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September 23, 2022
White on Bright 9, 10 from Virtual Quilter

Something to brighten up the day, and drop a hint to those in charge of the weather that spring has sprung, and we expect a sunny day or tow before the end of the month.

These designs would save a lot of anguish about what fabric choice. First select white, then grab a darker colour!

The local sporting colours where I live now are red and white, my home team when I was growing up wore blue and white, my Dad’s favourite state team was black and white, it would depend on who I was making the quilt for.

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September 22, 2022
Tiled Applications 9 from Virtual Quilter

Dainty and subdued, nice choice for a restful look in a bedroom.

I like the second design best of these two.

I would really like to change the title of this project file, but have no idea what to change it to. All suggestions will be considered.

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September 20, 2022
Aunt Flo’s Quilt 33, 34 from Virtual Quilter

Most of the quilts I have made are sampler album quilts, so I don’t have to make heaps of identical blocks, and they can be a mixture of pieced and and applique blocks, but I love the design above.

I would probably fall in love with it every time I walked into our bedroom, but would be bored stiff making it!

More pieced blocks in the second would make it quicker to put together, but I like more applique in the mix than this one has.

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September 19, 2022
Patch Play Quilted 25, 26 from Virtual Quilter

I sort of like it, but I think the colouring is wrong, though it works in most of the designs in this project file. Too much of the dark red.

Exactly the same colours, but different blocks, and it looks much, much better!

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September 18, 2022
EQ Dozen + Quilting 23, 24 from Virtual Quilter

Oh, so pretty!

I would like to make it a little more interesting to make a real version … there are too many of those five petal flowers … though I don’t mind the quilted only ones.

Would be more interesting to make but a bit too busy for my liking.

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September 17, 2022
EQ Dozen Again 17, 18 from Virtual Quilter

Interesting mix of blocks, or perhaps an interesting way to mix up some blocks.

I like the second one, but would leave out the 16 identical applique blocks and quilt a similar motif in that space instead.

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September 16, 2022
EQ Album +51, 52 from Virtual Quilter

I love playing with sashing, making some of it the same fabric as the background fabric.

I like the placement of light and dark backgrounds in the second design.

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September 15, 2022
EQ Dozen OP 55.56 from Virtual Quilter

The EQ Dozen project files were amongst the first project files created for the Virtual Quilter blog, and I still like playing whenever I open them … not that I need to as there are plenty of designs in there to cover quite a few more blog posts!

I like the first design best of these two, but the second one is rather interesting.

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September 13, 2022
Classy Pieces 9, 10 from Virtual Quilter

I like it a lot.

I like the second one more!

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September 12, 2022
Elevenses 73, 74 from Virtual Quilter

The colours are a bit washed out, but I like them.

I like the mixture of pieced and applique blocks in the first design more then the pieced only collection of blocks in the second.

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September 11, 2022
Baker’s Dozen 45, 46 from Virtual Quilter

Love it!

Love the second one, but the first is my favourite.

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September 10, 2022
Patched and Pieced 41, 42 from Virtual Quilter

Love the first design, and think it would look great in pretty colours, bright colours … any colours … providing the contrast is right.

Slightly more masculine than the first, and I like it.

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September 9, 2022
Felicity Anderson Quilts 45, 46 from Virtual Quilter


Love the centre block.

After selecting the first design I started playing with the designs in the project file, as I wanted to change the design which was next in line. I deleted a couple, and added a couple of handfuls.

I like the new background colour, which I had introduced as part of a couple of designs, making it the dominate background in all future designs. There will be more quilting added to future designs too.

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September 8, 2022
Hearts for Felicity 13, 14 from Virtual Quilter

Love the applique blocks, not so much the pieced blocks, though the resulting designs are OK.

The first design is my favourite of today’s selection.

I think I might have to play with some different pieced blocks, and sometime in the not to distant future because there are no more designs in this project file, but I think I will keep the same colouring for the applique blocks.

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September 6, 2022
Wattles and Waratahs 9, 10 from Virtual Quilter

No waratahs, lots of wattle. In these designs the wattle is Drummonds Wattle.

Interesting flowers which would look good in many other colours, but as far as I know the real thing only comes in one colour.

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September 4, 2022
Desert Peas 1, 2 from Virtual Quilter

This project file uses my version of the state flower of South Australia … the Sturt Desert Pea. It is an annual, though the seasons are based on rain rather than calendar months. The plant emerges soon after rain in dry sandy red sand in desert areas, and flowers profusely for a short period, and sprawls along the ground with the flowers sitting above the carpet of soft grey green.

My Mum had a small clump which flowered after a good rain, but I haven’t been able to keep them alive beyond one flowering season, but in my virtual world ...

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September 3, 2022
Floral Wedding 53, 54 from Virtual Quilter

It may be spring time in Australia, but my advice for any brides planning to get married in the near future is to have some winter woolies to keep you warm, or plan all activities for the day to be indoors with central heating.

At least there are some hardy spring flowers adding colour to the garden, though the weeds are trying to keep them out of view.

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September 2, 2022
Petal Power 3, 4 from Virtual Quilter

My garden features lots of pink, and lots of green … far too much as much of the green at the moment is weeds.

However, in virtual and real quilts I can limit the amount of green, and I love the results.

Less blocks, smaller quilt unless the blocks are enlarged, but still pretty.

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September 1, 2022
A Spoonful of Sugar 11, 12 from Virtual Quilter

Very dainty, very pretty and I love it, though not for me!

More of the same, and still love it. I seem to have a purple fetish of late, perhaps because August was my Mum’s birth month, and now it is September and a great month to play in the garden which Mum loved to do. In addition, one of her favourite flowers is currently in bloom in the garden, and yes, it is a purple one!

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August 30, 2022
Primitive Country 5, 6 from Virtual Quilter

Just for fun!

A bit more formal, but still fun.

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