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October 17, 2018
Color Study Chinese Coins Finished from Fret Not Yourself

Binding attached, signed, washed and dried. The Color Study quilt is ready to use. It's a lovely size for a throw and a friend of mine might enjoy it.

Color Study Chinese Coins quilt

Back of the quilt is a collage of corals.

Back of Color Study Chinese Coins quilt

Originally, I wanted to bind the quilt in dark blue but didn't have enough of any. There was some bright orange/coral in the discard pile that worked well.

Quilting and binding detail, Color Study Chinese Coins quilt

I found a Hobbs 100% cotton batt which is another ...

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September 22, 2018
Half Square Triangles and Scraps from Fret Not Yourself

"But wait. There's still more." My quilting sounds like those late night TV commercials!

Although I repurposed the narrow columns from the last attempt at Chinese Coins, the wider columns remain. Those encased columns work better when they are very narrow so the wide ones need a different plan. Taking 6-8" wide columns, I sub-cut them into six-inch squares and got busy combining them with new solids.

Six-inch squares of Chinese Coins

Orange, red, and pink also were cut into squares. Mixing them up made this.

HST scrap block of warm solids and Chinese Coins

I'm very excited ...

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September 18, 2018
Still Clearing the Scrap Bag from Fret Not Yourself

I've said it before but it's still true. My tiny scrap bag holds an endless amount of scraps and strings. Even though Chinese Coins XI was intended to empty it, the bag looked just as full as always. More sewing was required.

Extra Coin columns

Arranged in columns, these do nothing for me. Not good or bad, just very boring. What else could they become?

They'd make good borders for a medallion but I finished several recently. However, I keep considering sashing. Now would be a good time to actually try that. Since solids are the largest ...

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September 15, 2018
Chinese Coins XI Top from Fret Not Yourself

What a fun day! Deep thinking about different prints and how to arrange them to tell the maker's story. I forgot to take photos though but hope to get some as the quilts are finished. That's an advantage of working with your own guild. :-)

This top was sewed just in time for the class. I guess I haven't changed that much: still working to the deadline.

Chinese Coins XI quilt top
Since a collage worked so well last time, I made another with the original grouping next to the finished top. They are both diffuse, fairly random ...

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September 14, 2018
Demo Day from Fret Not Yourself

This is a day of remembrance in America. Despite the political turmoil here and abroad, I think most of us hope to coexist peacefully. We need to work towards that end harder than we merely hope. Everyone we've ever known or heard of has lived on this one small, blue dot in space.

Democracy is not only a form of state, it is not just something that is embodied in a constitution; democracy is a view of life, it requires a belief in human beings, in humanity.... Democracy is a discussion. But the real discussion is possible only if ...

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September 8, 2018
Clearing the Scrap Bag from Fret Not Yourself

It's too much effort to go through the stash although it desperately needs straightening. Clearing the scrap bag is easier. There are lots of whites, lights, and clear colors that remind me of spring or early summer.

And I figured another way to sort the scraps for a Coin quilt. First I separated them by color then assigned each fabric to one of three groups. Each has the same number of fabrics in each color but they are different fabrics. Does that make sense?

Here's what I have so far. It's only two of the three groups ...

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Bars 4 Quilt Finished from Fret Not Yourself

Cathy's 20 minute method is working well for me. Forty minutes total is about all I can do in a day. I like moving two or three projects along, especially when I can only work for short times anyway.

Bars 4 quilt

The back used up larger remnants and some extra strips. Always a win in my book.

Back of Bars 4 quilt

With so many bright colors in the top the only binding that looked right was a dull tannish brown chambray. Ok, several of the darker brights looked good but there wasn't enough yardage. As usual ...

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September 1, 2018
Chinese Coins VII: Strewing Roses Top from Fret Not Yourself

Hand-turning the leaves took a while but machine applique went much faster.

Chinese Coins VIII: Strewing Roses quilt top

I thought turning the blanket stitch around would imitate the hatching on the rose leaves. It wasn't that successful. The stitch pulls the background fabric up a bit. Temporary paper backing would have helped except I forgot about it till now. A darker green thread would have better shown the jagged edges.

Some thorns were added in a solid lighter green fabric. {A friend pointed out the thorns are lighter than the rose stem.} However, unless the thorn sits on ...

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August 25, 2018
Spending Coins and a Question from Fret Not Yourself

Wink at the Moon for Neil Armstrong tonight, the anniversary of his passing. The human race cooperated to advance science when man first walked on the moon. Respectfully working together lifted us all to new levels of achievement. Surely we can do it again to resolve issues closer to home.

Since there were still a bunch of Coins and Coin strips cluttering up my space I added them to my 20 minute projects. The first one simply needed two more columns sewn to the top. The other was all the leftover sheets - that's what I call the short sections ...

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August 21, 2018
Using Little Bits of Time from Fret Not Yourself

This time I'm hand turning the applique leaves before attaching them. I haven't used this technique in years but it's going faster than I recalled.  As they are turned, more "space" opened up so I cut more leaves until the fabric ran out. This is it. Must work it out somehow.

Adding leaves to Chinese Coins VIII: Strewing Roses

The photos were shot after dark making the fabrics darker than reality. But I like the way the leaves are backlit and/or they fill in the lightest area of the quilt.

Recovering my full energy has taken ...

