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May 27, 2022
Why Do You Take Classes? from The Snarky Quilter

In the week since I wrote about the Map Play class I took with Valerie Goodwin, I read two posts about art classes. The first by Jane Davies responds to a student’s comments that she wanted to play and have fun at a workshop and then had a meltdown when she was asked to dig deeper.

From Jane Davies’ blog.

Making art IS about play and it IS fun, but that is not all it is, usually. If you are always playing and having fun, with no angst or frustration, and you are also generating images that really speak ...

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May 9, 2022
Pet Portrait Class, Part 1 from A Prim and (not so) Proper Quilter

I almost said no to this, but my great friend and enabler Cindy signed up and I decided I must join her.

I have lots of thoughts about collage portrait quilting after taking several classes over the past 6-7 18 months, and I’ll share those in this and future posts. 

Phyllis Cullen and Cindy Richard are the authors of “It’s All About the Face: Quilted Portraits”.  Cindy and I participated in online 5-class series devoted to human subjects, then signed up for a 2-part series on pet portraiture.

The pet portrait class reminded me a lot of the ...

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April 22, 2022
From the French Word Coller, “to Glue” from The Snarky Quilter

Each year the National Collage Society holds a small format members’ exhibition. Since the the exhibit of eighty-six 4 by 6 inch works was held at Summit ArtSpace in Akron, I made a point of going to it. At first it seemed out of scale to walk into a large room with one horizontal line of very small works on three walls, but you forgot that once you drew closer to the pieces. I was amazed at the detail the artists packed into such small real estate.

While almost all the works merited close examination, here are the ones that ...

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March 25, 2022
Playing With A New To Me Supply from The Snarky Quilter

I’ve mentioned before that I’m enrolled in a mixed media class called Wanderlust. The idea is to learn to use several mixed media materials that are considered staples. We’ve run through gessos and image transfers. Now we’re doing modeling paste. … Continue reading

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March 4, 2022
Always Something New To Learn from The Snarky Quilter

Sometimes I like a continuing program of classes rather than a one shot deal, and Everything Arts’ Wanderlust lessons in mixed media and art journaling are delivering weekly doses of something new. Since I started exploring mixed media in 2020 … Continue reading

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February 18, 2022
surface design [Flickr] from Karen Ann Ruane

contemporary embroidery posted a photo:

surface design

Surface design, play, paper, net, embroidery, gimp,

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December 24, 2021
More Ironed Collage from The Snarky Quilter

Apparently I was overly enthusiastic in coating magazine pages with gloss medium for ironed collages. I had lots of colorful pages left so I created a few more collages, using the technique I mentioned earlier from Gerald Brommer’s book, “Collage … Continue reading

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November 26, 2021
Thankful for Leftovers from The Snarky Quilter

Over the years I have received many arts and crafts leftovers – fabric, thread, paper, paint, frames, patterns, books, quilting rulers, etc. This Thanksgiving I’d like to thank the donors, and especially three people who have given me a lot … Continue reading

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November 12, 2021
Oh No, the “S” Word from The Snarky Quilter

Like many quilters who have been at it a while, I have plenty of fabric. Years of trips to quilt shops and gifts from former quilters have fleshed out my stash. And the internet has made it so easy to … Continue reading

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October 22, 2021
Really Cheap Art Journals from The Snarky Quilter

A quick browse of Etsy for art journals will reveal a dizzying choice of journals that range in price from $15 to $150 plus. Some are so gorgeous that I would be afraid to even write my name in them … Continue reading

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October 8, 2021
A Different Way To Collage from The Snarky Quilter

Almost all paper collage techniques involve glue – gel medium, glue stick, Sobo, wheat paste, rice paste, etc. Because my fine motor skills are subpar I usually end up with glue, and sometimes bits of paper, all over my fingers. … Continue reading

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September 3, 2021
In The Ruins from The Snarky Quilter

