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August 25, 2019
Red is a Neutral becomes... finish from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Another Red Feather. So named because, though there were other titles in the running, this quilt wanted red feather quilting. And more red feathers. And more red feathers. In fact, every inch of red is quilted in feathers, with a few scrolls to break up the monotony. 
Detail of the back...just enough
pattern to make the worst of
the quilting less noticeable.

This one serves in all manner of challenges: the Cotton Quilters' Guild block-of-the-month, in which different quilters presented a block or two from January through July, and as the AHIQ "Red Is a Neutral" challenge. 

With encouragement ...

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July 1, 2019
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Red and Black from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

The last few weeks I've been trekking down memory hill, reviewing the more popular Sunday Quilt Inspiration posts. This one is from December 11, 2016. Enjoy the eye candy!

We still have a size 4 and 0 in this stunning style!! Give us a call today to help find your perfect dress for this prom 2016 season!!  (770)831-8795: ✯ Black and Red Rose....would never be my favorite. I want roses to reflect sunshine or delicacy, and these just don':

~ Scarlet Red Betta ~ by pattpoom, via Flickr Beautiful fish. The colors are beautiful. Incensewoman:

The Blackbird, also called the Black Stone Violin, is a full-size playable violin made of black diabase after drawings by Antonio Stradivari (Stradivarius), but with technical modifications to allow it to be played. The violin was conceived and designed by the Swedish artist Lars Widenfalk.:

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Red and Black M&M's® - Chocolates & Sweets -

10 Piece Queen Dawson Black and Red Comforter Set

These breathtakingly beautiful birds are Black-and-Red Broadbills (Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos). They have a black head, back, and tail feathers with crimson underparts. The bill is most striking, as it is a wonderful light turquoise on top with yellow underneath.    Catch More Creatures Here:

Red and black quilts? Well, of course!

Scraps of Life: My Quilts   The use of red really makes this quilt pop. The narrow bands between the rows of larger black and white are a great design element:

red & white & black quilts | Black, White, and Red zig zag quilt | Quilts:

Modern Baby Quilt Black White and Teal by AllAboutTheDetail:

Black and Red plaid flannel quilt:

Disappearing nine patch - lovely:

Another finished top by Certified Shop, Mami's Country Quilts from Duck Lake, SK, Canada! Love the Black and Red! Very rich! Contact shop for kitting info!:

Meets a lot of my goals in quilting... Black and White with Red pops of color.:

I love black, white, and red quilts...this was fun to make :):

Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting: What's Black and White and Red All Over?:

I love the graphic intensity of this one:

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June 1, 2019
Red Is a Neutral ... more blocks from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

There are not many more blocks, but I put in a couple of afternoons to get these done. Tuesday's work: 
I made these Dutchman's Puzzle blocks. I needed only one but it's an easy block, so I thought I'd make two. As soon as I sewed the final seam on the second block, I realized that I had not arranged all four sections correctly. One was turned the wrong way. What an annoyance!

Once I started ripping the sections apart, I decided to play. Why not? I needed only one block. So now I have two ...

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January 3, 2019
2018 – Ten Squared Plus Five from Lotus Cove Quilting

At last, the Rochester Modern Quilt Guild’s first show, “Taking Flight,” is over (September 29) and I’ve nearly recovered. It was a huge success; we had lots of visitors, lots of quilts, and lots of happy vendors. It was also a huge job creating a show out of whole cloth, a job I’m glad to pass along to another guild member.


“Taking Flight” – inaugural show by Rochester Modern Quilt Guild, September 29, 2018

So, here is a quilt I made for the show. You can also see it hanging lower center in the show photo.


Ten Squared ...

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December 1, 2018
Beary Colourful BOM: Making Music Black and White Bear from Clever Chameleon

Musical panda appliqué by Dione of Clever Chameleon

It’s the day for the last bear of the Beary Colourful BOM and we are going out with much fanfare. Make way for the Black and White (Panda) Bear of Making Music!

