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September 19, 2023
Cheesecake, EPP Hexie Love, Gold in the Garden from Canadian Needle Nana

 Cooler temperatures, 5C on my walk this morning but warming to 15 the weather forecast has promised, and just like that I'm thinking of heartier fare. But first I need to catch up on the cakes...recently Beth made the birthday folk here a beautiful New York style Cheesecake with Strawberry Compote.  The cake had 5 ! packages of cream cheese in it and was the most sumptuous cake I've ever eaten. It was silky and so delicious. And Tony finished off the compote over a little ice cream. 

I loved the colours here below...the wild Goldenrod which ...

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September 15, 2023
This and That from Quilts....etc.

A little of this and a little of that and progress was made.  I find it hard to concentrate on one project.  I normally start my day reading a bit and then move to hexies or knitting – sometimes both, then the sewing machine in the afternoon.  I have been listening to another of Karin […]

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September 8, 2023
Easy Hexagon Quilt Beginnings, Other Enjoyments from Canadian Needle Nana

 While Tony had put in his order for beans on toast, sausage on the side, I really didn't know what I wanted. I'm the cook of course, so I could get myself the same or anything if it's here in the fridge/cupboard to be found. But nothing was appealing to me and staring into the fridge didn't help. Does that ever happen to you? In the end I made a large cup of tea and had a bowl of yogurt and fruit with a slice of marmalade sourdough toast. I know...a bit boring mainly ...

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September 7, 2023
Red Block from Quilts....etc.

Part way done with one more Carpenter’s Wheel – these really aren’t so hard to make I don’t know why I am dragging it out so long LOL.  So this one is a brighter darker color than what I had been doing – out of the next 4 blocks only one is light color.  When […]

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September 6, 2023
Progress on Carpenter’s Wheel from Quilts....etc.

Finally I got the brown wheel done!  I know I can move pretty slow on these can’t I. I moved blocks around on the wall – not the final but got some moved that I didn’t think looked right.  Linking to Jennifer’s Wednesday Wait Loss #344 —Midweek Makers #399 —  My Quilt Infatuation — The […]

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September 4, 2023
Autumn Blooms, Hand Quilting, Dogs in Our Pond from Canadian Needle Nana

 Our summer is surely leading to autumn. Don't need the weather people to tell is cool each morning and there is a certain slant to the light. The angle is different and the sunlight itself is glittery but like it is filtered through the trees first. And of course, it is darkening earlier in the evening..."closing in" as my grandparents would say.  I love autumn too so it's all good.

The Ligularia, such a wonderful perennial, is blooming now in late summer. The very large deep yellow blooms open up as the rest of the ...

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Pulling Fabric from Quilts....etc.

I need five more Carpenter’s Wheels and I have enough for most but I had to find 3 more sets so I was pulling through fabric to see what I wanted to use.  These will make up the last five blocks – two were already cut.  I’m not too sure on the 3 green in […]

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August 30, 2023
The Soulmate from Ramblings of a Fabric Obsessor

Such a good read! Four stars for me. Hepworth is a wonderful story teller and the narration on the audio books are great. Released April 2023.*I received a free copy of this novel from NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for my honest review.*Sally Hepworth is always a favorite of mine so I was excited to get approval to read The Soulmate. Gabe and Pippa are raising their 2 daughters in a newly

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August 26, 2023
Book Club Quilting, Quiltmania #156, Price Shock from Canadian Needle Nana

 Early afternoon here and Tony has his tea and biscuit snack. I have to tell you about these biscuits that he likes so much. I was in a dollar store recently looking for dog throw balls and saw these biscuits...several shelves of all the different kinds. And they were a whole dollar cheaper than at the grocery store!

 I don't know how this works...wouldn't the regular grocery store get them at the same wholesale price as a dollar store outlet?  You know where I'll be buying these from now on! 

Happy Quiltmania magazine ...

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August 13, 2023
Reading/Sewing from Quilts....etc.

Yesterday I was reading a lot but I still got some things done in the sewing room.  I could have finished a one Carpenter’s Wheel block but I kept taking breaks to read!  Right now I am reading a fairly new to me author James Hayman featuring two Maine Police Detectives McCabe & Savage, he […]

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August 12, 2023
Home Sweet Home…New Book…New Patterns! from Made By Marney

Hi! I’m Mary Hertel. Welcome to my newest book “HOME SWEET HOME Paper Piecing“. Featuring 17 of my favorite block patterns, and 7 charming projects, this book is guaranteed to provide hours of creative fun for you.

