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December 10, 2019
Stitching, Snail Mail, Reading from Bayou Quilts

Stitching.  I began working on a second panel for 25 Million Stitches as soon as I finished the first one. 

Silly.  I don't know why, but feeding the worms is much more amusing than feeding the cats.  Another smoothie should keep them happy for a while.  
 Sometimes I just put a Ritz cracker topped with a lettuce leaf from the garden and a banana slice because it makes me laugh at the idea of the worms feasting.

Mail.  I really like this envelope, simple and lovely.  Jacque makes the most beautiful cards and her Christmas card below is one ...

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December 7, 2019
25 Million Stitches and Snail Mail from Bayou Quilts

I finished this panel ad put it in the mail to 25 Million Stitches.
I have another panel started.

Incoming Mail

 This beautiful card from Erin, 
while she and the grands were in Colorado
over Thanksgiving.

I'm not sure what happened to my Halloween postcard to Suzi, but it evidently went for a long journey.  I mailed it on Oct. 22, and she received it on Nov. 29.  It should have been in New Orleans in 3 or 4 days, but who knows what adventures it had along the way.  She was pleased to get a Halloween postcard ...

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December 6, 2019
Another Project Done from Notes from Studio B

I would like to Thank all those who left messages of support for my husbands surgery. It's over, we are back home, there were a few problems but he got through it and is doing fairly well. He has about 4-6 weeks for recovery and I can see an improvement everyday. Next step is in 10 days we go back to Boise for another test and hopefully catheter removal, step by step to get healthy again. Cancer sure changes your life. This was the view from his 6th floor hospital window, the bear sculpture on the roof of the ...

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December 3, 2019
What's Up? from Bayou Quilts

What I've been doing lately...

Finishing up Thanksgiving leftovers.  

Thinking about Christmas gifts.  Are you receiving some of those lists of possible Christmas gifts?  I've looked at a couple and have not found them particularly helpful.  Until, that is, I checked out this one--and found gifts that I might want for the grands, but way too many I want for myself! 

Nellie Bly's courage and journalism has always fascinated me.

example of one of the postcards

From crafts to games to microscopes, all kinds of goodies that are more than a one-off pleasure soon abandoned; many ...

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November 30, 2019
A Slow Start to Daily Stitching #5 from Notes from Studio B

This was a busy week, I had seven family members here for four days so my stitching time was minimal. We had a great time even though five of our group didn't make it because of weather. We did the annual Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning, with the usual coffee stop on the way home.

On Friday morning instead of Black Friday shopping we stayed home and created.

My 50 plus year old sons drawing and coloring with the a few of the kids.

2019 Daily Stitching #5

It's started but not much has been done. To ...

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November 27, 2019
Stitching Away from Bayou Quilts

I read about 25 Million Stitches on Million Little Stitches, a blog I've visites frequently.  No surprise that a blog titled Million Little Stitches would be interested in the 25 Million Stitches project, a public engagement art installation:  
The world is in flight. 25 million people across the globe have been forced to flee their homelands as a consequence of genocide, war, poverty, natural disasters, targeted violence, and other grave threats. They leave behind everything they’ve known, possessed, and been a part of in order to live; they face immense struggles, misfortunes, and perils on their journey; and ...

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November 21, 2019
Daily Stitching #4 is done! from Notes from Studio B

2019 Daily Stitching #4 , 85 Days

#5 is ready to stitch, I've narrowed my ideas down and have the felt fused to the back of the napkin and I'm ready to start!

2019 Weekly Leaf wk #47
Eco/botanical print on silk

25 Million Stitches

There is now a website that gives all the information on this project, click the link above.

I've finished my hands and have moved on to the background.
I've also been following them on Instagram and Facebook and it is so inspiring to see what people around the world are doing ...

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November 15, 2019
Daily Stitching #4 almost done from Notes from Studio B

I'm almost finished with my fourth daily stitching for the year, just some blank spots around the edges are left to do.

 I'm still undecided on what to do for the next one, I have three ideas in the running. Hopefully by next week I'll have settled on one.

2019 Weekly Leaf #46

Solar fast print on vintage cotton damask

25 Million Stitches

The third hand is done, just the background is left to stitch. It looks rather lumpy now but with the background filled in it will smooth out.

I'll be linking up with "Off ...

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November 8, 2019
Oak Leaves from Notes from Studio B

A friend of mine has an oak tree in her backyard so I gathered a hand full of leaves to print. Most of the oak trees around here are red oak and have points at the end of the leaves, but I was told this is a Burr Oak and the leaves are more rounded. At any rate I liked the shape of the leaves. I had time to do four cyanotype prints, removed the color from three of them, left one that way and then toned the other two. So far I have the prints, an idea or two ...

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October 31, 2019
Another Week With Just Stitching from Notes from Studio B

2019 Weekly leaf #44

Solarfast on commercially printed cotton

2019 Daily Stitching #4

A few more leaves added.

25 Million Stitches
  To give you an idea of how oversized the hands are, I've included my own in the photo below.

There's not much happening here, I'm keeping up with the stitching but nothing new to report. Tomorrow is hubby's last chemo treatment, yeah!! The cumulative effect of these treatments is really starting to wear him down so hopefully after this one he can start working on getting his strength back. He has a month before surgery ...

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October 24, 2019
A Bit of Improvisational Piecing from Notes from Studio B

I gathered up the scraps left over from Don's Chemo quilt and spent some time sewing them all together. I'm now sewing together what's left plus a few more pieces to make the back. It will be a donation quilt.

2019 Weekly Leaf, week 43
Solar fast on silk

2019 Daily Stitching #4

25 Million Stitches , one hand done, two to go.

I'll be linking up with "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching"

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October 17, 2019
Lots of Stitching from Notes from Studio B

I've started my panel that I'm stitching for the "25 Million Stitches"project.

This is one of three oversized hands that I'll be stitching, each will be a different shade of tan or brown. I also plan on stitching the entire background, that's a lot of stitches but no where near 25 million.

2019 Weekly Leaf, week 42
An eco/botanical print on silk

2019 Daily Stitching #4, days 50-56

This past week I've gotten to spend some much needed time with friends. On Saturday my friend Barbara and I went to Boise to ...

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