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August 11, 2018
Public Parks, Private Gardens, and my Roses from Fret Not Yourself

Public Parks, Private Gardens at The Met exposits the development of gardening in France between the 1789 Revolution and World War I. Expansive green spaces were created to ensure the "pleasures of the king would be the pleasures of the people." With renewed interest in flowers and the common man, outdoors became places of leisure and inspiration. Is it any wonder artists moved their easels    outdoors, too?

Surprise! Wasn't this work at the Art Institute of Chicago last month? No; this is the final study Seurat made before his masterpiece. What a treat to see it again... with the ...

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July 31, 2018
Bars 4 Quilt by Mistake from Fret Not Yourself

There are some days I just out-smart myself and this was one of them. Does that happen to you, too? Way back in November I pre-cut strips for Tara Faughnan's workshop. It was a brilliant idea. Really. You see, I had another quilt in mind that used squares the same size as her starting strips. Cutting for both gave me all the fabric choices but less weight to carry into and out of the workshop, and would let me be ahead for my own idea.

But with all the family travails, I forgot this plan. While cleaning and culling ...

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July 30, 2018
Making Leftover Blocks Work in a Baby Quilt from Fret Not Yourself

Leftover blocks from the Color Study Enough to make a 5 x 5 block baby quilt.

Leftover quilt blocks

Actually, I can make it a bit larger because there are leftover blocks. {I just kept cutting those scraps. My usual M. O.} With three “holes” to fill, I pinned possible pairs to test the choices . Halfway down on the right you can see I pinned three strips to decide which would work best. In the end, I replaced a white background print in another block with the light green... so four new blocks in all.

Previewing the last few blocks ...

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July 21, 2018
CCVIII: Strewing Roses from Fret Not Yourself

This is where I left off with Chinese Coins VIII. You may remember, these were cut for a guild demonstration that was delayed due to family issues. I decided the light blues would make a good background for the roses I'd always wanted to applique. These roses, though, are pieced.

They need stems and leaves IMO. My first idea was to make a partial wreath with the stems but it didn't work. {And I forgot to take a photo.}

Quilt with Chinese Coins background and pieced roses

Next I ran all the stems in the same direction but ...

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July 17, 2018
Chinese Coin Color Study from Fret Not Yourself

Flotsam and jetsam. Did you know they mean different things? Flotsam is marine debris accidentally lost overboard while jetsam is tossed when the ship and crew are in peril - usually to lighten the load.

Sorting and clearing my stash located lots of flotsam - stuff I hadn't deliberately tucked away but was too small to find easily. It took going through the fabrics individually to bring them to the surface. And much of it needs to be jettisoned. It weighs me down. As a quilter, however; it's very hard to let the “precious” pieces go. It all becomes precious ...

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July 16, 2018
Bars Quilt Finished from Fret Not Yourself

The Bars quilt came from a workshop with Tara Faughnan. While I classify it as a Chinese Coins {which I certainly already knew how to create} learning how Tara uses solids might push me into including more solids in my own work.

The top has been sewn for months but I finally had time to quilt it. {Funny how much easier Bars 2 and 3 were to quilt. Oh, the joys of baby quilts.} Just simple straight line quilting with the walking foot again. This is 50-weight thread is slightly heavier than the 60-weight I previously used. The difference is ...

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April 6, 2018
Medallion Chinese Coins IV is a Wrap from Fret Not Yourself

I can't settle in for long quilting sessions. It's up and down all day - short spurts of quilting with long breaks to complete other tasks. Consequently this little top took weeks to finish. It should have taken about half a day. But it's done. Quilted, bound, signed, washed, and dried.

Say it with Flowers: Medallion Chinese Coins IV quilt

The first quilting idea was a single squared-off spiral. The sketches looked good on the borders but didn't work in the center. Then I saw Barb's post of Baptist Fans on a variety of quilts and ...

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April 4, 2018
Meet Cute from Sew Preeti Quilts

I am thrilled to present Meet Cute. This is my second project for Moda Bake Shop and I am very happy about it.

Meet Cute
Unlike Esmeralda which was not for the faint-hearted, Meet Cute is easygoing and very adaptable.

Simple Block - 17.5" square

Large and simple block finishes at 17.5" square. This means that you only need 4 blocks for a baby quilt (36" square).  This lap quilt uses 12 blocks and finishes at about 53" by 70".

There are no seams to match, which makes it a an easy beginner project. Or a speedy one for ...

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March 31, 2018
Bars 3 Quilt Off to a Forever Home from Fret Not Yourself

Technically I should have finished Bars 1 first but these small quilts are much easier to carry back and forth. They fit into my minuscule bits of free time. Because most of the tops were sewed {for the demo that didn't happen} I can sew a few quilting lines at a time without worrying where I was in the process. There is less fabric to wrangle under the machine arm.

Bars 3 uses the last of the pastel strips with whites, this time alternating with whites and very light tints.

Bars 3 quilt

A friend of my grandchildren will ...

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March 21, 2018
Attempting Applique from Fret Not Yourself

Chinese Coins VIII began as a value study for the demonstration I planned to give to my guild earlier this year when life intervened. Originally these columns were to be combined with light yellow columns and dark green/blue columns; that is, until I saw all of these soft blue/greens together. They make a perfect background for appliqued vines so I set them aside for a while.

Chinese Coins VIII quilt background

Especially after working with Circular Anomaly, I knew strong reds would play well with these turquoise shades. Red reminded me of roses but I had reservations about ...

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