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June 3, 2014
3 June, 2014 – Tula Pink QAL – Block one and block two from Patchwork Atelier

...i miei primi blocchetti di Tula... meine ersten Tula-Blöckchen...

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October 1, 2013
Round and Round the Blogs from The Chester County Criswell Quilt

I posted my photos from Quilts in the Barn but I didn't add much description.  If you want to see some more quilts from the exhibition take a peek at these blogs (hello Carole, Miriam and Sue-Anne!)

And, speaking of blogs, I found a few more bloggers sharing their Chester Criswell Quilt blocks.

Marian Edwards Dreamweaver has put up a photo of her first three blocks.  There are so many red prints, you don't often see the same design twice.

And here is Chris's Quilting at the ...

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July 27, 2013
A Swap and a New Look at Block 2 from The Chester County Criswell Quilt

I received a swap blog from Miriam a few weeks ago.  We decided to exchange the fleur de lis Block 10 after Miriam's delightful guest blog. I wrote my signature freehand for the first time, no tracing.

 Miriam signed her block but she had the naughty pen.  She wasn't pleased with the result so she cut the centre out and replaced it with a new signature.

Miriam isn't the only one to have troubles.  Have a look at this block from the original quilt.

Did Emily Carlile have to cover a mistake, or was she just being ...

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