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July 22, 2020
I Didn't Plan My Day from Quilting My Way

This morning I was ready to bead. Then I decided I needed to print out my genealogy and get them in a book. Well, that got me off on another project and not crafts.

First I needed to post the last of my floss for Brazilian embroidery. I was almost done when Debbie came to pick up her blocks. We talked for awhile.

Then it was back to getting my eBay done. Once all that was done, I cleaned up my email, which then got me off on another trail - genealogy. I pulled out the information, read a few books ...

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July 12, 2020
It Seems To Be A Broken Record from Quilting My Way

Actually, "this" seems to be a broken record. Life is so boring with the Corona-virus. We can't go anywhere or if we do, we have to wear a mask. We don't talk about going anywhere because there isn't anywhere to go. Bowling isn't going to start up again at this rate. It's really getting to be hard to want to do anything because of the way life is now.

So, today wasn't much different. I did make a pie. Then I st and beaded.

I ended up taking out row 15 - after I continued ...

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July 4, 2020
Enjoying The Day With Mom from Quilting My Way

This morning I was ready to help Patrick with painting the wall. I received a call from mom, she asked if she could come over. Patrick didn't want her to come, but I noticed she was emotional. I told her to come on over. She called again, trying to say she had stuff she could do at home, Patrick told her to get her butt over here. She decided to come and picked up some Starbucks drinks for all of us.

Before mom arrived, I helped Patrick take the china cabinet apart. We moved all the furniture that was ...

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One Of Those Busy Days from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up and was hoping to have some time to myself, but it didn't last long. I did get 2 more listing of my EdMar floss on eBay.

I listed 4 things from last night to today. Batch 1, Batch 2, Batch 3, and Batch 4. I still have more to post, but I want to get these sold first. I have quiet a bit of floss left over from the batch I bought at the shop. If I do pretty good then I can get some of the money back to the group. We spent ...

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June 30, 2020
Life Had Other Plans from Quilting My Way

I guess I could have said, Patrick had other plans. Either way, it didn't work in my direction.

We were up and out the door to pick up Phil's order at Home Depot along with buying paint. After all that we went to Walmart - not my favorite place! We picked up a few things including a phone for the landline.

Came home and hooked up the phones. Then I worked on my watch. I had to get the instruction on line. Go Figure!! I had to ask "live chat" where to find them. That took a good 10 ...

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May 3, 2020
Another Day Of Fun! from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up after Patrick. That surprised me. I guess I wanted to sleep longer.

Then I got going with my games. Once I was satisfied, I decided to work on my beading. Ended up trying to figure out what I needed to do. Almost wore the carpet out by trying to decide what to do. When 1 pm arrived I had decided I better get going on mom's and Patrick's cake. Moms because it's her Birthday tomorrow and Patrick's because he wanted that cake made. We will cut a 1/4 of the ...

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April 22, 2020
Back To Same Old Same Old from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up and enjoying a few minutes to myself. Then it was time to get some laundry in. Then it was time for mopping the floor and vacuuming. At least I got in some cleaning today.

Then I sat down and beaded most of the afternoon.

I was able to get 10 more rows done. I am now at 55/207. It's coming along great.

Then it was time for supper and I cooked. After that it was back to cross stitching.

I was able to connect the tree cloud to the top. I have a ...

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April 18, 2020
Got Busy Today! from Quilting My Way

This morning I slept in. Didn't have the best sleep last night. It was weird because my brain was thinking of my beading and cross stitch projects that I'm thinking of doing - NOT the projects I'm already working on!! Go Figure!

I got laundry going. I worked on getting the bedding cleaned up as well. I washed the quilt and blankets. The quilt and one of the blankets was enjoying the clothes line. It will smell better, which means I need to take my allergy medication tonight so I can sleep without getting a headache.

I worked ...

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April 17, 2020
What A Day! from Quilting My Way

This morning, Patrick and I decided it was time to do spring cleaning in our bedroom. We generally do that about once or twice a year. It really didn't look like we did it in a LONG time. I couldn't believe how much dust come out of that room! It was so dusty I was wearing a mask. The dust was on my dresser (it's tall) and my stuff animals. I vacuumed the stuff animals. We moved the bed and got under there, took the window out and washed that, plus got the curtains cleaned. It was ...

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March 24, 2020
With The Virus Going Around - I'm Still Crafting from Quilting My Way

This morning we were up and relaxing. There really isn't any thing we can do. So, I decided to keep busy.

I started out with doing 2 rows on the beading.

I was listening to the news while beading. I just can't sit and listen to the news. I get too jittery. You wouldn't think I would be jittery since I really don't have anything to worry about. I just get sad by hearing all of the deaths. I just hope it doesn't hit my family. I know some of my family is in Seattle ...

