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March 19, 2023
Baby Shower and Life from Mama Spark's World

I went to a baby shower today for my son's best friend and his wife.I had a long time friend ride with me and we met up with one more friend at the party.I have not seen these ladies in such a long time!It was such a joy to catch up with these ladies.Here are the mama and papa to be with me.Doesn't she look amazing?They are the sweetest kids and are going to be fabulous parents!I got all the

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December 6, 2022
Good Times from Mama Spark's World

I was in a mild fender bender last week.  I went to back out of my parking space, going exceptionally slowly because there was a huge manhole-hole behind me, when a woman thought she could sneak behind me and get by.  It didn't work and since I was the one backing out it's considered my fault.  Not much damage to either of the cars but a huge pain in the butt to have to deal with not to mention

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December 5, 2022
Denim and Lace Quilt Top Finished from Mama Spark's World

I finished my Denim and Lace quilt top last month. I finally got some pics of the top.It is so beautiful but a LOT of matching.Thought I would share with all of you.I started it when I was in Kansas City at the Reject Retreat this summer.Mel and Kailie traded some LV fabrics with me.This gave us all some additional variety.I had someone helping me!He is literally my shadow,Chris bought fairy

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May 25, 2021
Quilty Stars from Mama Spark's World

I started on a new quilt.  My friend Mel, spurred me on.  She and I like to choose a quilt and then both make one.  She is in Colorado and I am in Michigan, but it is fun to "work together" from a distance.  Since this is one I was planning on making for a wedding gift it seemed like a great plan to get a jump on it.  I have a few others I "need" to do but this is the only wedding one I have for

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May 20, 2021
Nightingale Quilt Is A Top from Mama Spark's World

I got the blocks sewn into a flimsy.  YAY!!  I finally had a moment to get some photos today too.I feel like this is such a gorgeous quilt .  I can't wait for the backing to arrive so I can send it to get quilted.  I chose a silver minky for the backing.I have seen a couple of quilting patterns used that I like so will need to decide upon the final one.I didn't work in the yard today but I did

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November 28, 2020
Cole Update from Mama Spark's World

Since we just passed Thanksgiving I have been thinking of things I am thankful for.  Of course family and friends are on the top of this list.  Cats count as family, right?  So today I am thankful for my cats.  I am especially thankful to everyone that helped me to save Cole's life.  We have 16 days of shots to go. We took Cole to the vet for his blood work last Friday and it is perfect!  His

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October 10, 2020
Canada Quilt Block 2, The Bear from Mama Spark's World

I had time to work on the second block in the Canada Quilt today.  It is a black bear and he is SO adorable.I only had to re-cut a few pieces (was I on drugs when I cut these out?? LOL)  I do love the blue heathered background I chose too but it is directional so if you make this you need to think about that.  It made cutting a little tougher, but worth it. I introduce you to my bear!That face!

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October 9, 2020
Wonderful Woodland Quilt (aka the Canada Quilt) Progress from Mama Spark's World

A year ago or so I bought the Wonderful Woodland BOM but had not had time to work on it.I cut it out and have been taking it to me every time I travel.  I thought that it would be a good one to work on while we wait for baby.  The first block is the moose with the Canadian leaves on it.  Back story, my hubby goes FAR into northern Canada ( about 150 miles N of Soo Sault Marie, MI) to a cabin

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September 26, 2020
A Quick Sewing Update from Mama Spark's World

We are busy, Busy, BUSY getting ready to leave to go see the new grandbaby when he arrives.  I have been itching to sew but with all that has been going on with Cole too I have not had much time.  He is doing much better, we are only at day 4/84 of the injection journey but I am hopeful!  This was him sleeping next to me after his shot today.If you are interested in donating to our Go Fund Me we

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