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November 29, 2019
All about mySewnet ecosystem and how it makes embroidery so easy from Quilt Social

It’s the last day of posts for this week. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2 and all its features.

I’ve mentioned a few components of the mySewnet ecosystem throughout the week. Today, I want to focus on the ecosystem and how everything is connected. I want you to see how the connectivity makes embroidery so much easier.

There are days when I’m very technically challenged, so I was a bit worried if I would be able to link all this technology together. The good news? The mySewnet ecosystem does a ...

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November 28, 2019
Last minute gift solution: lap quilt using Banyan Batiks Jungle Rose! from Quilt Social

Need one last hand made gift? Here’s a great idea from quilter Robin Bogaert of QUILTINGINTHELOFT to the rescue! She has several time saving tips on getting this quilt done.

She highlights Banyan Batiks Jungle Rose in the Cool colorway.


Banyan Batiks Jungle Rose Cool


TIP 1: get cool fabric! The fabric will do half the job with it’s eye-catching color and pattern design!

TIP 2: I’ll save you a whole lot of time, and give you the material list now so you can shop for your Banyan Batiks Jungle Rose fabric!



For this quilt ...

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Easy design placement and 9mm decorative stitches: HV Designer EPIC 2 from Quilt Social

Isn’t this an exciting week? How did you like the Multi-Function Foot Control, Ribbon Embroidery Attachment, and Integrated Dual Feed technology from yesterday? What great features!

I wish I could go through all the amazing features and functions of the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2, but there isn’t time. Today, I’m looking at two more great features – perfect design placement and 9mm decorative stitches.


Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2


Design Placement

We all learned to hoop at some point in our machine embroidery journey. We’ve been taught all kinds of tricks to get those designs placed ...

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November 27, 2019
An industry first: Ribbon Embroidery Attachment on the HV Designer EPIC 2 from Quilt Social

After yesterday’s post, have you decided what you’ll do with all your free time now that you’ll be using the Laser Sewing Guidance instead of marking your fabric?

I’m so excited about the possibilities and yet that’s just one of many new features and functions on the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2. Today, I’m doing a quick walk-through of two add-on accessories and then I’ll show you something that I’m totally in love with – the Integrated Dual Feed Technology.


Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2


Multi-Function Foot Control capability

When you first see ...

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November 26, 2019
Time saving tips using the Laser Sewing Guidance from Quilt Social

Welcome back! What do you think? Are there any of those top ten features of the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2 that’ll make life easier for you?

While quilting and sewing is our hobby, it seems like everything else these days, we want to be able to do things faster so we can move onto the next project. Trust me, many of the 10 epic features I mentioned yesterday will get your projects done much faster.

I’m exploring the Laser Sewing Guidance today and showing how it changed my life as a quilter. I hope I can go ...

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November 25, 2019
10 epic features of the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2 from Quilt Social

I’m so excited to be blogging this week. The Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2¬†sewing and embroidery machine was recently released and I’m thrilled to share my test drive with you.

While the original Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC is a best-in-class sewing/embroidery machine, I have to say the best, just got better.

The Designer EPIC 2 is beyond epic. Whether you’re an embroiderer or a sewist, the new functions and features on the EPIC 2 will blow you away.

I’m in total awe. I picked ten things that were new or have been upgraded. I ...

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