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February 10, 2020
Enjoying The Evening To Myself from Quilting My Way

Today started out with Patrick getting doughnuts for us. I haven't had a doughnut in a very long time. He brought me 2, so I'll eat the other one tomorrow.

Afterwards we cleaned. I was tired of looking at a dirty floor. I did the kitchen and then vacuumed after mopping. Patrick worked on the bathrooms. I even got a few more things put away.

While I was in between doing the cleaning (Patrick was watching bowling on TV), I beaded. I was able to get another 5 rows done.

There isn't much different from yesterdays photo ...

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February 7, 2020
A Day For QOV from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up and enjoying the morning. Then I called Cherry and asked if she wanted a visitor. So, I headed over to her place. We had a cup of tea and enjoyed a long chat. We talked for a good hour and some.

Came back home to find Patrick had a pile on the coffee table with the remark, "Need your help, if you don't mind." That was fun in it's own way. He wanted me to see if I wanted a few things that were on the floor. He took out stuff from our ...

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January 31, 2020
A Day Of Cross Stitching & Beading from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up and enjoying the time by myself.

Patrick finally got up and I was getting my vacuuming in and got the kitty litter cleaned up. I was so glad to be able to get that done. I've been thinking about it for a couple days, and I finally told Patrick I needed to get the house vacuumed. It was driving me crazy. With him sitting and watching TV, it messed up my routine! So, I'm starting to learn to tell him I have things I need to get done.

Then I sat down and ...

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January 7, 2020
A Day With Friends And More from Quilting My Way

This morning was our day for Brazilian embroidery. I was up and getting my stuff ready. Phyllis called to remind me to bring her work box that she forgot at our Christmas party. We had enough money in our "kitty" that we bought some floss for our groups box.

I worked on another rose.

I still need to go around the flower a little more. It's looking better than I thought it would when I started it. It's the cast on rose.

Came home and wanted to get some work done on beading. But before I could sit ...

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December 16, 2019
Getting Ready For A Party from Quilting My Way

This morning was a day to enjoy the extra time to sleep in....but that wasn't for me. I was up and playing on my tablet

After Patrick was up, we started cleaning up and getting ready for the party tomorrow. The embroidery group is meeting here for a Christmas Party. So, we cleared the table, and cleaned it up. Then we got the table cloth on. Next we headed downstairs to see what dishes I could use. Pulled them upstairs and then set them aside till I could get the dishwasher clean to put them in it and ...

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December 10, 2019
A Day With A Cold.....And Decorating from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up early. Didn't have a very good night. I don't FEEL bad, just have a runny nose and cough. Three people mentioned that I've been sick a lot lately, but I didn't think I had been this year. Maybe I was. I'm really getting tired of it though.

We pulled out the decorations for Christmas. It was time to put the decoration out to enjoy the holidays. The table arrived a day early so we were able to put the tree up. We went simple because of the cat.

We used ...

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December 5, 2019
Picking Up After Yesterday from Quilting My Way

This morning I was enjoying my games when Sharon called. She asked me about the group from Tacoma. Apparently a group in Tacoma has asked Bill to quilt for them. I told her as far as I know there isn't a group in Tacoma. The website didn't have a group in Tacoma listed either. I just hope someone isn't taking advantage of Bill.

Patrick and I went downstairs and went through the stuff we decided to keep. I put a few of my Santa Claus' in one box. I pulled out all the stuff I wanted for ...

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December 4, 2019
Pulling Out Christmas Decorations from Quilting My Way

This morning we decided to go downstairs and pull out all the Christmas decorations under the stairs. Oh, my! We had boxes, and boxes, and boxes and more boxes under the stairs. We took each box and went through with the questions - Keep, Donate, or Trash. UGH! I had so much! I knew Phil and Katt didn't want handmade ornaments. I went through 2 boxes of all that, pulled out the ones that were made for them by a very dear friend. The rest were gone. Some had my name on them, and they ended up being thrown out ...

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November 20, 2019
Learning About Retirement from Quilting My Way

Today I was up and left Patrick sleeping. I played a few games and then when he got up, I got moving again.

Patrick got started early. He went into the bathroom and started going through the cabinet and cleaning everything thing up. While he was in there, I was mopping the floor and vacuuming. I did get a load of laundry in there but that didn't go very far. I need to get the laundry going again. But Patrick has a lot of ideas for getting the house in shape and I'm afraid this may be a ...

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October 28, 2019
A Good Day! from Quilting My Way

This morning I was up and putting my cinnamon buns in the oven. I was happy they raised like they should have. I had one fresh out of the oven, but I really think the cream was a bit much. Patrick liked it. I had it soaking in heavy cream and brown sugar.

I got working on washing the backing fabric for tomorrow. I have to drop the 2 quilt tops off at Bill's tomorrow. After I drop Dan off from his doctors appointment.

Patrick worked outside. He got a lot done.

He's started on the leaves. He ...

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