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February 28, 2020
Sewing a ‘pot of gold’ thread catcher from Quilt Social

To say I’ve been feeling lucky this week is an understatement! Having the PFAFF performance icon in my sewing room is a real treat. In yesterday’s post, I added finishing touches to complete the Lucky 2B a Quilter pincushion. I told you there was more and today I’m sharing what a lucky quilter would find at the end of a rainbow pincushion – a lucky thread catcher!

I used a fun stitch on the PFAFF performance icon and added another sequence, combined with black fabric to resemble the pot and yellow fabric to resemble gold to make my ...

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February 27, 2020
Finishing the Lucky 2B a Quilter pincushion from Quilt Social

Everybody needs a little luck! In yesterday’s post I started to make a rainbow pincushion using the PFAFF performance icon. The body came together quickly and I decorated it with several of the built in animal stitches. Today’s post will add a few more fun details using the PFAFF performance icon before completing the pincushion.

PFAFF performance icon

Sequence Creator

I wanted to add words to the rainbow pincushion and decided to stitch out a little label. The performance icon has the Sequence program that is accessed by pressing the SEQUENCE CREATOR at the bottom of the Multi-touch ...

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February 26, 2020
PFAFF performance icon and its animal kingdom of decorative stitches from Quilt Social

It’s time to put some of the many features to work on the PFAFF performance icon. In yesterday’s post, I made a list of features to convince you to take this big machine with you on sew days. Today I’m making a rainbow pincushion. Why? Because I feel lucky to be using this machine </p>
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February 25, 2020
Your big PFAFF perfomance icon? Don’t leave home without it! from Quilt Social

Features on the PFAFF performance icon make it an irresistible sewing day partner. In yesterday’s post I went through several of the little things that make a big impression on this machine. Today I’ll focus on the features that I think will convince you to take the PFAFF performance icon with you when sewing away from home.


PFAFF performance icon


Right from the start I was excited to see all of the features that made it easy to decide to take this machine with me to my guild sewing day. Of course, many of these features are great ...

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February 24, 2020
Little things make a big impression on the PFAFF performance icon from Quilt Social

The PFAFF performance icon is a large sewing machine. It takes up a lot of space! And yet it’s all the little things that make this machine a dream to use. Today I’m taking you through several of the little things that immediately made me want to quilt! I think you’ll be impressed too. Let’s take a closer look at the PFAFF performance icon.


PFAFF performance icon


More Space

The first thing I noticed when unboxing the PFAFF performance icon was its size. It’s much bigger than any other sewing machine I’ve tried. In ...

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