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April 5, 2022
In The Studio 05 from Blossom Heart Quilts

*tip toes in to the room*… Um, hi? It’s, uh, been a while…

But that’s what total burnout will do to you. I’ve barely been in my sewing room, I have had below zero motivation for any BHQ work, and have just kept up with some external obligations like the Scrap Buster Blocks with AccuQuilt Australia, and my Make Modern articles. I haven’t even had the emotional energy to share about the super cool new series I’ve been writing for Make Modern this year!

The only sewing I’ve really done has been slowly working ...

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March 2, 2022
Artist’s Spotlight: Amy Barickman from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

Meet Amy Barickman, founder of Indygo Junction and author of Vintage Notions: An Inspirational Guide to Needlework, Cooking, Sewing, Fashion & FUN! Through her YouTube videos, blog, website, and e-newsletter, Amy inspires fabric arts enthusiasts to learn from the past and experiment with new products and techniques for creating in vintage made modern style. Now you have the opportunity to learn more about Amy and her work! Join us on Missouri Star LIVE March 8th, 2022 at 11:00 am cst for a special segment with Amy herself – but in the meantime, get to know her little more with this exclusive ...

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January 25, 2022
Patchwork Pillow from a 9-Patch Block Using Strip Piecing from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog


Hello makers! 


If you follow our YouTube channel, then you may have recently watched a video on how to make a 9-patch block using the strip piecing technique. If you haven’t seen the video, make sure you go watch it here: 


Easy 9-Patch Block Using Strip Piecing - YouTube 


This video is part one of the project that I will be sharing with you all below: a big fluffy patchwork pillow, which is part of our Patchwork Stories. To read up on our Patchwork Stories and the role it can play in our everyday lives, check out our past blog ...

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January 12, 2022
Pure Solids Selvage Pin Cushion Tutorial from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog


Hi makers!

The holidays are coming to an end once again, so it’s time for cleaning, eating leftovers, and deciding on New Year's resolutions. One of my resolutions for this next year is to try and be more eco-friendly and reduce my carbon footprint as much as I can. I was recently shown these super cute pin cushions that use those scraps that almost always get thrown away due to no usage… selvages. Here at AGF, we have so many colorful Pure Solids with selvages that include the name of the color, so what a great idea it ...

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December 15, 2021
12 Days of Christmas with AGF - Quick Gifts for Everyone on Your List from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog


Hi makers!


My name is Karli and I am so excited to begin writing some blog posts for AGF! I work on tutorials and project creation here at AGF, so I am thrilled to be able to share my love of sewing and quilting with all you creative individuals, starting with these 12 Days of Christmas. 


The holidays are upon us and with Christmas only 19 short days away, I’m sure everyone is busy sewing and quilting away to finish up all their gifts to give. Along with that, it’s time to double-check and make sure you have ...

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December 1, 2021
The Playful World of Petite Circus Fabrics by Alexandra Bordallo from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog


Here in South Florida, during this time of year, there are a couple of very fun festivals and circus events happening that are always so exciting! Going there with good company and of course, all the fair food will always bring a smile to my face. Once I laid my eyes on Alexandra Bordallo’s Petite Circus collection, I was instantly brought to this happy place! Reminding me of all the fun times I had when I was a kid going to these fairs, waiting in line to go on the rides and having good conversations with friends, and eating ...

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November 5, 2021
Reignite the Wild Forgotten with Bonnie Christine’s Fabric Collection from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

WildForgotten_banner copy

By being a creative person by nature, I will always have a deeper appreciation for art! Textile designs are unique in the way that you can feel the fabric, feel inspired, and manipulate it to transform into something even more beautiful! Every time a new collection is released, I’m thrilled to be one of the first ones to see the fabric because I instantly think of all the patchwork projects that can be created with it. This time around, when I saw Bonnie Christine’s latest collection, Wild forgotten, its wondrous prints and earthy colors made me instantly swoon ...

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October 25, 2021
In The Studio 04 from Blossom Heart Quilts

The bits and pieces I’ve been making, creating, reading, and doing – stitchy or otherwise… and this month, it’s all “otherwise”.

This past month has been… interesting. To say the least. You might like to grab a cuppa, as there’s a bit of back story that I feel it’s now time to share. We’re gonna get real and raw, but spoiler alert – I’m now in the best place I’ve been in years.

Two years ago this week, I was in Houston for Quilt Market to celebrate the release of my book, Mini Masterpieces. It ...

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September 22, 2021
In The Studio 03 from Blossom Heart Quilts

The bits and pieces I’ve been making, creating, reading, and doing – stitchy or otherwise.

Well, to add to the fun and games that is being a Melburnian this year, we’ve now added a decent earthquake to the mix. Just this morning, we had a 5.8mag (10km deep) earthquake about 200km to the east. I’ve certainly experienced worse while living in Japan, but this was still a decent shake. And my kids don’t really remember having them so they were a bit freaked out. We’re all ok, though!

We’ve also still got at least ...

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August 17, 2021
In The Studio 02 from Blossom Heart Quilts

The bits and pieces I’ve been making, creating, reading, and doing – stitchy or otherwise.

Well, here we are back in lockdown again – number 6 for Melbourne. And Thursday marks the point of 200 days (total) in lockdown – apparently London is the only other place to have been in lockdown for longer. If lockdown ends as currently expected on September 2, that’ll bring the total up to 214 days… It’s a heavy statistic. And I’ve recently found the perfect descriptor for what many of us here are feeling – languishing. This article from the NY Times covers it ...

