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October 13, 2020
Check-in of Tuesday's Two from Melva Loves Scraps

 Has it really been only a week since I last posted???  It flew by!  Yet there was so much that went on...

My To-Do List consisted of...

❧ Piecing the top for the third memory quilt in a month. 

❧ Write the last Kansas City Star quilt block pattern.

Did I meet those two goals?  I can answer with a resounding "Yes!"

Though there were plenty of distractions along the way, I completed both tasks just yesterday... well, last night.  For me to continue working of "quilty" projects into the evening is unusual, but the daunting task of that last block pattern ...

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September 9, 2020
Tuesday's To-Do Musings from Melva Loves Scraps

It has been several weeks since I linked with Home Sewn By Us for their Tuesday To-Do planning party...  Life was really busy, and suddenly all of the deadlines have passed and I have time to relax and take time to smell the roses.

Well, sort of... While I don't have any quilt projects waiting in line and screaming for attention, I DO have a need to begin writing out the patterns for the final six blocks of the Pieces From The Past Sew Along, along with gathering more family photos, stories and research dates and events... oh and ...

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August 8, 2020
Turning To-Do In To Done from Melva Loves Scraps

Last week was rough!  It seemed as though I faced a new challenge each day, though none of the obstacles were quilting related.  You know, just life stuff.  Issues with a major credit card company, technology issues that affected the latest release of the Pieces From The Past Pattern - Russian Sunflower, an update that were required on the church computer before being able to create the Sunday worship slides, and notifications that recent medical bills are not "covered" by our "non-insurance" provider.

Even with all that happened, I was still productive in the studio.  Woohoo!  The silver lining of the ...

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January 2, 2020
The Year in Review and Plans for 2020 from Melva Loves Scraps

Hey there!

As we prepare to usher in the new decade and year 2020 resolutions are being thought of and plans considered for implementation... but how did I do with my goals for the current year?  

My list was quite brief... just three items.

✔#1 - Assemble and complete the Sunbonnet Sue blocks that I got from Dave's aunt.

The quilt has assumed its new home with Dave's aunt.  She has placed it on her guest bed which happens to have an antique headboard, close to the same age as these Sue's.   

✔#2 - Continue participating in weekly linky ...

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