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April 15, 2019
What's in a Name Tag? from Becca's Crazy Projects

To help people get to know each other, the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild coordinated a name tag swap.

I decided that I want to do some tiny paper piecing to make sure I got it right. I designed a stack of tiny flying geese. I used Electric Quilt 8 to design the paper piecing papers. There is an option to print as many as will fit on a page, so I went with it. There was a printing problem (the user) so I ended up with two pages of these.
I grabbed my bin of scraps and make a couple ...

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March 28, 2019
Mimi Dietrich: Honoring Baltimore's "Hometown Girl" from Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye

This past weekend, I (Teri) had the privilege of attending the opening of the special exhibit, Hometown Girl: Contemporary Quilts of Mimi Dietrich, at the Maryland Historical Society Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. What a thrill it was to share this day with Mimi—along with hundreds of her family, friends, and students. Mimi has inspired countless quilters over the course of her career, and her character has touched everyone who has been fortunate to know her. 

Mimi began her opening lecture with the story of a friend who had given her a file of papers—all the entries for a ...

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December 7, 2018
Mystery in Black and White from Becca's Crazy Projects

Since I picked up backing during the after Thanksgiving shopping craze, I decided I should load up my 2018 Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild mystery quilt. I've been trying very hard to keep working on finishing things instead of starting things. I think it is a challenge for every creative person.
I quilted this one with a wavy hand-guided design with a few swirls to fill in some of the arcs. More wave than swirl overall.
I had some time this week to finish the binding. A finished quilt is a happy quilt.

As part of my quest to buy ...

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November 7, 2018
MQG Pouch Swap from Becca's Crazy Projects

The DC Modern Quilt Guild and the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild are doing a bag swap at the next Baltimore MQG meeting.

As one would expect, partner assignments went out weeks ago and I just got around to constructing my swap bag. The recommended pattern was the Open Wide Pouch by Noodlehead. It's a free pattern with a great tutorial. I dug around in my stash for the appropriate colors. At least I hope they are the appropriate colors.
Then I fiddled with Electric Quilt 8 until I had design I liked. The block finishes at 12" by 12 ...

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November 4, 2018
For the last time...Et pour la dernière fois... from Accroquilt

I'm a little sad to think that this was the last day I worked on this quilt. She has been my companion almost every day for the last three years,  mentally if not physically. On the other hand, how proud to have reached the result that I see.

On the first picture, the last stitches, sewing the bias border.

Je suis un peu triste de penser que c'est la dernière journée que je travaille sur cette courtepointe.  Elle a été ma compagne de presque tous les jours ces trois dernières années, physiquement sinon mentalement.  Par contre, quelle fierté ...

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September 30, 2018
light at the end of the tunnel... lumière au bout du tunnel... from Accroquilt

 After a very busy summer (family (birth), moving (2), some travels and small health problems), I'm back in the sewing room that I missed.  And I want to sew the last stitch on that beauty, my Baltimore Garden quilt.  I'm now  sewing machine the last two outer borders with 1/2'' diamonds.  A lot of thread to bury but it's a fast step.  After that, it will have the biais and the label.  Give me 2 more weeks and I'll be done.

L'été a été très occupé avec une nouvelle petite-fille qui s'ajoute à ...

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September 17, 2018
Mystery in Black and White from Becca's Crazy Projects

Last week I shared my version of my latest mystery quilt.

I finished up the center of the top with black setting triangles cut from some leftover quilt backing. 
I used some more leftover quilt backing to make a narrow (1.5" finished) inner border and a wider (4" finished) outer border. It measures about 56" by 68" which isn't a big quilt, but as big as I intend to go with it. This one will get set aside until I can either piece a backing or buy some. I might have something suitable around here somewhere. I haven ...

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September 10, 2018
Mystery in Black and White from Becca's Crazy Projects

Due to conflicting schedules, this is how my mystery quilt project has been languishing. This past weekend, I finally managed to get the rest of the clues. In truth, this project has been taking up two project boxes and I have new projects that want some of that project box real estate. I use the Iris 12" by 12" clear boxes for quilts, bags, and even yarn.
That meant I managed to get to work on this quilt. The directions for these blocks are written with the stitch and flip method of adding those corners. This is, in my opinion ...

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July 24, 2018
Bingo Quilt from Becca's Crazy Projects

The Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild is having a bingo event again this year. What is Quilt Bingo? Well, it is an event where you play bingo and the big prizes are quilts made by the guild. For a list of the kinds of prizes one might win at Quilt Bingo you should check out this great post, complete with links to free quilt blocks, bag patterns, and other quilty goodness.

I volunteered to quilt one of the quilts. I didn't make any of the blocks. They were made by members of the guild.
I quilted it with swirls and ...

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June 1, 2018
Shards from Becca's Crazy Projects

Last month I shared my Geodes quilt.

