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August 9, 2020
Wednesday's Word: Psalm 22. Wednesday Wrap Ups: 1930's Baby Quilt/Table Topper! I Like Vintage Quilts from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Wednesday's Word:  
Let’s continue with the verses from Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin. As her sisters are hospitalized on Ellis Island, Sofia finds herself all alone waiting for them to recover. Her friend shares yet more Scriptures with her. 

So much is happening in our world, in our nation, even in our homes!
Perhaps you are also waiting for loved ones to recover from an illness/addiction.
Perhaps you are also feeling abandoned by God.
Perhaps you are putting on a brave, cheerful face all the while feeling all alone in your own private pain, your ...

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June 25, 2020
Monday's Strength. A Learning Thing. Book Date. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Monday's Strength

Perseverance:  continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition Merriam Webster

To me, for today, perseverance is the focus of this verse.  I know that despite the hindrances, I will persevere as I learn to once again lean on the precious arms of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  

A Learning Thing

After measuring the $7.50 quilt blocks, I added compensating strips and put the blocks together.  To me it looked like a mess and I was ready to throw it out, but I decided to keep it.  I realized pressing was my error ...

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May 4, 2020
Monday's Strength. 30's $7.50 Quilt. Book Date. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Monday's Strength

As promised, here is another tool that I'm using to encourage myself.  It is a theme based Scripture writing plan by Shannon over at Sweet Blessings. April's theme was "But God"   
I first heard about "But God" verses in a sermon by Pastor Dale.  He said to pay attention when we read/hear "But God".  Then, last week, I found Shannon's amazing Scripture writing plan. Talk about a God wink!

Here's part of today's verses:

May I encourage you to try out these writing plans?  We need to choose whose voice we ...

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May 1, 2020
Wednesday's Word. Wednesday Wrap Ups. Pressing On. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Wednesday's Word

Today's word is for those of us who love people who make/have made hurtful choices.  First of all, you are not alone.  I'll say it again, you are not the only one who loves someone who makes hurtful choices.  I write from personal experience.
God gave me three points to write about:
1) Let go of the guilt.  You did not cause the situation, you cannot control the person and you can't cure them.  You can only take care of yourself.  
2) Rebuke those who judge and make insensitive remarks about your loved ...

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