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June 24, 2020
Bundaleer Logs 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 from Virtual Quilter

All these designs use three different colourings of the Log Cabin block … all dark, all light, and the traditional half light, half dark.

In both of the first two designs the outer row of blocks could be left off to make a smaller quilt. The size of the quilt would depend on the size of the blocks.

The one above sills out into the outer row of blocks, but would still work as a smaller quilt but without the points.

Those points which would be leftover from the third design could be included in the design above.

Perhaps the star ...

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March 18, 2020
Bundaleer Logs 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 from Virtual Quilter

Mid week again … I am sure the weeks are getting shorter, but I like having a look at Log Cabin quilt designs on a regular basis, so I can live with that!

I love the first of today’s designs.

All four of the others could be made smaller by removing the outer row of blocks, though I think I would put a small light border before the two coloured borders.

I like the one above!

Interesting. I can see changes I should test … which happens most days, so I will never run out of designs to share!

That is ...

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January 8, 2020
Bundaleer Logs 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 from Virtual Quilter

I am trying to get back into routine, though any routine we have tried to live with has always been flexible, sometimes by choice, often by circumstances, or weather, or a wide choice of other options. Sharing a quilt design each day is pretty much normal, but even this gets out of whack sometimes.

Today I am restarting the mid week retreat, when I share two, usually five, designs using Log Cabin blocks in all their many variations. Today’s designs are from a newish project file, but with just the traditional half light, half dark Log Cabin block, with ...

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November 20, 2019
Bundaleer Logs 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 from Virtual Quilter

All the designs in this project file use the basic Log Cabin block with just three variations in the placement of colour.

I think many of them would be great on a table rather than a bed.

I am thinking that many of them would look great with the colours reversed.

I have some dressmaking fabric which I hope to turn into clothing so it is not taking up space in my sewing room, but I may digress from time to time today and play with the designs in this file. Going outside after breakfast is not going to be ...

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