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July 7, 2020
to do: make two more from Making A Lather

I thought I was done making the blocks for charming stars, but, I miscounted. So, I need to make 2 more. They are quick and easy, so, no worries. I just wish I could

I think I am liking the colors together, and, I think I will add sashing.

I have the square dance quilt on the frame, so to do number 2. Is quilt the quilt.

Meanwhile, summer is happening.

I am linking to:

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June 30, 2020
to do: something new from Making A Lather

I uncovered a small box with 6 inch squares. I believe, I bought it at a quilt show garage sale. I often wonder what the original quilter was planning and thinking while cutting her fabric into squares.
By donating her scraps, she has brought pleasure to my little world.
I didn't want to cut them down to 5 inch squares, but, I did look for inspiration in the charm pack patterns. I would just make the squares bigger, and, then, the quilt would be bigger.

I thought the squares looked coordinated enough, to just use them scrappy.  The squares ...

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