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June 28, 2020
Mermaids on Wings from Sew Preeti Quilts

It started with this fabric - cute and sweet. It is a complete escape from reality. Just perfect.


The concept was to frame the cute fabric and then alternate the resulting block with four-patch blocks. The four patch blocks were made from Lily and Loom charm squares.

Depressed :-(

I loved the mermaids and I loved the deep/rich 4-patch blocks but together they did not seem to work. It seemed dull and sad.

Something had to change.
I chose the colors from the mermaid fabric, cut up some 5" squares and put them up on the design wall.


Much ...

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February 24, 2020
Vintage Four-Patch from Becca's Crazy Projects

This is what my cutting table looks like most of the time. I move on to the next project and leave a pile of leftovers to put away later. This slows down some of my creativity, but not enough to keep me from doing it again. I had a bunch of strips and squares leftover from my Star Storm Quilt. I decided to trim down some of those leftovers to make some simple four-patch in four-patch blocks.
First, I made a bunch of smaller (4.5" by 4.5") 4-patch units.
Then I joined some to make bigger blocks (8 ...

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October 3, 2016
…But Wait, There’s More! from Quilting, Piece by Piece

dsc04696-1So, you went to the Guild meeting and picked up your Single Irish Chain kit, and looked at my blog post and said to yourself, “Surely, she doesn’t expect me to cut up everything into little squares and do all that tedious piecing.”

You’re right, I don’t expect you to do all that “tedious piecing.” (And, just to show my age, “don’t call me Shirley.”)

If you know shortcuts, I expect you to use them… as long as the Irish Chain blocks come out to 9.5″ square, no one but you will know how you ...

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August 15, 2016
» The Bearister Quilter

Quilt Block of the Week.

We will feature a quilt block of the week. You will be able to find them all grouped together in the page tab on the right side of the blog. We will have an example of the block and how it looks in a quilt and tell you a little about the history of the block, if known.

Week 1- August 15, 2016

Most Basic Block- Mother of all Quilt Blocks- The Basic Four Patch

This has to be the easiest of all quilt blocks. This is an excellent block for a beginning quilter to ...

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