progress (projects that have been started.)  These do not include Hospice quilts.  I had about 25 in January and now I have exactly 11 in project boxes.  In addition, there are  2 quilt tops that need a border, another that needs stitching around the appliques and one quilt top that I will quilt. One quilt top is on the way to the longarm this week and another that I am hand stitching the binding.

Then there are the projects – yummy fabrics and a pattern or sketch in a box ...

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October 3, 2018
Book Review Day: A Two-fer from Terificreations's Weblog

Today is a rare two-fer day I get to review two books, and give away a copy of one of the books. Celtic Woven Knots Raymond Houston 72 pages $18.99 availabe on Nacho Grandma’s Quilts link below. I first “met” Raymond Houston of Nacho Grandma’s Quilts on Alex Anderson’s first quilt show. He created a… Continue reading Book Review Day: A Two-fer

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October 2, 2018
Size Doesn’t Matter–The Colors Of My Life from Quilts + Color

The first 7 pieces were included in Jinny Beyers book “Color Confidence”. Even though these had no relationship to anything I learned from her, they illustrated color in ways she shared in her classes.
When a quilting catalog advertised her book they showed it open to a page with MY quilts.
I was impressed when I saw how great they looked even when reduced to less than one inch.
And now for today’s enjoyment I am sharing more.
This one is a tessellation.
Another tessellation.
You may have a hard time seeing the shape in this one but it ...

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October 1, 2018
More Squares Aren’t Square Quilts from Quilts + Color

The responses to my previous post were so positive. I had many requests to see more of the quilts from this series. I present to you more quilts using commercial fabrics and squares.
This is the second quilt in the series and the only one that uses strips for part of it.
I used a layout similar to the previous one using squares and light colors rather than the black.
This quilt and the next are examples of showing how rules are not always true about how color works.
Same layout as previous quilt with the same colors used in ...

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September 30, 2018
As Sally Used To Say “Squares Aren’t Square”! from Quilts + Color

Kay's Quilt Show 1-24-09 017
This is the quilt that unintentionally started my series “The Colors Of My Life”.
Kay's Quilt Show 1-24-09 011
Jared is now a sophomore in college but he was much younger when this show opened.
Kay's Quilt Show 1-24-09 006
One dark square makes a quilt complete.
Quilt another dimension plus gift shop 089
This was the first piece I designed on the wall of my then new studio.
Revisiting Quilts another Dimension 048
It’s ALMOST a tessellation. It needed the gray squares to make it work.
There are 20 pieces in this series and I love them all. I enjoyed playing with color, value, optical illusions and the third dimension in this series.
Nine years ago my show Quilts Of ...

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Starstruck from Heart Desire Creations

An Island Batik Adventure

thumbnail_B64C9CBC-FAEB-4EC8-947D-2B48AF0F2CED[2] (Large)

This September the Island Batik Ambassadors were Starstruck! No clue at all what I was going to do for this one. Sometimes the creative ideas run a bit flat. I thought of a Christmas theme or maybe Christmas ornaments. I was leaning towards something small and not too involved.


Then…I got the call…My great niece was pregnant! Yes, a great, great niece is on the way! The next day I was sent pics of quilts she fancied for her “constellation” themed nursery. Of course I was going to make her a quilt but was ...

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September 25, 2018
Choosing Colors for Your Next Quilt from Adele Mogavero

Recently I went to a meeting where the speaker explained color theory and How to pick out colors for quilts. Ugh. The worst part of this whole experience was the quilter sitting across the table from me who at the

The post Choosing Colors for Your Next Quilt appeared first on Adele Mogavero * Del~Lillian's.

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September 23, 2018
Scrappy & Grunge – Bohemian Hippie*ish from Heart Desire Creations

Bohemium 4 (Large)

Lots of scraps, cut into strips and squares, put together as quarter log cabins and set on point. I put many of the finished blocks on the design wall and quickly determined that they did indeed need to go on point. After playing and playing with them, I also determined that I wanted a sashing to help really bring out all the pretty prints. I tried lots of solids but it was a no-go.

Bohemiun 3 (Large)

Then I tried Grunge.  Yes! But what color? I went to my fave quilt shop and layed out about 8 different Grunge bolts on a table ...

