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May 22, 2020
Brown Scraps I progress... from Elsie Quilts

This top is finished. I need to quilt it and am not using scraps on the back. I thought there was some wide backing in my shelves but no, so went online to look only to discover that no one will sell me 2.5 yards or meters. The checkout rounds it to 2 or ups it to 3. I might try a local store that is doing curbside service, but really wanted to get this one from Hancock's in Kentucky. Their prices and low shipping costs make it about half of what it costs anywhere else. However, they ...

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April 17, 2020
Progress from Elsie Quilts

This one is slow... no, it is me that is slow. I have a baby quilt on the longarm and a smaller version of this one done to the sandwich stage. This is my 'procrastination' zone. 

Pressing on... no pun intended. The sashing is on one side of the top blocks only since they may need rearranging. 

Did get the studio cleaned up and moved a few things around. It is easier to work in now, if I felt like working.

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April 5, 2020
Dog's Breakfast needs a new name from Elsie Quilts

Only two rows of blocks with only sashing on the sides of the blocks, all pinned to the wall, but I'm starting to love this mass (or mess) of leftover brown, rust, beige, taupe, and oranges (the root color of brown). These blocks finish at 8" and the sashing will finish at 1", narrow but does the trick. It is a black black cut on the lengthwise so should hold its shape well. Not sure how to quilt it yet, but am open to suggestions.

Hope everyone is well, staying home as advised and if a quilter, it is ...

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March 28, 2020
Dog's Breakfast II from Elsie Quilts

Making progress, even though 'Brown Scrappy' still looks like a dog's breakfast. I will eventually come up with a better name!

Here is the 'so far' and my fav block of the bunch. It is fun using up so many scraps. Btw, no planned pattern is planned. I'll be moving these around but don't want a predictable design. Isn't that a good way to describe our lives right now!

Hubby and I are staying home. He's working via conference calls and I get out 1x week for groceries. Our city is like a ghost town ...

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March 20, 2020
Dog's Breakfast? from Elsie Quilts

I know -- it looks like a dog's breakfast. These are what I have so far from my scrap bin of mostly browns and oranges. There is enough for 80 blocks. They will be all the same (8" finished) and the only thing consistent is the horizontal rows have the largest piece all in the same value and nearly the same color. 

I will likely flip every other row so I don't have to worry about matching seams, and of course rearrange the blocks in the rows until they look better. I've also considered a narrow sashing but ...

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