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June 15, 2019
Following the Beothuk Star from Life in the Scrapatch

My Beothuk Star is shining bright today. 

with this lovely 

I played around with the fat quarters and yardage I had 
until I came up with this plan for Version 3.

I  played with the fabric and the layout because I wanted to 
use a square of the sea glass shards on white in the center on my stars.
It also required me to sew the quilt into three sections:
 a top section and bottom section ...

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June 12, 2019
One QAL Done ~ One QAL Begun from Life in the Scrapatch

Beothuk Star QAL 
quilt top is done!

I will be posting more photos of this quilt soon.

I have a lot of extra Seaglass Fabrics

Just in time to use the extra fabrics I have for the

Moda Bake Shop At the Seashore 

Salt Water Taffy Quilt

I will just have to get more of the blue shades background fabric.

Have you see this summer sewing fun?

There are many beautiful setting to chose from!

I have a lot of beach themed fabrics waiting for me to dig them out of the sand
in my quilty closet cabana.

I ...

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May 28, 2019
My Quilting Adventures ~ Quilt Two ~ At Last from Life in the Scrapatch

Here ... 
loading on my quilting machine ...
at long last ...
 is my  ...

which has been unquilted ...  de-threaded ... pressed.

This one has been a long slog through the weeds

but now it is bright and blooming ...

and almost ready to quilt.

It has been a happy quilty weekend.

I also pieced

all my Beothuk Star QAL  blocks
and this is ready for piecing the top
More photos of that one for the next Linky Party.

It has been a beautiful weekend for being outside and enjoying spring.
Tomorrow the rains ...

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May 26, 2019
Saturday Sewing ~ Seaglass from Life in the Scrapatch

This morning these lovely green and blue pieces of my sea glass fabrics
for my

were all over my cutting table.

I briefly considered putting these away for another day 
and'sewing scraps for my usual scrappy Saturday.

I briefly considered going into my quilting room to quilt.

Then I went outside where the sun was shining and did not get back to 
making my quilty decision until after dark.

It was a lovely day outside and we did yard work,
ran errands, lunched out and just sat and enjoyed the yard as much as possible ...

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May 25, 2019
Stitch I Will! from Life in the Scrapatch

I am ready ... so stitch I will. 

There is a new Stitch Along coming in June to the happy cross stitch along group

All you really need is the 

You could use whatever cross stitch cloth and floss you have or prefer.

At the FQS, Kimberly Jolly always encourages her listeners to
" Just To Do You"
to find what works for you and makes you happy.

After much thought about how I wanted to do this pattern and
considering whether I could make the sewing machine look like my ...

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May 23, 2019
Beothuk Star QAL ~ Block 1 from Life in the Scrapatch

Block 1 done for the 

Since I only actually started cutting and sewing this quilt 

I am very pleased with my progress.

I think all the HSTs are in the right places and turned the right way.

I had a very helpful block inspector when I went to photograph this block
so I took it outside to enjoy the end of day sun in my yard.

No roofers today.
Well they boss showed up in the morning.
but he did not have enough workers.
Hopefully tomorrow will be the day.

My hubby did ...

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Beothuk Star QAL ~ All In A Day's Work from Life in the Scrapatch

My morning started like this.
These are the fabrics I chose to use for a quiltalong I wanted to do
that has been happening along without me.

There are some beautiful quilts in progress in the links!

I have been feeling a bit down lately about letting my quilty plans go sideaways.
like the Trinket QAL   which I kept up with so well in the beginning, 
then got sick, then got back on track,  then let slip away from me 
when I made the decision to buy my dream machine, my HQ Amara 20 
Then ...

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April 28, 2019
More Quiltalong Fun ~Seaglass Beothuk Star from Life in the Scrapatch

I am joining this quiltalong fun ...

This fabric is

Seaglass by Nancy Rink for Marcus Studio 37 Fabrics

I found this fabric in the most unusual quilt shop

Following The Quilting Bee

... which is a quilt shop on wheels!

This was a vendor parked outside the
Hannah Dustin Quilt Guild Show
As always, we enjoyed the show.
Pretty quilts!

These are the goodies I found
which came in a handmade reusable T-shirt bag!
I love it!

Version 3 of
 Beothuk Star Quilt Fabric Requirements
calls for 6 fat quarters and a background fabric
and these are the ...

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