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October 19, 2020
Long Time Gone from Pinkadot Quilts

 I can't believe how long it has been since I posted anything on the blog....

One of the things I have been doing is making the Pincushion Collage Quilt by Laura Heine for a class at the  The Old Country Store in Intercourse PA If you are interested in taking it, the class is in February. It is such a fun project, especially for anyone who sews!

Fall is here in all its glory! I love autumn and everything is has to offer. Crisp cool days, sweaters, beautiful leaves, soup, hot tea and putting the garden to bed. While ...

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September 1, 2020

September 2019 I was asked to do a trunk show for
The Perry County Sewcial Club.
A new quilt guild located in Perry County, OH

I knew the founding gals and said I would love to.
Being new and no budget, I offered to exchange my show
for fabrics.   If each person could bring me a scrap of
a pink or coral flower...I would make 
Laura Heine's Pinkerton Flamingo with those fabrics.

I received over 40 pieces of fabric!

The process begins by fusing and cutting all the fabric pieces
to be designed into the collage. 

I drew ...

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April 3, 2020
THE MAKING OF A FLAMINGO from Kwilty Pleasures

I luv me some FLAMINGOS!

I saw Pinkerton...the Laura Heiny collage pattern and
bought it some time ago.
I didn't have much stash with pink and coral flowers. payment for a trunk show at 
The Perry County Sewcial Club
I asked the members to donate scraps to make this Flamingo!
That being said...I received 44 pieces of fabric
and She will be named "The Perry County Flamingo" 

This post is full of tips and ideas for the processes
to make the least til she's glued and quilted.

Laura recommends using Steam a ...

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November 5, 2019
A New Face to the World from Fret Not Yourself

"We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate."
~Thomas Jefferson

I voted today. Did you? Make time to quilt and to vote.

Remember the Faces class with Freddy Moran? This is what I made after lunch. What a hoot!

Clara with emoji pigtails collage quilt top

I found the emoji fabric by Timeless Treasures in Dallas last year intending to use it in a baby quilt. While the scientific fabric was made up, this just lingered in the stash. I cut two rows of emojis and dropped one on the background. It ...

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October 15, 2019
Facing the Year with Freddy from Fret Not Yourself

"If you want something to fall in your lap, you have to move your lap to the right place."
~Sandra Bruce

As the time passes more and more junk email arrives in my box. Most are true junk but some are various shops I've inadvertently signed up for. How and where do they obtain my email? Sometimes, it's a lucky break and this was one of those times because Freddy Moran was teaching her Faces class and there were a few last minute cancellations... and I was in the right town... and I had the day free... and ...

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