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January 2, 2022
Patch Play Quilted 23, 24 from Virtual Quilter


A simple chane somehow made it a bit more exciting.

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November 10, 2021
Felicity Anderson Quilts 39, 40 from Virtual Quilter

Interesting colours, interesting design … I like it.

Love the second one!

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August 24, 2021
Kelly’s Custom Quilts 23, 24 from Virtual Quilter

Not sure that I got the background colour change right, but I like the design.

Deleted the contrast background in some places, but not all in teh second design.

Must do better tomorrow!

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July 26, 2021
Ann’s Album Q ‘n’ A 19, 20 from Virtual Quilter

Love it, despite the dirty looking colours. Love the strip borders too.

However, I have found that what I see on my screen is different to what is printed out by my printer … and neither of them look like what appears on the blog.

Love the second one too.

I have spent vey little time playing with quilt designs in the last week or two, but I have been learning to use one of Electric Quilts features … being able to import pictures and trace them onto a block, except that I am tracing patterns for rag dolls I used to ...

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July 19, 2021
Sealink Starr OP 9, 10 from Virtual Quilter

Choose one block, add/subtract a few lines, add fabric samples, and see what you get.

Note, the second design does use the same block as the first.

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January 8, 2021
Felicity’s Five Patches 1, 2 from Virtual Quilter

New project file …

… with some very pale quilting lines.

Hope you can see them but if you can’t they are just follow the seam lines!

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October 27, 2020
Aunt Flo’s Quilt 23, 24 from Virtual Quilter

Love it!

I like this one, but the first one is my favourite for the day.

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October 20, 2020
Quilting Jane’s Starr 6, 7, 8 from Virtual Quilter


I like the second design.

Notice that the quilting lines in the second and third designs show the how the blocks fit together in the first.

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October 8, 2020
Lovin’ Spoonful 47, 48 from Virtual Quilter

I love this series.

I love both of these designs.

I am still amazed that this whole series of quilts use blocks inspired by a teaspoon!

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September 14, 2020
Q and A Fine Iron Lace 19, 20 from Virtual Quilter

I like the design, but it would appeal much more if it was real fabric … the black background looks lifeless. Even a plain black looks better in real life.

Love the second design … and though it is designed with very little applique and lots of quilting, the quilting designs are ready to applique as well.

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February 11, 2020
Iron Lace Borders Q'n'A from Virtual Quilter


I like to leave space around applique blocks. This design has just eight applique blocks which leaves room for quilting to be showcased. I would perhaps use a more subdued thread colour in a real quilt, and the blank spaces in each block I would fill with a filler such as cross hatching.

My favourite is the last one.

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February 10, 2020
Old German Design 12, 13, 14 from Virtual Quilter

This project file is based on just one block which is included in the Electric Quilt block library, but with a lot of modifications of the original layout.

The shapes have been bent, twisted every which way, or they have been deleted or multiplied, and the applique blocks have become a large collection of quilting motifs.

When I selected these designs I liked the last one more than the other two, but now I like the first tow more than the last! I am allowed to change my mind.

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February 3, 2020
9 Patch 'n' Apps 7×7 18, 19, 20 from Virtual Quilter

I think I have started with the best one today.

In fact, I have them in order of my preference.

When I started blogging a quilt design every day I would take designs from wherever in the project file I found one I liked for that day. I soon learned that with dozens of designs in just about every project it was going to end up a mess, so made a rule that I had to share them in order. From that day on I have done exactly that, and added a the name and number as I went. If ...

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January 7, 2020
Lovin' Spoonful 32, 33, 34 from Virtual Quilter

I want to change fabrics in this project file, but not until I have my block library sorted. However it is hard not to be distracted when I am playing in Electric Quilt, but I must be strong or the library will never be tidy!

At least this collection of blocks are tidy, designed much more recently than lots of others, when I had learned that I should keep them tidy as I played. I tried to teach our children to tidy up when they were growing up, but it seems I have forgotten that lesson when they left home ...

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