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April 6, 2021
to do :antique blocks from Making A Lather

 As I have been cleaning and reorganizing, I have decided it is time to release some of my antique/ vintage quilt pieces into the wild.  etsy here I can't believe how hard it is to let them go. I feel I have to recue all the unwanted blocks in the world. The first blocks have some machine piecing, using old indigo blues. I think the machine stitching looks like a treadle stitch. I bought them at a quilt show some time ago. There are 9 blocks at 11 1/2 inches.

I have 17 of these blocks in my ...

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March 17, 2021
FQSG Antique Quilt Block Challenge from Nestlings By Robin

The March 2021 issue of 
AQ magazine is out and inside
you will find an article by Moi :)

Last year the Florida Quilt
Study Group did an antique
block challenge with very
few rules, thankfully!

I was overly ambitious and 
worked on 2 blocks because 
each had different fabrics that spoke 
to me. Using techniques 
workshop, I created 2 unique pieces 
and then wrote an article about 
the process for AQ.

Our Fabulous exhibit is 
now on display
at THE Quilters Hall of Fame
in Marion, Indiana. 
IF you can ...

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December 17, 2020
Vintage Re-done from Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye

As a result of having some extra time on my (Kara) hands thanks to the lockdowns, I decided I would make all three of our children quilts. I had intentions of doing that for them about 20 years ago, but only succeeded in making one child her own quilt (you can read about that HERE). The first two quilts had been finished and quilted and so I had one left to make. A long time ago, I purchased an old quilt top in a thrift store and I had yet to do anything with it. The top was probably from ...

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September 13, 2020
Well-Loved Ladies QAL: Currants from Nestlings By Robin

Welcome to Block 1.
The photo above is from the 
center of a circa 1860 
quilt in my collection.
The quilting is a cross hatch done
in 1/4" grid which gives it a 
fabulous look and feel!

where I wanted to showcase the 
variations of designs because
I am fascinated by how designs
have evolved over time.

Most of the time this block
is seen with berries added but
I do like the simplicity of this layout.

This plant was being grown here in
the US during the mid 19th century time 
allowing quilters ...

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