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December 23, 2019
A 9 Patch 'n' Apps Christmas 7, 8 from Virtual Quilter

Another design in Christmas colours which would look good all year, and would react well to a change of colours.

Love the second one!

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December 13, 2019
A Holly Christmas 1, 2 from Virtual Quilter

New blocks, new project file … especially for Christmas!

Holly is something which has not been introduced to many plantings of any sort in Australia, so most of us rely on artificial varieties as part of our Christmas decorations.

It must be Christmas already.

I feel like a kid with a new toy … really a virtual quilter with a new set of blocks to play with, and expand into a bigger collection than it already is!

It is unlikely I will need to make another Christmas quilt in the near future, but if, or when, I do I will have lots ...

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