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May 11, 2020
Slowly getting back to normal from Oops Lah

After eight weeks of lockdown we're starting a new phase today as shops, restaurants, gyms, primary and middle schools are reopening here in Switzerland. High schools and universities will stay closed for another month and of course social distancing will still be in place for the unforeseeable future. To be honest, these past weeks have been quite nice as we had both kids home for some time. My daughter, who works as a teacher abroad was able to come back here as her school switched to online learning and my son managed to break his shoulder just before the ...

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November 25, 2018
Book binding and box making from Oops Lah

Ever since I took classes in French cartonnage I've been enjoying making boxes in various sizes and styles. I have recently started taking classes again, this time including book binding. 

Look at this huge board cutter! I was scared stiff at first but after careful instructions and some practise I'm now quite blasé woking on it and it makes cutting card board effortless! 

With this monster on the left books are cut on three sides after the pages are first sewn and then glued together.  And the one on the right is of course a binding press. 

Here ...

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