Infrastructure has been in the news lately, with the ongoing federal efforts to fund overdue repairs. I certainly want safe roads, dams, bridges, etc., but I confess to a tendency toward ruin porn. I find a strange beauty in dilapidated, … Continue reading

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August 13, 2021
Now I Have Paper Scraps from The Snarky Quilter

I hadn’t realized I was creating another bottomless source of scraps when I started making collages. The courses I took had us make collage papers from monoprints and paintings, and I already had a stash of magazine pages thanks to … Continue reading

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July 23, 2021
Mystery Photos from The Snarky Quilter

Thanks to my brother I have a digital archive of photos passed down from several family members. Many identify the people and places shown, but some are just plain mysteries. My cousins have tried and failed to name the people, … Continue reading

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June 11, 2021
Sticky Fingers from The Snarky Quilter

I’ve been paper collaging like mad the past week or so to give my brain time to develop quilting plans for a few pieces. Ignoring something is often a surefire way to have solutions find me. And I wanted to … Continue reading

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May 22, 2021
Planering from Veriquilt

Vår cirkel, Art Quilt Circle, kommer att ha en utställning i Järnboden, Harg 18 - 30 juni. Vi är nio medlemmar och detta blir vår första gemensamma utställning 

Just nu är planeringen i full gång, vi har fördelat ytorna och jag tror inte att någon har problem att fylla sina kvadratmetrar. Jag har små bilder av mina verk som jag flyttar runt på ett papper för att se om de passar ihop. En verkslista och ett CV har jag börjat fila på men det svåra är prissättningen. Det går inte att räkna på material eller tid, jag har bestämt mig för ...

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May 9, 2021
Det kunde ha blivit katastrof from Veriquilt

Mitt verk Acorn/Ekollon antogs av juryn till SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Virtual Gallery Plurality of Voices. Juryn bestod av Claire Passmore och Geneviève Attinger, detta är andra gången jag fick ett verk antaget, jag har ett porträtt tidigare i No Limits.

Acorn/Ekollon 30 x 30 cm

Swedish - Danish Challenge fortsätter, det är bara fyra bilder kvar att göra sedan har vi gjort 18 st 15 cm x 15 cm var.

Swedish - Danish Challenge 13/18

Jag har också tänkt att delta i SAQA Europe & Middle East projekt Orientexpressen. Varje deltagare skall göra en panel 25 cm x ...

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May 6, 2021
It's All About the Face: Part 2 - Dave and Emma from A Prim and (not so) Proper Quilter

In an effort to be mindful in sharing my process with you, I'll show my progress on the projects instead of waiting to do the big reveal.

I was reading about the process pledge and getting a better understanding of it. In past blog posts I typically share the project after it's completed and talk about its journey at the same time. The posts get long-winded and it's no wonder so many people prefer Instagram over blogs. SEE THE PRETTY AND MOVE ON!

But I want a journal of my work in the hopes that someone in ...

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April 23, 2021
100 dagar from Veriquilt

Jag har varit med i SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) Special Interest Group: 100 Days Project. Varje dag har vi visat något i vår Facebook-grupp och det har varit mycket inspirerande att se alla bilder. Några deltagare har arbetat med stora projekt som räckt alla de hundra dagarna och kanske mer därtill, andra har precis som jag arbetat mer varierat. Vissa dagar arbetade jag med vår svensk-danska utmaning och då fick det bli dagens bild, andra dagar kviltade jag på min stora svartvita kvilt och det blev också något att visa så min samling bilder (det blev 97 bilder) har ...

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April 13, 2021
It’s All About the Face: Part 1 from A Prim and (not so) Proper Quilter

 ...and another class!

Near the end of my Click Buy Now binge, I signed up for a class series about quilted portraits. For many years I have wanted to delve into making quilts from photos of family, friends and animals. Some of you may have seen my first attempt when I created a pillow for my sister in memory of her beloved dog, Tyler—it’s my most popular post

I belong to the Facebook group, “It’s All About the Face.” Phyllis Cullen and Cindy Richard are the authors of the book of the same name, and solicited group ...

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