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August 30, 2021
The Birth Place Forest of Silver Springs from Kim Hanson Quilts

Good day everyone. I wrote this piece for Woods Reader, a beautiful, inspiring publication based in Spring Lake, Minnesota. It can be found in their Winter 2020/2021 issue.


The grassy green field was alive with energy and vitality. School children, in groups of five or so, squealed with delight taking turns kicking the black and white soccer ball. Dogs barked; their owners allowing them freedom to run and play. The rush of four lanes of traffic roared by, leading in and out of the neighbourhood. Yet, the instant I stepped onto the spongy path of the Birth Place Forest ...

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August 25, 2020
A Quilt for Mike from Kim Hanson Quilts

Good day everyone. Thanks ever so much for joining us. I appreciate all the new subscribers that have come on board recently.

Five years ago, my thirty-something son asked me to make him a quilt. I was a little taken aback. . . he had never seemed very interested in my quilting. I put Mike off for awhile; but he asked me again.

So I began to go through my fabric stash in an attempt to figure out what fabrics I could use for his project. Mainly, kid-themed fabrics dominate my stash, along with florals and bright feminine-styled fabrics. Finding something that ...

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