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December 1, 2021
Exploring Collaboration - Bees and Block Swaps from Ellyn's Place

 I've really been enjoying exploring different aspects of collaboration with fellow modern quilter, Karen Bolan. You might remember reading about Welcoming Lamp, the project we collaborated on several months ago. Our conversations have continued since then and we are working on a series of blogposts to open up conversation in the quilting community about collaborating.Karen and I will offer articles on this topic twice a month and encourage you to join in by sharing your thoughts in the comments.

For our first posts, we are sharing our thoughts about the different types of collaboration. You can read my ...

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November 15, 2021
Improv Line Bee Blocks from Goer

Last month, Chris gave us the open-ended invitation to play with line in our improv blocks for her. Straight lines and how they intersect, or how they don't. She asked for black background (I used Kona Black) and as many colors as we like (at least two) for our lines, preferably brights.

My lines all vary between 1/8" and 1/2" in width. I really enjoy the look and process of piecing a skinny 1/8" strip. So I started with that.

This first one is about 12" x 12" with 1/8" strips in three colors. Technically ...

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November 8, 2021
Improv Time Bee Blocks from Goer

In September, Carole asked us to use time as our inspiration for her blocks. She asked us to use solids only with any shape or image that relates to time. And she chose the stunning tetrad palette of blue-green, red-violet, red-orange, and yellow-green (including recommended Kona suggestions to help us out).

My first thought that I couldn't shake was the idea of time passing as my children grow. I created a "watch me grow" block of sorts where I improv pieced the bodies of the three images and then added needle turn appliqué for the heads.

My second block ...

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October 12, 2021
Quilts Unscripted Bee Blocks from Ellyn's Place

Quilts Unscripted Bee continues to inspire me! In September, Carole challenged us to make blocks that represent Time in a  prescribed color palette. Songs about time kept coming to me, including my favorite song of all time, James Taylor's Secret of life....

One part of the song says "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time... any fool can do it. there ain't nothing to it. nobody knows how we got to the top of the hill. But, since we're on our way down, might as well enjoy the ride". It always makes me think ...

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September 7, 2021
Improv Holding Space Bee Blocks from Goer

Last month, I created blocks for E. A. She asked us "to think about how it feels when someone holds space for you and allows you to be who you are in a place that is safe. Alternatively, you could think about how it feels when you hold space for someone." She asked for abstract blocks created in pairs, with no limit on colors.

These pairs of blocks were created in parallel with each other. I didn't make one block and then copy it. I made two blocks at the same time. Since they are improv you can see ...

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September 5, 2021
Improv Alphabet Quilt Blocks from Goer

This summer I started co-hosting the Quilts Unscripted Bee with a group of 10 quilters. It is an improv quilt bee and every month the host for the month gives us a prompt. These can vary greatly. There might be a limited palette. The prompt might be about a feeling, or a style, or creating something representational.

Sarah Ruiz kicked off our first month in June with a really fun one. She gave us a limited color palette and asked us to use solids. Then she had a sign up for each person to pick some letters of the alphabet ...

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September 3, 2021
Improv Summer Bee Blocks: part 2 from Goer

Yesterday I shared my improv hammock quilt block. The second block I made for Chris was a book.

The book block was less tricky. I started by cutting book page shaped pieces out of the blue fabric. Then I added borders of white on three sides. I used the blue and white book pages as my template for cutting the background. These strips are about 5/8" wide. Rectangles were cut for the sides and I used the curve edge of the blue fabric as my template to cut the curves white strips.

Next, I cut out the book shape ...

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September 2, 2021
Improv Summer Bee Blocks: part 1 from Goer

In July, Chris asked for blue and yellow blocks showing what summer represented for us.

My immediate thought was a hammock, because last summer my daughter and I spent many hours in the backyard hammock together reading. Eventually, I came around to making a book block for my second block. (Check back tomorrow for that block.)

The hammock was a tricky construction. It was created with improv piecing using smooth improv curves and slice and insert methods to put the frame in the right place. I used this reference photo of my backyard hammock (hello draught "lawn"!) as a guide ...

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July 22, 2021
Bee blocks for Chris from Ellyn's Place

 Quilts Unscripted is in our second month. Chris requested summer themed blocks in blues and yellows and it was fun coming up with different ideas. In the end, I made her three blocks, which have been delivered.

First up are beach houses. I have seen patterned quilts similar, mine are improv. I'll be honest, I'm not much of a beach girl really, but these felt summery to me!
second was a tall glass of lemonade, which is so refreshing on hot summer Texas days! It was fun to create movement with the improv curves and add a tiny ...

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July 2, 2021
Bee Break - Exercise from Sew Sunshine

Gung Fu or the Study of F
37"x 24"
Flexible Patterning Score by Sherri Lynn Wood

My Bee mates and I had a slow year last year. We decided to start this year off with a bit of a prompt for ourselves and totally optional. I got out SLW's book of scores and chose 'flexible patterning'. I picked a shape to work with that I thought would be fun to build on. The letter F. I chose a teal blue on blue color palette added in a fun Marcia Derse print and black and started the process. 

