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December 20, 2022
Agents of H.A.G. crowdfunder! from Nina Paley


Go to this link to pre-order books!


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September 29, 2022
Black and Gold from Heart Desire Creations

Recently, while digging through a fabric bin of precuts, I came across a bundle of black and gold fabrics together with coordinating fabrics. I slashed the squares into triangles and began sewing them into half square triangles. No real plan – just wanted to sew. Sometimes this method works for me, sometimes it doesn’t, but luckily it did this time!

As I put them on the design wall, the plan changed several times. A central block soon became key. Finally I had the look I wanted and sewed it all together. I even quilted this one myself!

The center block ...

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September 13, 2022
Menopause shirts from Nina Paley

Have your uterus and ovaries expired? Have you gained superpowers of invisibility and not giving a F***? Celebrate with this shirt.


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August 12, 2022
Adoption from Heart Desire Creations

The Quilt. What do you get when you combine your orphan blocks? A quilt – Adoption! Some time ago I put my orphan blocks on the design wall and started to put them together. And then the mood changed and I put it all away. I resurrected this project and voila – a quilt!

I used pieced black and white borders and sashings to help bring it all together. The key for me to make this happen was to let go of being overly particular and just go ahead and sew. This quilt reminds me somewhat of the style of Freddy Moran ...

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August 6, 2022
A “Little” to Gift from Heart Desire Creations

Recently, a Tula Pink fan and friend who I had the privilege to meet with last year, and have corresponded with on the internet for the past couple of years, put out the word that she now had a separate building as her quilting/creating studio and wanted to do a wall of mini Tula Pink quilts. (She offered payment, but gifting was the way to go) My Tula Pink stash is quite depleted. I have made several quilts from her fabrics and sold or gifted most of the remainder. I did, however, still have a partial cameo of a ...

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July 1, 2022
“Nonrepresentational Art” for Karl from Nina Paley

Hundred Hundred-and-Fifty Dollar Drawing.  Hundred Dollar Drawings are now $150 due to inflation, but still a bargain! Available here.


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June 6, 2022
Summer Is Here! from QUilting By-You

I know, it’s only the beginning of June and it’s not technically summer, but my kiddos finished their last week of school (eek!) and soon it will be all me and them for the summer. Negotiations have begun for what we are going to do. I’m not a mom who is “extra” but things go better if we have activities to do. In the past I have set up my own summer camps with a theme and activities and sometimes they worked great and sometimes they were a bust, but there have been a couple of summers ...

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April 14, 2022
Apocalypse Animated Lenticular prints! from Nina Paley

I just got my test batch from the printer and they look as good in real life as they do in this video. (One of 8 in the video was printed at the wrong orientation, so that one is not offered, but it leaves 7 which was my goal anyway). Order yours here:

Currently unsigned only, to US addresses only. I will offer more expensive, signed and numbered sets of 7 later. These are cheaper (but still expensive! Sorry, custom lenticulars ain’t cheap) because they ship directly from the printer. I’m also working on ...

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March 20, 2022
One for Spring from Heart Desire Creations

Melee the quilt is finished! I have, however, changed the name to “Vibrance” which is much more positive. This was made from blocks I had put away for some time. The blocks were cut up in varying shapes and sizes and put on the design wall with a minimal plan.

The center of this quilt was definitely planned.
The two ends of the quilt had the full triangles as a border.

It was back from the long arm quilter last week and I couldn’t wait to add the binding. Yes, there were extra “corners,” but they were easy. This ...

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March 13, 2022
Twelve Days of Christmas from Heart Desire Creations

Brrr and Good Morning from chilly North Carolina! The poor sea of daffodils are all weeping from this cold! Of course, for me, this means a day of sewing!

Two years ago I cam across a Twelve Days of Christmas ornament series made from felt. It was love at first site! Uncharacteristically, I ordered the full set of patterns (from Larissa Holland, mmmCrafts). At first the pattern set seemed pricey, but oh the detail, exquisite design and excellent instructions made it so worth it. I even ordered the set of felt to make them with. I printed the patterns out ...

