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August 14, 2020
A Good Finish from Quilty Folk

Not getting very far with the paperwork, but at least there has been time spent there. Just like with quilting, I figure every little bit accomplished equals forward progress. In better news, there's a new quilt finish! This has been such a cheerful quilt to work on. Can't believe it didn't end up in the hoop much sooner. Totally sanity saving, believe me! Why do people tend to believe that yellow isn't a positive mood enhancer?
Sweet Tarts
Maybe it's the combination of yellow and pink that works all the charm? This was a quilt ...

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July 1, 2020
Starting and Finishing from Quilty Folk

Finally brought out the Chunky Tulips for hand work. It feels like a great project for July and I definitely need to get moving on the applique list. These four represent 30% of the blocks being finished so that's a good start!

Chunky Tulip blocks
I've been thinking and thinking and then, thinking some more about the latest AHIQ challenge. It's called 'Positive Thinking' which isn't always my strong suit. I'm more the glass half empty gal, generally expecting things to get worse before they get better! Probably why I tend to veer towards making ...

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April 1, 2020
Bright and cheery from Jean's Quilting Page

I designed and made the My Little Pretties Sampler quilt a long tme ago, but never quilted it as I didn't have time. Plus it hung on the wall in the classroom so nicely unquilted. I recently asked my friend Cindy to quilt it for me and she did! I love what she did! 
Cindy does free motion quilting and said she was trying out a new design idea. She quilted in yellow and I really like that color choice. I used this pink/orange stripey fabric that I got not long ago because I knew it would go ...

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January 20, 2020
Back In The Saddle, I Hope from Indigo Threads

Hey Ho!  I will try to do this blogging thing again.  I fell off the "blog/horse" last year and have been having trouble getting back to it again.  Mostly because I really wasn't doing much that was blog-worthy.  At least I felt that way.  So, a new year, a new decade and hopefully I'll be a more successful blogger.

My broken ankle has healed up beautifully.  I'm able to do pretty much whatever I want now.  I am more careful about how I do things now though!

"Positive Vibes"
60" x 80"

I did finish my ...

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February 9, 2019
A Finished "Squirrel"! from Indigo Threads

This post has been a long time coming.  I've actually had this quilt finished since August of last year so it could be in the guild quilt show, but I didn't have time to do a post nor did I have decent photos of the quilt.  Finally the stars have aligned!  I've finally managed to get some decent photos and I have time to post!

"Falling Crumbs"
80 x 95 inches
hanging at the quilt show

First, an explanation for my post title.  You'll see a Squirrel! logo on my left side bar.  Quiltdivajulie at Me ...

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