What ...

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June 18, 2021
Quilts Unscripted from Ellyn's Place

 Several months ago, The Solid Seven, a modern solids improv bee I was a part of wrapped up. While it was great to step back and take a break for a bit, I was missing the community that comes from participating in a bee and the inspiration and challenges beemates always provide. When I talked to Sarah about it, turns out she was feeling the same way. We decided to invite other improv quilters whose work we knew and admired to join us in a new adventure.

We invited 10 quilters (including ourselves) to play along and.... what do you ...

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May 2, 2021
This is 60! from Ellyn's Place

When you celebrate a milestone birthday during a global pandemic, what do you do to celebrate? Well, if you are me, you recruit your friends to help you make a joyful quilt!
This is 60 is my last quilt with the Solid Seven bee. I asked my beemates to make me blocks that included at least one triangle (I love triangles, weird, I know) in my prescribed color palette of bright, bright, bright! As always, they did not disappoint!

I added the black/neon borders on two sides and finished off my quilt with faux piped binding (I wrote a ...

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February 22, 2021
Quiltcon Together 2021 from Ellyn's Place

 I had so much fun going through the Quiltcon Together virtual quilt show this weekend. As always, there was a huge array of stunning quilts in all of the categories. I found the community service quilts to be especially beautiful this year, and I was so proud of my guild, the McKinney Modern Quilt Guild for our contribution. Together in Turbulence was spearheaded by my friend Chris and many many quilters had a hand in the assembly. I was thrilled to contribute some blocks to the quilt.

I had no idea that receiving a first place ribbon for my Urban ...

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December 26, 2020
Every little thing equals progress from Sew Sunshine

I made 5 mini quilts! Yes I did...slow and steady like. These came about because my BEE mate Jen asked for quilted cards. I loved this idea though thought it would be daunting to make something so small. 
I am only supposed to tackle sewing projects in little bits of time, mainly because the posture (as you all know) in sewing can be very muscle fatiguing. 
I would guess about 5 minutes at a time I worked my way through the minis. They are all about 4.25" x 5ish" 
Of course I had a black and white theme ...

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December 25, 2020
December Bee Blocks from Goer

Merry Christmas to Ellyn!

Her prompt for the bee this month was to use this bright, happy palette to make three improv, pieced blocks approximately 12 1/2" x 12 1/2". She also requested we include a triangle(s) in each block. These Kona colors are Bright Pink, Orange, Duckling, Chartreuse and Jade Green.

I immediately decided that I would do some improv curves. Here's what I came up with.

The post December Bee Blocks appeared first on Sarah Goer Quilts.

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December 9, 2020
quilt monday from Quilt Nut Creations

 We closed up our trailer for the winter the other day 

and I realized I hadn't shared my modern maples quilt. 

 I wanted to find a fun place to take the pictures and a fun place was found.

I had help with this quilt from my TrueNorthBee members in 2019. 
I originally wanted just fall colours but I quickly became addicted to making blocks and all fabrics became fair game.

I wanted to keep the quilting woody so I used the panto Kindling.
 I think it was the perfect choice.

One of my favourites

No surprise I backed it ...

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December 6, 2020
“Not Christmas” Bee Blocks from Goer

For November, our prompt from Sarah was to create three blocks in shades of red and green, taking a broad view of what is meant by "red" and "green." She explained, "anything from pink to burgundy, seafoam to olive" and shared her fabric postcard as an example of the wide array of colors to include. Our blocks were to be any size and didn't need to be square (though mine all are).

I sure love color and this was a great opportunity to play with color. I enjoyed putting together different combinations, which is part of the reason why ...

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September 22, 2020
Bee blocks from Ellyn's Place

 Here's an update on bee blocks I've sent out to my Solid Seven beemates in recent months. If you're not familiar with our bee, you can follow our shenanigans on instagram at #thesolidseven. We work only in solids.

In July, we made these awesome paper pieced blocks for E.A. She sent us the fabrics she wanted and we could place them in the block however we wanted.

In August, Sarah requested these tic tac toe blocks. She provided us with her desired color palette.

I had so much fun making them, I decided to make a ...

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July 14, 2020
play time from Quilt Nut Creations

I've been keeping busy

Making some great progress on my Winterville quilt.

A few more TrueNorth bee blocks.

This first batch was a fun one.

And started on something new that I am REALLY excited about.

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June 9, 2020
another quilt finish from Ellyn's Place

I will say, sheltering in place has given me the time to finish up a bunch of UFOs! Last fall, my beemates from the McKinney Modern Quilt Guild made me pink and orange x & + blocks using this tutorial.
I added a giant version of the block. I sent my finished top over to my friend Diann so she could work her long arm magic. I even pieced the back, something I don't often do.
I love the fun modern floral Diann chose for my quilt.
Checking this one off my list!

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