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March 29, 2019
Two sewing machine presser feet to get fast, professional looking results from Quilt Social

It’s the end of the week! I still have so much to share with you. Those ideas will just have to wait until next time. So many plans, so little time!

I’ve had loads of fun with the Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75Q. It’s truly a dream machine to work on with many great features that’ll make your sewing projects super easy and very professional looking.

Today, I wanted to show you a couple of presser feet that make quick work of inserting a zipper and some stitch in the ditch quilting.

Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75Q
Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75Q

For ...

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March 28, 2019
5 essential tools for easy machine applique from Quilt Social

Wasn’t that an awesome experiment yesterday? I had so much fun playing with the various settings for the length and width of the satin and zigzag stitches. Experimenting with the sewing machine is a great way to learn and when the sewing machine you’re using is the Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75Q, well, you know you’ll be satisfied every time with whatever stitch you choose.

The more you know, the more comfortable you are, and the better your work will be. You’ll find yourself thinking outside the box a wee bit more as well. Don’t be ...

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March 27, 2019
Getting technical: the difference between satin stitch and zigzag stitch from Quilt Social

Now that you’ve seen some satin stitching and decorative stitching in action, I’m taking a moment to look at the difference between a satin stitch and a zigzag stitch.

After years of using both of these stitches, I recently came to understand the real difference between them. All I knew was that I appreciated the look of the BUILT-IN satin stitch on the Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75Q. I was getting a beautiful finish to my applique, but I didn’t know why! Now I know and I’m excited to share it with you.

Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75
Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75 ...

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March 26, 2019
Banyan Batiks Color Blocking fabric collection NOW available! from Quilt Social

Hi! I’m so excited to introduce next week’s posts on QUILTsocial! Are you ready for an exciting week of quilting fun? Award-winning quilter, Claire Haillot of Quilting with Claire, is walking us through her free quilt pattern called, Deep Waters. A quilt that looks complex to make, but she assures me it’s really easy to make. Claire makes it easy using her awesome tips she calls ‘best-kept secrets’.

What’s even more exciting is she’s using the newly released Banyan Batiks Color Blocking fabric collection! Just out the door and in your LQS, this fabric is ...

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4 essential tips to applique with decorative stitches from Quilt Social

I hope you liked the lesson from yesterday’s post about perfecting the satin stitch.

It’s time to think about applique outside the box. One feature on sewing machines is the number of decorative stitches that the machine is capable of stitching. However, I’ve heard many quilters say, “oh – I only use a zigzag and a straight stitch.” Perhaps, it’s time to break out of that rut and try some of those decorative stitches on your sewing machine?

I’m using the Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75Q to play around with decorative stitches as a way of securing ...

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March 25, 2019
Perfecting the Satin Stitch with the Brilliance 75Q from Quilt Social everyone! It’s great to be back and I’ve got a new sewing machine to share with you. This is the Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75Q. This sewing machine is made for quilters! You’ve got all the basic stitches you need for your quilting tasks, and there are lots of decorative stitches which I’ll review tomorrow.

The most amazing part about the Brilliance 75Q? It has loads of tools and functions that’ll make any quilting job a snap. Whether you’re quilting, sewing, or stitching some applique, the tools will make your ...

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March 23, 2019
Using the Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75Q decorative stitches to applique from Quilt Social

Ever wonder how to spruce up your machine applique methods? In this week’s posts, written by the awesome Elaine Theriault of Crazy Quilter on a Bike, this topic is explored extensively with the help of the Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75Q, newly released in October 2018.

The Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75Q
The Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75Q

The posts will highlight essential functions of the Brilliance 75Q and how to use decorative stitches to machine applique your quilts. Not only this, Elaine also explains how to use different decorative stitches to highlight a variety of applique elements in one quilt block. Don’t miss her videos ...

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