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September 16, 2018
Squirrel! Club from Heart Desire Creations


It was not difficult at all for me to become an official member of the Squirrel Club for quilters started by Julie at Me and My Quilts. I was not, definitely not starting another project until I’d completed many of my Works in Progress. Well….the other day, anticipating the possibility of Florence taking down our electric, two friends and I sewed all morning to complete the table runner project for a church I told you about here.  I loved the group effort – lots of talking, laughing and we were very industrious and finished the project! Unfortunately, I have ...

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September 13, 2018
So stoked! Dishwasher repair and rehab! Complete kitchen re-do! from Art and Quilting in Camden

Warning:  no art or quilty content whatsoever LOL!   So I have shared on Facebook about my kitchen re-do, thanks to the wonderful folks at Pine Ridge Carpentry of Hope, Maine.   GOSH…I didn’t blog about it I just discovered.  OK, this just turned into a comprehensive kitchen re-do post.  It’s lotsa eye candy and inspiration, not much reading…just scroll!  At the very end I’m putting some of my favorite things / details from the re-do so be sure to go down to the end for the best bits.  OK, it’s all good stuff!

The FINAL, all-fixed-up ...

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A Finish & Prepping from Heart Desire Creations


Woo Hoo! Another Hospice finish. My goal has been to complete all the Hospice quilts by the end of September. I still have four more to go so I’m not sure I’ll make it, but am sure going to try! These blocks were also pieced at a Quilt & Sew-In Retreat. Such a wonderful activity. The quilters voluntarily piece blocks then put their names in for a drawing of prizes. Win-Win!

And the prepping? Well, not quilts unfortunately. Today I have been prepping for Florence’s arrival! We are pretty far off the coast (about 200 miles) but Hugo ...

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September 9, 2018
A Finish and A Winner! from Heart Desire Creations

9B393F23-1B7C-4021-AFF7-2054D8B076DC (Large)

Yes! Another Hospice finish.  This quilt top was done when I was first quilting. I found it in the bottom of a bin and finished it for a Hospice – perfect lap sized quilt. My hope is that the lavender will bring calm and peace to the recipient. I really, really like the backing fabric.

thumbnail_1ECB2D2B-5916-4C22-A5BB-0030455BFD64[1] (Large)

Thank you to all of you who participated in The Great Outdoors Blog Hop and Giveaway.  Your positive comments were such a great show of support – thank you!

And now…drumroll please…the winner is:  Anna Brown.  I’ve sent you an email Anna and your ...

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September 6, 2018
Hawaiian Miniatures from Roxane Lessa Fine Textile Art


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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new readers!

When I was a kid growing up in Boston, I remember going to the MFA and seeing the Persian miniature collection. I was so enthralled with the tiny details, the brilliant jeweled colors and the stories they told. Here is an example of one:

So that memory inspired me to create some miniatures of my own.

I like to use little 6″ x 6″ x 1″ canvases to mount small treasures to sell at parties and to give as gifts.  They have been ...

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September 4, 2018
Love the Birds – Great Outdoors Blog Hop and Giveaway from Heart Desire Creations

An Island Batik AdventureGreat Outdoors Blog Hop

“The Great Outdoors” – what a broad subject! Hubby and I do love the great outdoors. we walk, hike, bike ride, and kayak.  The heat of the summer, however, doesn’t agree with us for such activities and we do spend a great deal of time on our screened porch enjoying the great outdoors of our yard. We have lots of plantings, live among the trees and have a LOT of birdhouses.  Several bird couples have moved in at different times this season, had babies and have now relocated.  Several bird feeders and a bird bath keep ...

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August 31, 2018
Yup – It’s September! from Heart Desire Creations

Looking at my August listing, you might wonder – “what have you been doing?” My Island Batik January project is now a flimsy. The quilting won’t be happening right away. It feels so good to be so very close to completing the year! Don’t forget to stop by on Tuesday, September 4, for my Great Outdoor project for the IB Blog Hop and a giveaway!

Two quilts came back from the long arm professional. I so want to trim and bind them but there just hasn’t been a chance to do that. We were in Chincoteague, Virginia for ...

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August 23, 2018
Commission is Nearing Completion! from Roxane Lessa Fine Textile Art


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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new readers!

Yes! The commission of the gate to the South Carolina cemetary is nearing completion. For those of you who like numbers, I have kept track of the hours I put in so far – about 28 from start to finish. Yesterday I put it up on the wall for  damp blocking. This is a process where I pin the quilt at regular intervals and spray it down until it is damp.

Once it is dry, it is pretty flat and there are no more ...

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