The first of December and time to be looking forward to all the festivities of Christmas and New Year. Time for parades and lights and decorations and special foods and music. And what better way to express joy in black and white than with music?!

Beary Colourful Bear BOM

Don’t let this month’s colours fool you – Black and White Bear is in the mood for celebration! He is going ...

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November 27, 2018
It’s Black and White: no-Colour Inspiration Tuesday and Link Party from Clever Chameleon

black and white parrot color scheme by Clever Chameleon

Have you noticed how an absence of colour can bring out the drama and depth in a picture or design?

And emphasise all the details? I am one of the biggest colour lovers out there, but I also recognise that colour can sometimes be a distraction from the other features of a fantastic design.

Seeing something in black and white really helps to distil the important elements out of a picture, don’t you think? What is it about the subject that makes its form distinctive and recognisable? Where are the contrasts and shadows that give the subject that “wow ...

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July 1, 2018
Handwork is fast work! from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

I'm a fanatic at times. On hyper-drive when I start something that is of great interest. Unable to enjoy the work unless the work is moving forward. Rarely do I sit and appreciate something of my own making. 

However I do stop often and appreciate it for moments. Just moments. But still. Every time I empty my needle, I take a moment. Just a moment. But still.

I look at where I'm going. Appreciate what I've done. Make a few decisions. Thread up and stitch. Fast and furious, off I go again. 

What do you have under ...

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May 21, 2018
Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Watermelon from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Milly turned one year old a few weeks ago and Dusti gave her a birthday party (of course) at our house since, conveniently, no one was sleeping here. All of the kids had just moved out, and we had not moved in.

Milly's party theme: You're one in a melon. Now, how cute is that? There was a watermelon-shaped cake, watermelon-shaped cookies, reds and greens and a few seeds. A precious red tutu! What more could a one-year-old want?

It finally occurred to me that if Pinterest is having an affair with watermelons, it may have a ...

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March 13, 2018
Colour Inspiration Tuesday – Infinity Dots from Clever Chameleon

Infinity Dots Colour scheme

A Trip to the Art Gallery – Of course you’d expect some quilt inspiration there!

My daughter has been itching to go to the SA State Art Gallery again for a while. And I’m always up for a trip to an art gallery. Especially now that I’m always on the alert for a quilt design inspiration or two. Yesterday was a public holiday, so we grabbed the opportunity for some rare “Mummy and Me” time. Let me show you what we found. </p>
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January 24, 2018
Purple Coffee Birthday Card... from Home Designs by Amanda

January is a cold and chilly month around here and I thought a nice cup of coffee on a card would make it seem a little warmer... and that's nice for a January birthday! I did pick these colors for this card  by coordinating it to the present it was going with... Sorry, it's not the best picture...  I had to snapshot it from the video  because I must have forgot to take a

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December 20, 2017
Chilly Quilted Penguin from Quiltifications

Chilly Quilted Penguin would be an excellent name for a rock band or eclectic coffee shop.

A friend told me the nursery was going to be done in penguins, which I just adore, so I had to make a penguin quilt for her baby.

I scanned the net for patterns and ideas, and from THIS quilt (Diana McClun and Laura Nownes) sketched up a pattern in EQ8.  My penguins don't look that much like their penguins, but their quilt is where my inspiration came from.

I made the beaks and feet from prairie points and left them floppy so ...

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November 12, 2017
Black and Yellow Geometric Quilt from From My Carolina Home

A friend recently asked me to do a quilt for her, and I was delighted.  She is a fantastic piecer and this beautiful black and yellow quilt just showcased her skills.  Look at all those little bits in the middle of the rectangles!  She’ll slap me for talking about her, so I won’t reveal her name, but this quilt was an absolute joy to quilt.  I spread it out on the longarm bar to make sure I had the backing oriented correctly.

Black and Yellow Quilt at From My Carolina Home

I loaded the backing, then unrolled the Warm and Natural all cotton batting over it to ...

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