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July 12, 2021
Meet the Maker at Nancy’s Notions from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

Joi Mahon, Sewist at Nancy’s Notions

When and how did you first start sewing?
I started sewing somewhere between age 5-7. I would go to my grandma’s farm and read all of her Hershner’s catalogs and I would look at photos and try to figure out how projects and patterns were created. I guess I started teaching myself at an early age how to think creatively  and to figure out how things are put together. I hand sewed a lot for several years and started using a sewing machine around age 11. I think I was the ...

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Meet the Maker of One Big Happy from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

Jenny Fish, Knitter at One Big Happy

When and how did you first start knitting?
Almost 20 years ago, I had a Lucy moment and convinced my best friend Becca to go a knitting class. The class was a disaster.  I don’t think we ever got past the cast on row. Looking back, it was quite hilarious, but at the time I was so frustrated!!! After that we stuck to books from the library and local yarn shops for tips and tricks. 

What advice would you give to someone who just started knitting?
Be Patient and Persistent. Knitting is ...

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In The Studio 01 from Blossom Heart Quilts

The bits and pieces I’ve been making, creating, reading, and doing – stitchy or otherwise.

Back in the day, (or as my kids used to say, “Back in the ages”!) I used to write fairly in-depth newsletters, sharing more “behind the scenes” bits and pieces, things I’ve been reading or buying or making or admiring. While I am an introvert, I do love a good quilty chit-chat! But it took quite a while to do that each week, and I had to change how I did things to make it more sustainable as life and work changed. I do ...

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May 25, 2021
You Should… No, I Won’t from Blossom Heart Quilts

When a pondering Instagram caption becomes too long and wordy, and instead, you ponder aloud in a blog post…

In life, in all areas of life, there are a lot of shoulds that swirl around. In parenting, in friendships, in relationships, in faith, in work, in play, in self-care…

You should have a daily routine and schedule.

You should spend time creating before consuming.

You should work harder to grow your business more and more.

You should get up earlier to go to the gym and read the Bible and prepare yourself mentally for the day before the kids get ...

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April 8, 2021
Cultural Appropriation and Pattern Discontinuation from Blossom Heart Quilts

When I first designed the Japanese foundation paper piecing quilt blocks, Hinamatsuri, Kokeshi, Tsuru, and Kimono, it was purely out of a desire to honour an important time my family’s life and our time in Japan. We did not live the stereotypical “expat life” that many people might imagine of living in a foreigner-dominant area and accessing as many English options as possible. We were in the suburbs, my husband worked in a Japanese government institute, our children went to the local Japanese preschool, we went to a Japanese church. It was very immersive. And as such, our time ...

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February 2, 2021
Family Football Traditions from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

The Doan Family celebrating last years big game in February 2020.

Does your family have football traditions? Here in Hamilton, Missouri we love to celebrate our favorite Kansas City football team and we are so excited to see them bringing more attention to the great state of Missouri once again. Whether your family goes to the backyard to throw around the pig skin or serves up an incredible halftime meal, we hope that you have a chance to enjoy your festivities of choice safely!

For those of us looking to make changes this year and celebrate smaller, there are still ...

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January 27, 2021
Daruma Yokota Sashiko Thread from The Ardent Thread

In the summer of 2019 I visited the Daruma Yokota thread dyeing factory in Kyoto, Japan. As our wholesale company, Orimono Imports, is a distributor for the brand and our retail shop, Kimonomomo has sold their thread for several years, I was hoping to learn more about the dyeing process and brainstorm some new ideas. In both regards, the visit was a resounding success.

Kyoto is typically hot and humid in summer, so much so that I always get blisters on my feet, no matter what kind of shoes or sandals I wear. With all the walking I do it ...

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December 1, 2020
A Quilting Life: Behind the Scenes & FAQ’s from A Quilting Life

A Quilting Life: Behind the Scenes featured by Top US Quilting Blog, A Quilting Life

Hello, friends! Today I’m sharing some A Quilting Life: Behind the Scenes & FAQ’s (frequently asked questions). We have had a lot of new readers over the past several months, and so I thought it was time for a re-introduction here on the blog. Many readers have joined recently from Moda Block Heads and from […]

The post A Quilting Life: Behind the Scenes & FAQ’s appeared first on A Quilting Life.

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November 18, 2020
Take a Look Behind the Scenes of BLOCK Magazine and Join Us for a BLOCK Party TONIGHT! from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

BLOCK Magazine is an “idea book” designed, produced, and published by Missouri Star Quilt Co. As you flip through each glossy page you’ll find gorgeous photography, fun patterns, brilliant ideas, and one-of-a-kind stories! For seven years – hard work, creativity and pure love has been poured into each issue!


Go Behind the Scenes

Q: How many people does it take to make an issue of BLOCK Magazine?
A: It takes a team of about forty people!

Here’s how they do it:

Each issue of BLOCK starts with thoughtful planning months in advance. First, the design ...

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September 30, 2020
5 Lessons I Learned From Creative Burnout from Blossom Heart Quilts

Happy October! Well, as it’s 2020, I hope it’ll be a happy month… but nevertheless, October is here, and I am back, baby! I have spent the past three months resting, playing, surviving, and sometimes thriving. It has not been an easy year for anyone, but a quick recap of the past three months since I last posted (read that here)…

My state, Victoria, very quickly went from stage 3 lockdown (which included home learning) to stage 4 lockdown which included: mandatory masks; a 5km radius limit on travel except for permitted work, care or health; an 8pm ...

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