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August 7, 2021
Clowning Around from Sew Sunshine

"Clowning Around" 
Zen Medallion pattern by Latifah Saafir
50" x50" 

So much bias tape on this quilt. I enjoyed making it and sewing it on but when I went to sew the wedges together I had a hard time getting the bias tape to match in width. Because I made the bias with various fabrics some pressed better than others. I do recommend the AGF's because their hand is so smooth and presses beautifully but if you use the light prints you might get see through seams. The pressing really needs to go whichever way is the flattest. 
I ...

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April 21, 2021
Fair Isle cushion from Granny Maud's Girl

I have achieved a new record for my knitting: this cushion has the most colours I have ever combined in one knitted project.

Fair Isle cushion knitted from Marie Wallin pattern

I used thirteen colours in one cushion.

I chose Marie Wallin’s pattern ‘Folk Fairisle Cushion’, but I went rogue with my colours. Looking at Ravelry projects for this pattern, I see that most knitters have followed the pattern exactly, using the recommended yarn and colours; only one other knitter chose their own colours as I did. It was not intentional, but friends say that my colour choices have a bit of a Christmas vibe.

When I ...

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February 21, 2020
Finishing the UFO: Blocking from From Edge 2 Edge

This is a step I do on all my quilts. This makes them lay very flat with no wavy edges. This gives your quilt a professional and polished look.

If you have steam dryer, you can put it in and steam it for several minutes but pull it out before it starts the drying process. If you don't have access to a steam dryer, you have two other easy options:
  • You can wet the quilt and spin it out in your washer. The less drippy wet it is, the faster it will dry.
  • You can dampen it by using ...

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