If you are new to paper piecing, you can rely on any of my books to provide step by step directions. To give you even more assistance, visit me at to watch paper piecing tutorials.

Did you know that as you paper piece, the block is created on the back of the paper pattern, and will be the opposite of ...

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August 4, 2023
August OMG, Solidarity Blocks, My Selfie from Canadian Needle Nana

 "And into the garden I shall go

To lose my mind and find my soul"

My garden is overblown these days...all the beds have so many interlopers I don't know where to start with the weeding. I actually enjoy a chaotic garden so this isn't bothering me that much. I did pull out the Wild Grape Vine that had wound its way through the daisies. But even that has pretty leaves to my eye. 


Above is a Cedar Waxwing with its gorgeous lemon belly I captured down by the pond a few years back. The sun is ...

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July 21, 2023

My newest book, HOME SWEET HOME PAPER PIECING, is ready for you to enjoy.

This book features 17 of my FAVORITE BLOCK PATTERNS, and I want to share them with you. Koalas, monkeys, sea turtles, gnomes, and so much more.

This is just a sampling of the adorable blocks, and there are 10 more!

Remember…all of my blocks will fit not only in the 7 projects in this book, but will also fit into the projects in my past 6 books. That helps you achieve soooo much creativity in your sewing.

Here’s an example…

This super cute HEDGEHOG ...

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Pinks Everywhere, Basket Blocks, Free EPP Patterns from Canadian Needle Nana

A tiny rabbit appeared in the front yard one day when the sun was scorching the grass. It stayed in this position long enough for me to get the camera ready. I got excited at the possibility of this being a brilliant photo with the little guy paused amidst an arbor of colours, pinks above and greens below. I took a number of photos. The light was horrible and this is best of the shots. Sigh But the little fellow looked so cute. I wished I could hold it. 
I spent an enjoyable hour combing the stacks at the local ...

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July 16, 2023
Solidarity Flimsie #1, A Special Book, Everything's A' Bloomin' from Canadian Needle Nana

Everything is blooming!
Including a Clematis Sapphire bush in a shady spot.
I'm trying to "tend the garden" these days. Short spurts of weeding here and there; it has to be short as the heat has been killing. We are just not acclimatized to this kind of humidity either. But the flowers love it. The soil in the beds is very rich which means the weeds love it as well.

 I've thought of my Dad's mother, my grandmother, who had not only a flower garden but a vegetable garden to tend each summer. In that outport it ...

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July 11, 2023
What a Nice Day from Quilts....etc.

I’m so happy we had another nice day – they come so rarely at this time of year – sun yes but low humidity most of the time doesn’t happen at this time of year.  So I was outside helping to clean up the yard in between sitting on the porch reading – I finally […]

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July 9, 2023
Time Wasters, Geraniums, Fair Food, Solidarity Blocks from Canadian Needle Nana

Philip Jacobs, a designer for Free Spirit, puts such detail into his flower renderings. Here is his "Geranium" fabric beautifully defying the old adage that blue and green should never be seen except together in the washing machine. 
And here are my winter geraniums enjoying the sun on the back deck. 
Coming into a second blooming. I pinched them back so they would bush out and not grow up and leggy.
I'm reading Emma Donahue's Haven. So far about a quarter in, I am enjoying it. Three Irish monks trying to survive on an isolated island during a ...

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July 8, 2023
Noriko’s Star from Quilts....etc.

Yesterday was really and truly a kind of lazy day – I really wasn’t into sewing and spent half the day reading.  I’m rereading an older book by Nelson DeMille – it is called “Up Country” the character Paul Brenner is featured in this book and was played by John Travolta in the first book […]

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June 7, 2023
A No Energy Day from Quilts....etc.

I just had no energy yesterday to do much of anything!  I did a few hexies and walked down to the garden to look things over and picked a few berries – the black raspberries just don’t want to ripen all at once so it is picking a small handful here and there but the […]

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May 25, 2023
{I've Been Reading} Six Ostriches from Michelle's Romantic Tangle

 Six Ostriches by Phillip Schott

After emergency surgery on an ostrich reveals that the huge bird had swallowed what looks like a Viking artifact, veterinarian Peter Bannerman gets curious. Not long after, he begins receiving calls from distressed clients. Farm animals have been killed and mutilated and it all seems to be connected. Six ostriches is an intriguing  mystery filled with lots of interesting details. I definitely want to go back and read the first book in the series. 


The Perfect Husband by Danielle Ramsay

This domestic thriller starts out strong and keeps going right until the end. On her ...

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