I had some leftovers from that quilt. I'm not a fan of leaving oddly shaped units around so I put them up on the design wall and decided I had enough leftover bits to make a crib-size quilt.
I quilted this one with a swirl-flower motif because I figured it needed something to soften up those angles.
This will be my contribution to the Baltimore Maryland Quilt Guild for our charity quit project. I just need to add the binding and it will be ready to go.

I've made some great ...

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May 18, 2018
Quilt Found! from Lost Quilt Come Home Page

Thanks to our wonderful followers on Facebook and Instagram, Deb Moon MacPhail contacted us today to say, “Quilt has been found.  The guy who took delivery has made contact and will be turned over to the recipient, next week when she can arrange a meeting.  Thank you for all your help.

If you’re not already, please follow along on our Instagram and Facebook pages and help us spread the word.

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April 16, 2018
Improv Piecing from Becca's Crazy Projects

More progress on my Improv Piecing Project. I finished piecing and trimming all the blocks. Then I spent a bunch of time rearranging the blocks until I came up with a setting I liked.
When that was done, I sewed up the rows and added a border. The border ended up being a little scrappier than I planned, but that seems to fit the overall design. Next step: quilting. 

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April 11, 2018
Improv Piecing from Becca's Crazy Projects

I've been making some more progress on my Improv Piecing Project.

I pulled out my blocks and sewed some more into bigger blocks.
I pulled out a stack of black fabric to try to frame in some of the arcs. I really liked the black, but the pieces were becoming terribly large and more difficult to sew together.
I grabbed the biggest square ruler I have. I have the Omnigrid 15 inch by 15 inch square. It seemed the perfect size to cut out some blocks to build in some structure and still have some great, big blocks. I ...

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April 9, 2018
divergence from Becca's Crazy Projects

This quilt was a result of one of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild bee I participated in last year.

I was the queen bee for the month of April, so I guess it is fitting I finished it in April of this year.
I used the same backing for another quilt and liked it. I thought it would be perfect for this quilt. I quilted swirls as an all-over quilting design. The thread is a very light gray, the same light gray I piece with most of the time.
I think the quilting really adds a dimension to the quilt ...

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March 12, 2018
Block Lottery: Tulip Time from Becca's Crazy Projects

This is my next installment of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild block lottery. This time we're using the free tutorial by Samelia's Mum to make applique tulips. The pattern is called Tulip Time.

I determined how many blocks I could get out of one width of fabric cut. The answer was six blocks so that's how many I made. I traced the shapes onto my fusible (like Pellon 805 Wonder Under) and cut them out with a little bit of extra room.
The background is light gray to fit with the coordinators request. I was pleasantly surprised ...

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March 7, 2018
2017 Baltimore MQG Mystery Quilt from Becca's Crazy Projects

This is the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild 2017 Mystery Quilt. The first clue of the 2018 mystery is going to be handed out this month and I wanted to work on the 2017 mystery quilt so I wouldn't feel so guilty about starting the new one.
I spent a bunch of time thinking about how to quilt this one. The stars wanted their own quilting and that dark orange strip really wanted the right color thread. I don't always do custom quilting but when I do it seems to take forever.
I think the texture is perfect! In ...

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February 2, 2018
Block Lottery: Candy Chains from Becca's Crazy Projects

This year the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild is doing a block lottery. I'm sure you could use your search engine of choice to find the rules for such a thing. I will admit that I like the idea more than I should. It combines learning new blocks with the element of chance thrown in. Not that I need another half-finished project. The block is called QST Candy Chains and there is a free tutorial on the Stash Bee Blog. Even if this block isn't your cup of tea, there are loads of free tutorials for blocks there and ...

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January 12, 2018
Charity Quilting from Becca's Crazy Projects

Sometimes I have to pull out all the thread. Okay, not all the thread, but several different threads and then decide which color, or colors, I want to use. I narrowed it down to four colors for this quilt.
This is the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild's charity quilt. The blocks were made by the members of the guild. I volunteered to do the quilting.
I decided to quilt with swirls, waves and whatever else struck my fancy.
There are areas where the quilting is specific to the block.
And others where it is more like a background filler.
I ...

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November 17, 2017
Make Modern from Becca's Crazy Projects

I made these blocks for a group project.

You can find instructions to make your own Cross-cut Blocks in this post from A Quilter's Table.

My blocks measure at 12.5" by 12.5" (finish at 12") but the idea is the same.

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September 7, 2017
Basting the quilt...Faufilage pour piquer... from Accroquilt

I'm basting with thread my Baltimore quilt.  
I don't know if I need to baste from top to bottom AND from left to right 
or only from top to bottom.
My stitches are about 2 inches apart.  Is it enough, is it too much or do I need to do the left to right side too.
Will you share your experience?

Je faufile présentement ma courtepointe Baltimore.  Je la piquerai à la main finalement.  Un doute dans ma tête:  est-ce suffisant de faufiler de haut en bas seulement (à environ 4 pouces d'intervalle) ou dois-je aussi le ...

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