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Lenticulicious from Nina Paley

I’m exploring custom lenticular prints of loops from I still don’t have them in hand; the first tests arrive in hand next week. Here’s a preview video from the printer of the design below:

Four Horsemen

But I’m so excited I’m already setting up designs for 6 more, to make a set of 7 lenticular prints (7 seems to be the most fetishized number in the Book of Revelation). Because I want to look at them adjacent to each other, I’m posting them here!

One on the Throne
The Number of the ...

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March 9, 2022
Introducing the TERF-Tranny Alliance from Nina Paley

It’s just an emblem, a pin, a really ugly web page, and a dream. But it’s ours, and we intend to run it into the ground like any other movement, with a series of schisms, betrayals, false accusations, personality conflicts, poor communication, co-optation by more powerful “allies”, selling out, and ultimate abandonment of our ideals. In the meantime, feel free to share this emblem wherever you like, and go here to get a shiny gold and enamel pin that costs so much to ship there’s no profit for us, even at the high price of $10.


The ...

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February 18, 2022
Apocalypse Animated video from Nina Paley

I made this little “trailer” video for . It’s only 3 minutes long, while there are almost 12 minutes of animation (without even looping!) in the project, so this is but a mere sample of the wonders to find at the website. But this has music so people are likelier to share and attend to it.

There are some technical looping flaws that bother me. Apparently when I export HD video from Moho, it omits the last frame of the loop, causing a jerk in the seams. This doesn’t happen when I export gifs. To make my ...

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January 16, 2022
Boost Your Creativity with Journaling from Pippa Patchwork

Journaling is a great way to increase your creativity. Journaling can be done in many different ways, from writing about your day to doodling and sketching. Whatever you choose to write about or draw, journaling will help you become more creative. In this article we’ll explore the benefits of journaling and how it can improve your creativity!

Words and images are powerful tools for expressing your creativity. When you journal, you have the opportunity to explore all kinds of ideas and emotions. You can experiment with different writing styles and artwork, which can help you find new ways of ...

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December 14, 2021
Going Down the Organizing Rabbit Hole from Where Art & Life Meet

There are diversions and then there are DIVERSIONS!  Organizing can be one of those.  I finished the BIG piece I’ve been working on and instead of leaping into something new, I got sidetracked with organizing.  Organizing my work space, it’s pretty small so it takes some doing to spend more than a few hours on […]

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December 9, 2021
Showing up For Work from Where Art & Life Meet

I’m not feeling great.  I should probably just end this post right here.  But, no, I’ll soldier on. Not because this post is important, it’s not, but because it represents all the things on my to do list and so much that is just life. No one needs to hear my laundry list of “woes”, […]

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December 2, 2021
Finishing a Project is Like a Tiny Death from Where Art & Life Meet

I’m just about finished with my big improvisational stitching piece that I’ve been working on for the last 7 months or so, and it’s bittersweet.  It always feels like a tiny death.  There’s sadness and a kind of grieving that happens.  Sometimes I just leave it up on my design wall and look at it […]

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November 7, 2021
To Travel is Like Falling in Love from Where Art & Life Meet

There’s something about traveling that’s like falling in love.  Everything is new and exciting, the people, the smells, the food, the architecture, the monuments, art, culture; immersing yourself in something so completely different from what you’re used to, from what you know, is akin to falling in love.  It’s exhilarating and defies description.  When I’m […]

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November 5, 2021
Bullet Journal from Becca's Crazy Projects

I had a crazy idea I should start a bullet journal. I'm not sure why. I ordered some notebooks, some stencils, and watched a bunch of YouTube videos on the subject. I'll go over the tools I'm using (and include links if you want to check them out). The disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you use one of these links and actually buy something (it doesn't even have to be the thing I'm linking to) I get a small commission from Amazon. In a good month, I make enough ...

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November 4, 2021
Egyptian Inspiration and Textiles from Where Art & Life Meet

First things first.  We are in Egypt!  Yup, you read that right.  More specifically, at this very moment, we’re floating on the Nile, taking in the sights as we make our way toward Luxor.  Everything about Egypt is inspiring, the history, the beauty, the art, the textiles, the carpets, the people… amazing.  I’ll give you […]

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